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  • Fun Easter Activities to Try in 2021

    So far this year, we’ve not really been able to do many of the things we love to do. As a family, that may have led you to try a few new activities.

    So with the long Easter weekend approaching, we wanted to give you a few ideas as to what might be worth having a go at with the family.

    Let’s face it, we’ve been stuck inside a lot recently. So here are 5 ideas for you and the family this Easter weekend.


    Create some Chocolate Easter Nests

    A great idea this Easter is to create some chocolate treats using your baking expertise. Some chocolate nests are a quick and simple way to make something that is creative, fitting for the Easter occasion and utterly delicious.

    This recipe from the BBC is a good one, while you can pick up tasty chocolate options and handy baking cases at Poundstretcher.


    Try something crafty

    A 6 pack of plain easter eggs ready to be decoratedGetting creative and crafty is a fabulous way to spend some quality time with your family this Easter time.

    Activities such as decorating your own Easter egg is an excellent way to help get the creative juices flowing while making your own Easter decorations can help turn your home into a great Easter space this year. And if you want to buy some Easter decorations instead, this 6 pack of Easter chicks can help!


    Send some Easter Cards

    A four-pack of Floral Easter cards from PoundstretcherWhile perhaps not as cemented in tradition as Christmas cards, there’s no reason why you and the family can’t send out some Easter cards this year.

    With everybody not having seen as many of their friends and family as they would have liked over the past 12 months, an Easter card is a lovely gesture that can bring a smile to somebody’s face.

    We sell floral Easter cards for you to buy, while you can also buy packets of decorate your own Easter card sets.


    Get the Board Games Out

    With 4 whole days of leisure time available over the Easter weekend, a great idea is to play some board games and enjoy some quality time together.

    For those with a love of board games, you may well have a good collection already. Try not to get too competitive! The last thing you want over Easter is confrontation!

    But if you need a few new board games or puzzles to try, then take a look through Poundstretcher’s excellent range available in stores. We have many great products to try, so treat yourself and the family to something exciting.


    Host an Easter Egg Hunt

    An Easter Egg hunt is a lot of fun for all the family, with Easter treats being placed around the home or garden being a great way to celebrate come the Easter weekend.

    We love an Easter Egg hunt here at Poundstretcher - so much so that we’ve put together a downloadable Easter Egg hunt game for you and the family to try!

    You can also buy Easter masks, bunny feet and bunny paw items to help turn your home into a really Easter-centric space and take the hunt to new levels!


    Shop this Easter at Poundstretcher

    Hopefully, these ideas have got you thinking about how best to spend the Easter weekend with your family. Be sure to take a look through our comprehensive Easter range today.

    Good Friday this year is 2nd April, with the Easter weekend running through to Easter Monday on 5th April. Be sure to get everything you need for a great time from your local Poundstretcher!

    You can find your local store using our Find a Store tool. And if you have any questions, get in touch with the Poundstretcher team.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Easter DIY Craft Ideas for the Whole Family

    Homemade Easter decorationsThe Easter weekend is fast approaching and may well offer the chance for you to put your feet up for a few days.

    But anybody with children will know the importance of keeping the kids entertained each and every day. What the Easter weekend does is afford the opportunity for you and the family to engage with this special occasion and do something different.

    So with the 2021 Easter Weekend taking place over the first weekend of April this year, why not embrace some Easter DIY craft projects with your family?

    In our latest blog, the Poundstretcher team has come up with a few crafty ideas that you can try this Easter and make something truly special.

    Decorate your own Easter Egg

    Easter eggs are a must-have at Easter time, and kids go wild for these delicious treats. One great crafty option this year is to decorate your own Easter eggs, putting a personal touch on things.

    Poundstretcher have Decorate your own Easter Egg sets available to buy. These come with 5 washable markers, allowing you and your family to get really creative together this Easter.

    Decorate your home

    A great way to embrace some Easter crafts is by creating some decorations to place around the home.

    We stock items such as packets of 6 yellow chicks, carrot decorations, pink bunny eggs and white bunny eggs that can all be used to create some exciting Easter areas in your house this year.


    Decorate your own Easter Card

    A 5 pack of Decorate your own Easter CardsThe truly artistic out there will love the opportunity to decorate their own Easter card. This allows for some excellent drawings or paintings to be done, while some lovely messages can also be written for friends and family this Easter.

    We offer Decorate your own Easter Card sets here at Poundstretcher. Coming with different designs to choose from, decorating and writing these together as a family is a brilliant, wholesome Easter activity.


    Dress up for Easter Egg Hunts

    A set of 3 easter bunny masks from PoundstretcherWe love an Easter Egg hunt here at Poundstretcher – so much so that we recently wrote a blog about them!

    But why not get into the spirit even more by using some handy crafts to dress up in an Easter outfit? We have items such as bunny masks that can really help people get into the Easter swing of things, and these can be decorated and done up in an exciting way.

    You might even be tempted to add a few feathers or decorative Easter daisies to your outfit!


    Shop for Easter Treats at Poundstretcher

    Hopefully, these suggestions have got the creative juices flowing ahead of Easter 2021. The big weekend this year runs from Good Friday on 2nd April through to Easter Monday on 5th April, so get ready now!

    Our brilliant Easter range here at Poundstretcher contains a host of exciting items for you to buy. Be sure to take a look through our full range, including our selection of Easter gifts.

    To start buying, simply plan a visit to your nearest Poundstretcher store. You can find yours with our Find a Store tool.

    And if you have any questions, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

    Here’s to a Happy Easter in 2021!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Essential Garden Equipment for You

    Those with green fingers among us know and value the importance of a brilliant garden space. They can bring us joy and excitement throughout the year, reflecting the seasons and providing us with that all-important outdoors space.

    But whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, there are a few essential gardening items everybody should have.

    We have picked out 10 in our latest Poundstretcher blog. Take a look!

    Water Sprayers

    A yellow see-through watering bottle.Water is vital to keeping a happy and healthy garden space. For much of the year, the rain will help to hydrate your plants and flowers. But during dry times, an effective water sprayer can help ensure your plants are getting the moisture they need.


    Grow Bag Trays

    A grow bag tray from Poundstretcher

    Grow bags are a great way to support vegetables in your garden space. Grow bag trays can allow you to place your grow bag in the optimal place and keep them out of harm’s way. This should enable you to take your vegetable growing game to new levels.



    A wooden-handled gardening trowel with a blue handle

    The trowel is a classic gardening item, allowing gardeners to turn over the soil and keep beds fresh. Poundstretcher stock trowels with wooden handles in a host of nice colours.


    Gardening Forks

    A wooden handle gardening fork with black handle

    Gardening forks do a similar job to trowels but are better for digging and scooping. We also stock really pleasant gardening forks with wooden handles in a number of colours.


    Gardening Gloves

    A pair of yellow gardening gloves from Poundstretcher

    Any gardener needs a pair of quality multi-purpose gardening gloves to help protect their hands and keep them clean while getting their jobs done. Poundstretcher sells gardening gloves in various colours, including blue, red and yellow.


    Rubble Sacks

    A box of 7 50L rubble sacks for gardeningA big session in the garden can mean that a wealth of things need to be chucked out. A great way to dispose of these efficiently is with rubble sacks. These heavy-duty bags can cope with plenty of garden waste, and help you clear up after a task easily.


    Hanging Baskets

    A wicker hanging basket

    Plants and greenery are a must in any contemporary garden, and having products that offer a stylish touch can take things to brilliant new levels. Wicker hanging baskets do exactly that and allow for beautiful plants to permeate your garden space.


    Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse

    Mini pop-up greenhouse for your garden

    This pop-up greenhouse will fit into most gardens. The fold-away, collapsable greenhouse will help your flowers develop and flourish without the price tag of a full greenhouse. The pop-up function makes storing away the greenhouse much easier and quicker when it's no longer required.



    A bag of Richmoor multi-purpose compostCompost is a great way to help plants in your garden grow. It is packed full of quality nutrients that can help flowers and other greenery thrive. We stock 10-litre bags of multi-purpose compost, which are a must-have for anybody keen to allow their garden to fully bloom.



    A bottle of tough weedkiller spray

    Once you have a garden to dream of, you do not want anything ruining it. But weeds have the potential to wreak havoc. With some tough weedkiller, however, you can get rid of weeds and keep your garden looking its best.


    Shop at Poundstretcher

    Poundstretcher has a host of excellent gardening items available for you to take advantage of. Be sure to browse through our Garden Decor, Planters & Hanging Baskets, Gardening Accessories and Garden Watering items today. You can also shop for Solar Lights, Propagation & Greenhouse items, Fencing and Garden Chemicals at Poundstretcher, so don’t miss out.

    To take advantage of all the brilliant gardening and outdoor products available at Poundstretcher, simply plan a visit to your nearest store. You can find yours using our Find a Store tool.

    And if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Poundstretcher team.

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    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • 6 Tips When Buying Sanitation Products for Your Workplace

    A clean workplace is essential for boosting staff morale and the overall reputation of your business. However, knowing which cleaning supplies you need can be confusing, especially when there is a wide range of cleaning and janitorial supplies on the market. In this article, we’ll share our top tips for purchasing workplace cleaning products, as well as revealing how to choose the best types of cleaning products for your workplace.


    1. Create a list of your requirements

    First, assess each area that needs to be cleaned regularly. This is likely to include windows, flooring, door handles, computer equipment, hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery. Each type of surface has varying care needs. For example, you can’t use a window cleaning product to clean carpets. Once you’re aware of each surface that requires regular cleaning, you can make a list of products to purchase. If you’re undertaking a thorough spring clean, then you will need to make sure you have enough cleaning supplies to hand.


    2. Assess your general janitorial needs

    Your workplace needs a general range of janitorial supplies constantly, including toilet roll, bin liners and bags, mops, cleaning cloths, paper towels and soap. Make a list of these and note down how many you require per month.


    3. Opt to help the environment

    Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are better for the environment, and your employees. Many cleaning chemicals are harmful, even when used in small amounts. Greener products, on the other hand, are often free from dangerous chemicals, using recyclable packing to benefit the planet.


    4. Invest in cleaning equipment

    If you want a professional clean finish, it may be time to invest in cleaning machines. Equipment, such as steam cleaners, are ideal for effective cleaning of carpet and upholstery. They’ll remove dirt, stains and bacteria efficiently, providing a deeper clean than simply using a cleaning product and cloth. Some cleaning equipment can be expensive to purchase so ask for a demo before you buy.


    5. Hire the professionals

    Commercial cleaning companies are cost-effective as they save you time and money in the long run. You can concentrate on what you do best – running your business, while the professionals can take care of those difficult cleaning tasks. Professional cleaners understand what type of cleaning chemicals work best on different surfaces and they often have their own equipment, so you don’t need to splash out too much.


    6. Purchase in bulk

    If you’re looking for ways to save money on your cleaning supplies, consider buying in bulk. Not only does this reduce costs, but it also means your workplace has enough cleaning products to last a few months.


    Maintain your cleaning supplies to keep your workplace pristine

    Use our handy tips when purchasing workplace cleaning products. Keeping a regular check on your office cleaning supplies ensures you maintain a spotless workplace, something which is important for the good health and safety of your employees and clients. Remember, if you want to maximise workplace efficiency, hiring a commercial cleaning company will take the stress out of understanding the best cleaning products for your workplace.

    About the author:

    Perfect Clean is a professional cleaning company based in Edinburgh. With highly experienced professionals, they have the capacity to offer affordable and high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning services. They are passionate and committed to keeping everyone safe with their exemplary health and safety practices.

  • 8 Egg-Citing Easter Products PLUS Free Egg Hunt Game!

    Easter is coming on the 4th of April and Poundstretcher have all the crafting goods you need to have an egg-citing day! What's more, we have a fantastic FREE downloadable game at the bottom of this blog for you and the kids to play along with at home!

    For this game, you may need a bit of decoration and some Easter supplies, and what better place to buy them then at Poundstretcher?!

    Here are 10 top Easter goods you can find in stores that will help transform your home into an Easter wonderland!


    21 Easter Egg Hunt Set

    These 21 eggs as part of our Easter Egg Hunt Set are perfect for hiding around the home! With different coloured eggs you can set whether they are worth different amounts of points or you assign certain colours to certain players; it's up to you! Also, there is a special golden egg included that is as special as it is pretty!


    Easter Tin Bucket

    Now, your children will need a place to store all their eggs they hunt down. Our lovely Easter Tin Bucket is decorated with adorable bunnies, eggs and flowers, and will be ideal to keep all their hunted eggs together.


    Easter Bunny Ears Headband

    Make the game even more fun and dress up as a delightful Easter bunny with our Easter Bunny Headband! Have your children hopping happy as they bounce from room to room collecting eggs.


    Easter Chick Eggs

    You can use our Easter Chick Eggs to hide and fill them with all sorts of goodies to find! They're so adorable and come in two other varieties too, pink and white bunnies.


    6 Luxury Bunny Paw Prints

    Decorate your floor with these Luxury Bunny Paw Prints that can either lead your children towards the eggs or maybe even to a dead-end!


    6 Yellow Chicks

    Add these Yellow Chicks to locations where eggs are being hidden, or maybe you could place them around the room for a bit of cute decoration to your fun-filled day!


    3 Easter Mask Set

    If the bunny headband is not enough, we also sell some lovely Easter Masks that will add an extra level of fun to the game! You can be a lovely bunny or an adorable chick!


    Easter Colour Craft Pack

    Finally, why don't you finish off the game with a lovely and creative Easter Craft Set! Let your children colour in, stick and create some beautiful Easter pieces of art to end the afternoon.



     Hunt Your Eggs at Home!

    We understand parties and such might not be on the cards this Easter, however, you're in luck! We have a fun way to spend the bank holiday! We have an egg-cellent and adorable game that you and the family can play at home together!


    First, read the card and hide an egg or treat in the places the clues lead to for your children to find.

    Shuffle up the printed cards and place them face down in a pile. Ask your children to take it in turns by taking a card and reading the clue. They must solve the clue and try to hunt for the eggs!

    Sounds like a delightful way to spend Easter, right?! Want to play along and download our game for yourself to try? Simply click on the link below to access the PDF:

    Download Your Easter Egg Hunt at Home Game here!


    From there you can download and play it from your phone or print it out and play along that way!

    Though the important thing is to have fun with it!

    Spoiler Alert! Answers:

    Chair, fridge, door, bed, tummy, path, tap, flowers, grass, tree, table

    So, for Easter treats galore, come down to your local Poundstretcher and shriek at our range of bargains. Don't know where your nearest store is? Then check out our Store Finder for addresses, directions and opening hours!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • The Best Planters for Your Garden

    Our gardens are where we can most directly and personably encounter the natural world. They offer our own little piece of the great outdoors, and an environment that we can engage with the beauty of nature in our own way.

    One common way people do this is by planting and adding some of their own chosen greenery to their garden space.

    At Poundstretcher, we want to make it easy as we can to support our customers in creating a garden space that they love to spend time in. As part of this, we have put together a great choice of planters for you to buy.

    So what do we have available? Here we pick out 6 types of planters that could be perfect for your garden.

    Also, be sure to check out our gardening leafet! It's filled with so many amazing bargains and products you'd be blooming silly not to have a look!

    Over Fence Basket An over fence basket from Poundstretcher

    Perfect for gardens with limited space, over fence baskets can be hung at various locations and filled with your favourite plant or flowers.

    Their raised position gives these hanging planters a subtly different effect and makes them ideal for trailing plants that hang down.


    Woodlands Square Planter

    A Woodlands Square Planter in terracotta styleThese large garden planters are really strong additions to an outdoor space, ideally suited to sections of paving, patio and decking.

    With a large capacity, these can hold a big plant easily and helps to create something of a Mediterranean feel.


    Mini Tin Wall Hook Planters

    Tin wall hook planters

    Colourful and cheerful, these mini tin wall hook planters are perfect positive adds to the modern garden.

    A great way to add a flash of beauty in a stylish way, our mini tin wall hook planters come in a host of different colours. With purple, pink, green and blue varieties among the many to choose from, it’s easy to use these planters to great effect.


    Round Paper Pots

    A set of Round Paper Pots


    Ideal for seeds and cutting, these round paper plant pots are a must have in any garden space. They make brilliant little holders for plants and come in handy multipacks from Poundstretcher.


    Striped Abigail Planter

    A beige Abigail planter from Poundstretcher

    Another great outdoor planter choice from Poundstretcher, our Abigail planters are a large option that can hold a vast amount of soil and earth. This means it is a great option as an outdoor planter and can be located in a spectrum of places within a garden space.


    Barrel Effect Planter

    Three barrel effect planters stacked upon one anotherThese vintage style barrel effect planters look great in a garden setting, adding a touch of class to any outdoor space. They are also large in size and inexpensive, meaning they make perfect sense to bring in and provide that touch of traditional sophistication.


    Shop for low-cost gardening products at Poundstretcher

    At Poundstretcher, we have a superb range of gardening and outdoor items that you can purchase and bring in to enhance your own garden space.

    Be sure to take a look through our other gardening varieties, including our fencing, garden watering and garden accessories. We also have a host of barbecues and fire pits, solar lights and garden decor choices too.

    To start adding brilliant planters to your garden, simply take a trip to your nearest Poundstretcher store. You can find yours with our find a store tool.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Our Top 5 DIY Cleaning Hacks

     A father and son doing the spring cleaning in their homeCarrying out your spring cleaning can be something many people do not exactly look forward to. But this time of year is prime for turning your home into a clean, happy and healthy space.

    We understand however that you want to get the job done, and done effectively. You don’t want to put lots of effort in and ultimately feel like the place doesn’t really look much better.

    At Poundstretcher, we know of a few cleaning hacks that can help you get things spotless and leave you feeling great after your spring cleaning. Take a look at our five DIY cleaning tricks.


    White vinegar on stainless steel

    Stainless steel pots in a kitchen settingStainless steel surfaces are commonplace across the modern home, particularly in kitchens. Though an important part of any contemporary abode, these surfaces can be tough to get looking their very best.

    We have found that by filling a spray bottle with one-part white vinegar, one part water, you can cover stainless steel with the mix and easily wash off grime and dirt. This helps get stainless steel surfaces pristine in no time.


    Showerhead cleaning with bicarbonate soda & vinegar

    A shower head in a bathroom settingSomething we’ve found when putting together this blog is that vinegar is a really helpful thing when it comes to cleaning hacks around the home.

    A mix of bicarbonate soda and vinegar can help clean your shower head. This is easily forgotten about, but in truth there can be build ups here. As this is something you want to get your body clean with, you don’t want it to be mucky!

    We’ve found leaving your shower head in a mix of 250ml of vinegar and 3 table spoons of bicarbonate soda overnight can work wonders.


    Remove water stains

    Busy homes with lots of people naturally lead to the occasional spillage and stain. Water stains can seem harmless at first, but they can be a nightmare to remove if forgotten about.

    Once again, vinegar can come to the rescue here. A spray with half a cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water can be used to lightly mist the stain, before blotting with a microfibre cloth can help remove the unwanted stain. For added speed, you can dry it out with a hairdryer.


    Lemons to sanitise your rubbish disposal

    A collection of yellow lemons

    Anybody with a rubbish disposal unit in their kitchen or home will know that these can quickly develop a rather pungent and unpleasant aroma.

    To help overcome this and stop it making your kitchen really grim, you can stick some slices of lemon into the unit. This will take the edge off the stench and change it to something fresh instead.


    Sanitise your chopping boards

    Food preparation areas are an important part of any kitchen, but they need to be looked after.

    Chopping boards pick up lots of bits and juices, and potentially become unsanitary. But thankfully you can sanitise them with warm water and lemon halves. This also helps get rid of any unwanted smells your chopping boards may have.


    Find what you need at Poundstretcher

    We hope you find these little hacks useful as you take on this year’s spring cleaning!

    At Poundstretcher, you can find a host of excellent cleaning supplies that will help speed up your cleaning jobs and help you do things with a smile on your face.

    To stock up on cleaning supplies yourself, simply plan a visit to your nearest Poundstretcher store. Find yours today and take advantage of the excellent products we have available at Poundstretcher.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

    Person cleaning surface near a sink

    The sky is a little lighter for longer in the evenings, which means the spring season is upon us. As well as the longer days and gradual rises in the temperature, spring brings with it an opportunity to crack on with some household cleaning.

    Whether that’s dusting off the cobwebs on your appliances, getting rid of anything growing under the kitchen sink, giving the bathroom a fresh look or cleaning up the garden, spring is the season to tick all these boxes.

    You may look at the title of this blog and think ‘how can cleaning and fun be used in the same sentence without a ‘not’ somewhere in between?’ The reason is, believe it or not, because cleaning can be fun!

    We know this is something many tend to put off. But we have put together a few ideas on how to help make this dreaded chore a fun experience.


    Turn it into a workout

    What better way to get some exercise at home than getting it while cleaning up? Cleaning gives you a fantastic opportunity to add more physical activity to your daily routine.

    Consider doing 10 lunges for every room you vacuum, or why not do some squats when picking up and putting down your cleaning equipment? You can even practice your stretches when reaching high whilst cleaning the windows.

    The combinations are endless and only limited by your creativity. Turning spring cleaning into a workout will give you an extra sense of accomplishment when you are all done, and some added motivation to clean more regularly. A lot of us are currently limited to exercising at home anyway so this is a win-win in our book!


    Finding old treasures

    Remember that keyring from your last trip abroad you swear you left on the bedside table? Or that childhood toy that’s been missing for years? Spring cleaning is a great chance to find some old treasures that you have given up on looking for. It gives you a chance to move things around and ensure each corner of the home is spotless. If you are lucky, you may also find a fair bit of change that might have slipped of pockets and gone under the sofa.

    It’s also a great opportunity to give away or sell old items you no longer need. Doing so can help bring in a welcome amount of cash for items you have not needed for years, and help clean up the place at the same time. Or if you have found you or the children have a lot of old clothes or toys that are no longer needed, consider donating them to charity.


    Competition time with the whole family

    A father and son doing the spring cleaning in their home

    Getting the whole family involved will make cleaning much quicker and is a productive way to bond with everyone. We know the idea of cleaning is not the most enticing, particularly for some children, so why not turn it into a competition.

    There is no shortage of amazing and affordable toys and games available from Poundstretcher to select as your rewards. Maybe write down some chores and set out a date by which they should be completed and then enjoy a family reward. Having that light at the end of the tunnel will make spring cleaning a more enjoyable experience for all.

    You can even challenge yourself. See how much you can get done in an hour and then try to beat that record!


    Having the right supplies

    Array of cleaning products sold by Poundstretcher

    The most important element of your spring cleaning is having the right cleaning supplies. This will make cleaning much easier and effective. Luckily for you, at your local Poundstretcher, you will find a vast collection of affordable cleaning supplies from leading and trusted brands.

    Our offering includes just the right equipment and supplies you need to tackle all areas of the home. Whether that’s cleaning the bathroom, or wiping down the kitchen surfaces, or giving the living room carpet a once over, you can top up your cleaning cabinet and meet all your cleaning supply needs at Poundstretcher.


    Plan your next Poundstretcher trip today

    To take advantage of all the great cleaning products we have available at Poundstretcher, simply start planning a trip to your nearest store today.

    Be sure to browse our cleaning range online so you know just what you are after when you arrive at our store. We also strongly recommend you check out our latest blog on our Top 10 Cleaning Products for some inspiration, which also features a handy cleaning checklist.

    You can find your local store using our find a store tool today.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Grab A Lovely Mother's Day Card For £1 Each!

    Wow, it's the start of March already and Mother's Day is fast approaching (Sunday 14th March for those who forgot)! Have you thought about what gift you'll be getting that special woman in your life? Maybe some flowers and a heartfelt Mother's Day card?

    If you're still trying to find that perfect card, why not have a glance at just a sample of our range at Poundstretcher? All of the below are only £1 each and are sure to put a smile on anyone's face!

    Home is Where my Mum is!

    If home truly is where your mum is, then let her know with this lovely koala-designed card! Decorated with glitter and an adorable print, this heartwarming card is surely going to make your mum smile.

    Mum you're Blooming Lovely!

    Feel your Mum is 'blooming lovely'? Then why not tell her exactly that with this card? With a charming floral design and glitter text, this is an absolutely delightful and stunning card that gets straight to the point.

    Lots of Love Grandmother!

    Now, we mustn't forget the other important women in our lives too. We have a wonderful card perfect for your Grandmother too, such as this endearing card. Whether you call her 'Nan', 'Grannie', or 'Grandma', this card encompasses all that with a cute pastel colour scheme and a quaint design that's bold.

    To a Lovely Mum!

    If your mum is in love with cats, or you just prefer a more animal-based design, then this absolutely adorable and incredibly sweet card is a purr-fect way to show your mum that you care! With a mother cat and her kitten, this a-meow-zing card has a glittery pink border that will surely melt the hearts of everyone who sees it.

    To the Best Mum!

    Tell your mum she is the best with this on-the-nose Mother's Day card that states it plain and simple! With shiny stars and hearts scattered around, it certainly is eye-catching and a wonderful way to show her how you feel.

    But we don't have just these 5 cards! Oh no, we have a range of cards for you to pick from, and remember, they're all £1 each!

    So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Poundstretcher store and grab a Mother's Day bargain today!

    But, what if you don't know where your local store is? We have you covered with our handy-dandy Store Finder! Store locations, opening hours, and contact details are just a click away!

    Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for even more fantastic Mother's Day bargains!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

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