We stock a variety of great quality small animal and pet supplies. Once you have decided which pet is right for you, find out how to take care of it properly. Learning about your pet will ensure it has a happy, healthy life. Small animals make great pets. Choose the right products to take care of them and you will be satisfied that your pet is getting everything they need. We have some great food and accessories available for all types of little creatures.

We stock complementary foods, making sure your pet gains all the nutrition it needs from a balanced diet. Always ensure your pet has its own standard food mix and water alongside any treats you give them. Your pets will love being given delicious little morsels, but remember to give the right treats to the right animal. So rabbit treats should only be given to rabbits. With many cages available, make sure to choose the right one. The cage size and build needs to be suitable for the size and features of your animal. Also, the cage needs to have different areas for your pet to eat, sleep, drink and run around in. Next, consider the different types of bedding available. Every pet needs a comfy, warm place to snuggle up and sleep in. We stock a colourful variety of woolly bedding that is ideal for your four legged friends.

With popular brands like Country Value and Home Sweet Home, you have a great selection of tasty, fun and practical supplies with which to spoil your much loved pet!