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  • Keep Your Teeth Healthy with These Daily Dental Tips

    Keep Your Teeth Healthy with These Daily Dental Tips

    February is Dental Health Month, so it’s the perfect time to talk about keeping teeth in check! When it comes to your daily hygiene routine, looking after your smile should be top of the list. Letting your brushing and flossing slide can lead to tooth decay and disease, but alongside visiting your dentist regularly, knowing how to keep your teeth and gums healthy at home is the best way to prevent long-lasting issues and high dental bills.

    We’ve put together a refresher guide on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy on a budget, including our favourite dental care products.

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    How to keep your teeth healthy

    Achieving a brighter smile all starts with ensuring you are taking steps to keep your teeth plaque free, and your gums nice and healthy.


    1.    Visit a dentist regularly

    When it comes to ongoing dental care, nothing beats regular visits to your dentist. They will advise you on areas of dental hygiene that you need to pay more attention to, as well as prescribing a treatment plan to handle any issues with your teeth, gums, or general oral hygiene such as gum disease and cavities.

    How often you will need to see your dentist depends on your lifestyle and any pre-existing conditions you might have. Many people, especially children, are advised to see their dentist twice a year (or, every 6 months) – but this can be reduced to once every year or once every two years if they determine that you are at a lower risk of developing oral health issues.

    As you get older, treatments will become more comprehensive, and your dentist will likely advise that you book a hygienist appointment alongside your general check-ups to ‘deep clean’ your teeth.


    2.    Brush your teeth two times a day

    Teeth brushing is one of the most basic dental care tips, but it is one that can often be overlooked, especially as people grow older. It is vital to brush your teeth twice a day to remove any food, bacteria, and plaque build-up from your teeth. Neglecting to brush your teeth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

    You should brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes, two times a day. Generally, it is recommended to brush your teeth before you eat breakfast and after you’ve eaten dinner. Try to avoid brushing your teeth directly after you’ve eaten, leaving at least an hour between finishing a meal and picking up your toothbrush.


    3.    Use a mouthwash that contains fluoride

    Mouth wash that has fluoride in it is great to include in your daily dental routine. Many people make the mistake of using mouthwash straight after brushing their teeth – but did you know that you should never rinse your mouth out directly after using toothpaste, even if it is with mouth wash?

    We love the Dentyl range of mouthwash. It’s alcohol free, and we stock it in a variety of flavours for an enjoyable, fresh taste and feeling.

    • Dentyl Mint 500ml
    • Dentyl Mint and Strawberry 500ml
    • Dentyl Mint and Lemon 500ml


    4.    Don’t forget to floss!

    Flossing and the use of interdental brushes are some of the best ways to clean your gums and in-between your teeth. Flossing regularly removes plaque bacteria, which if left unchecked, can start to erode the enamel (the protective layer) of your teeth. This can lead to gum disease, soreness, gingivitis, and other dental issues.

    max guard dental floss

    Try our mint flavoured Max Guard Dental Floss

    If you struggle with flossing or are just starting to floss, floss picks might work better for you as they are easier to manage.


    max guard dental picks

    Try our Max Guard Dental Floss Picks

    If you are unsure how often you should be flossing, or whether you are flossing correctly, you should speak to your dentist. Visit the NHS website for advice on how to floss.



    Other tips for a healthy mouth

    As well as the main tips we have mentioned above, there are lifestyle changes you can make to keep your teeth healthy and your gums happy.

    • Avoid drinks and food that are high in sugar
    • Try not to drink acidic liquids which can wear away your enamel
    • Clean any complete or partial dentures with a denture bath
    • Avoid smoking and limit your alcohol intake


    Make Daily Dental Care Easy

    Now we’ve refreshed your knowledge on how to keep your teeth healthy, pop to your local Poundstretcher (use our store finder to locate your closest) to pick up new products. Pick up all the products you need at the same time by grabbing a Dental Care Kit or Oral Care Kit for a bargain price.

    If you are experiencing any issues with your dental hygiene, please seek professional advice from your dentist or healthcare provider.

  • Cost-effective Mindfulness Gift Ideas to Show That You Care

    Cost-effective Mindfulness Gift Ideas to Show That You Care

    The goal of mindfulness gifts is to help your loved one to relax, and assist them in thinking positive, mindful thoughts. But when it comes to choosing the best mindfulness gifts, you don’t have to spend a fortune!

    We all need a pick-me-up from time to time, so whether you want to spoil someone whose been feeling a bit down on their birthday or give them a thoughtful present ‘just because’, choosing mindfulness gifts is a lovely way of helping friends and family members look after themselves and showing them that you care.

    At Poundstretcher, we have loads of positive gifts that are perfect for giving someone that fuzzy, feel-good factor and putting a smile on their face without breaking the bank. Here is a roundup of our best positive mindfulness gift ideas.


    1.    Give them the tools to meditate

    Meditation is a brilliant way of shutting off the world and being alone with your thoughts in a healthy, productive way. If you know someone who is interested in starting meditation, or it’s something you practice and think they’d benefit from it, why not get them started with a few choice mindfulness gifts that will help them to get into a meditation mindset.

    A few ideas include a couple of gently scented candles, handwritten ‘instructions’, and a comfy blanket or cushion to sit on.


    2.    Give the gift of something cosy

    If your loved one has been struggling to sleep, or needs a little more comforting than usual, new bedding could be a great, practical present that they’ll be able to use for a long time.



    Silver mink blanket

    A fluffy blanket is like a warm hug, ideal for when you can’t be there to comfort someone in person. We recommend choosing a luxurious 150x200 Mink Throw in a luscious colour; choose from silver, taupe, charcoal, navy, and more! These blankets are big enough to cover up in bed or join you on the sofa.


    Bed Sheets

    There’s no better feeling than climbing between fresh bed sheets – so why not give your loved one a set of cosy new sheets that they can enjoy every night.



    Good pillows are key to a good night’s sleep, and sleep is key to having a positive outlook. Pick up a pair of fresh pillows.

    Have a look at our full range of bedding that is available to buy in store.


    3.    Tasty treat basket

    Sometimes, nothing can cheer us up like our favourite snacks can. Whether your friend is a chocoholic or loves to dig in to a bag of crisps, popping together a treat basket is a budget friendly way of putting a smile on their face.

    Include a mix of sweet and savoury choices, as well as a couple of bottles or cans of soft drink. In colder months, you could pop in some sachets of hot chocolate, coffee, or herbal tea.


    4.    Pamper day hamper

    When you’ve been feeling a bit down, or under the weather, a pampering session can be what it takes to get back on your feet and feeling more like yourself again. Select all your favourite health and beauty products and give them to your loved one. Your hamper could contain…

    • A face mask
    • Lip balms
    • Shower gel
    • Exfoliating scrub
    • Face cloths

    And anything else you know they love, or that you use and would love them to try out. Pack your hamper out with a handwritten note, colourful tissue paper and a few sweet treats to make a wonderful mindfulness gift with a personal touch.


    5.    Help them to get organised

    Our environments contribute massively to how we feel. If you notice that a friend or family member is starting to feel overwhelmed and down about their living space, this mindfulness gift option could help. Gently offer to help them get on top of their housework if you think they’d be comfortable with it, and if appropriate, help them to keep on top of the clutter by gifting storage boxes and organisers.

    You could even take them shopping to pick out storage & organisation boxes that would work best in their space! Here are some of our favourite organisers.

    Patterned baskets

    Patterned black basket

    Patterned baskets are available in a range of sizes and can be used all over the home. They are a great buy if you know someone needs more organisation options for beauty items, their desk, or any other space.


    Multipurpose tray organisers

    grey tray organiser

    Tray organisers are brilliant for sorting out craft materials, and a range of other items in the home. They slot into drawers perfectly.


    Underbed boxes

    grey underbed storage

    Boxes that fit smoothly under the bed. Underbed storage boxes are great for storing out of season clothes, decorations, and bedding.


    6.    Something to think about

    Sometimes kind words are the key to letting a friend who is in a difficult place know that you are there for them.

    • Write a letter – writing a letter or card for them to keep hold of is one of the most precious mental health gifts that you could give. Tell them how special they are, and remind them that they will always have a friend in you.
    • Affirmation cards – we all find it hard to say kind words to ourselves, but having affirmations written down can help to remind yourself of the wonderful person you are. Use colourful card and get creative. Some affirmations could include ‘I am a kind, caring person’, ‘I am loved’, ‘I am confident’.


    Give the gift of mindfulness

    We hope we’ve inspired you to pick the best mindfulness gifts for your loved one. Whether you go down the edible route, or choose to get a little more creative, you can’t go wrong when gifting from your heart. Nobody knows your friends and family better than you do, so why not come in store and have a browse for the perfect positive gifts? Find your closest location here.

  • Top 10 Summer Essentials | Shop for Summer at Poundstretcher UK

    Summer Shop

    Top 10 Summer Essentials | Toys, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen Lotion

    Whether you're shopping for your weekend getaway to the beach, or for a BBQ party, Poundstretcher have got you covered with these top 10 summer essentials! Check out our Summer category for the latest products.

    Fight your hay fever symptoms with these Allergy Relief tablets. Check your local Poundstretcher for these antihistamine 14 pack tablets, priced only £1 each! These fast-acting hay fever relief tablets are perfect for when pollen is high!


    Protect your skin this summer with our collection of sunscreen lotion. EAD is packed with vitamins C & E and feels light on your skin. We sell both SPF 15 & 30 at the low price of £1.49 each!

    Look stylish in these elegant Aviator sunglasses while the sun glistens against your skin. These sunglasses are unisex, making them perfect for all genders. Check in store for kids sunglasses too.

    Create a beach vibe with these Floral printed Flip Flips for ladies. They come in a range of styles and funky designs so visit your nearest Poundstretcher for the latest flip flops!

    Enjoy a fun game of water fights with this colourful Water Gun! Now, only priced at £1.49 each, team up with a player to soak your opponent!

    For more outdoor fun, fill these Balloons with water to splash your friends! These water balloons would be a fun game to keep kids occupied over the summer!

    Keep children active this summer with this brightly coloured Skipping Rope. They'll be jumping with joy over the school holidays with this fun jump rope!


    Stay cool in the sun with this portable Ice Cream fan. Its compact size makes it easy to transport on trips to the beach or to the park!

    Stay hydrated whether you're exercising or tanning outdoors this hot season. These refillable Water Bottles come in unique designs to match this season's summer vibes.

    Simply wipe away your hay fever allergies with this Kleenex Water Fresh Allergy Comfort Wipes. Face your allergies with confidence with these wipes which are infused with 99% water.


    So there you have it, folks! That's our top 10 summer essentials check list! To check out our full Summer shop category, head to our website and your local Poundstretcher store today. Don't know where your local Poundstretcher is? Then check out our Store Finder for addresses, contact details and more!

    Check out our Summer Shop Leaflet for the latest summer essential products in our one accessible PDF. Get the fun started this summer with Poundstretcher's list of top 10 summer essentials!

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