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Solar lights are all the rage in 21st century gardens. Not only do they provide bright, warm light to enhance the ambience in your garden, courtesy of the modern LED lamp inside; they are also cost-free and 100% environmentally friendly. They rely on long-lasting batteries that are charged by the sun through solar panels, which means you’re not using any extra electrical energy.

Here at Poundstretcher, our solar lights are modern, efficient, well-made, weather-resistant and designed to blend in well in all kinds of gardens. They range from Victorian and Tudor-style lanterns to stainless steel stick lights to hanging lights and Chinese-style solar lanterns. We also sell a charismatic array of novelty solar lights, including owl, dog and cat ornaments with lit-up eyes. Then there’s our lovely, ornate snowflake-shaped solar lights – perfect as Christmas decorations – and our beautiful collection of stained glass solar lanterns. All of these lights are affordable and full of character and charm, perfect for modern and more traditional gardens alike.

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