• Fun Easter Activities to Try in 2021

    So far this year, we’ve not really been able to do many of the things we love to do. As a family, that may have led you to try a few new activities.

    So with the long Easter weekend approaching, we wanted to give you a few ideas as to what might be worth having a go at with the family.

    Let’s face it, we’ve been stuck inside a lot recently. So here are 5 ideas for you and the family this Easter weekend.


    Create some Chocolate Easter Nests

    A great idea this Easter is to create some chocolate treats using your baking expertise. Some chocolate nests are a quick and simple way to make something that is creative, fitting for the Easter occasion and utterly delicious.

    This recipe from the BBC is a good one, while you can pick up tasty chocolate options and handy baking cases at Poundstretcher.


    Try something crafty

    A 6 pack of plain easter eggs ready to be decoratedGetting creative and crafty is a fabulous way to spend some quality time with your family this Easter time.

    Activities such as decorating your own Easter egg is an excellent way to help get the creative juices flowing while making your own Easter decorations can help turn your home into a great Easter space this year. And if you want to buy some Easter decorations instead, this 6 pack of Easter chicks can help!


    Send some Easter Cards

    A four-pack of Floral Easter cards from PoundstretcherWhile perhaps not as cemented in tradition as Christmas cards, there’s no reason why you and the family can’t send out some Easter cards this year.

    With everybody not having seen as many of their friends and family as they would have liked over the past 12 months, an Easter card is a lovely gesture that can bring a smile to somebody’s face.

    We sell floral Easter cards for you to buy, while you can also buy packets of decorate your own Easter card sets.


    Get the Board Games Out

    With 4 whole days of leisure time available over the Easter weekend, a great idea is to play some board games and enjoy some quality time together.

    For those with a love of board games, you may well have a good collection already. Try not to get too competitive! The last thing you want over Easter is confrontation!

    But if you need a few new board games or puzzles to try, then take a look through Poundstretcher’s excellent range available in stores. We have many great products to try, so treat yourself and the family to something exciting.


    Host an Easter Egg Hunt

    An Easter Egg hunt is a lot of fun for all the family, with Easter treats being placed around the home or garden being a great way to celebrate come the Easter weekend.

    We love an Easter Egg hunt here at Poundstretcher - so much so that we’ve put together a downloadable Easter Egg hunt game for you and the family to try!

    You can also buy Easter masks, bunny feet and bunny paw items to help turn your home into a really Easter-centric space and take the hunt to new levels!


    Shop this Easter at Poundstretcher

    Hopefully, these ideas have got you thinking about how best to spend the Easter weekend with your family. Be sure to take a look through our comprehensive Easter range today.

    Good Friday this year is 2nd April, with the Easter weekend running through to Easter Monday on 5th April. Be sure to get everything you need for a great time from your local Poundstretcher!

    You can find your local store using our Find a Store tool. And if you have any questions, get in touch with the Poundstretcher team.

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    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Easter DIY Craft Ideas for the Whole Family

    Homemade Easter decorationsThe Easter weekend is fast approaching and may well offer the chance for you to put your feet up for a few days.

    But anybody with children will know the importance of keeping the kids entertained each and every day. What the Easter weekend does is afford the opportunity for you and the family to engage with this special occasion and do something different.

    So with the 2021 Easter Weekend taking place over the first weekend of April this year, why not embrace some Easter DIY craft projects with your family?

    In our latest blog, the Poundstretcher team has come up with a few crafty ideas that you can try this Easter and make something truly special.

    Decorate your own Easter Egg

    Easter eggs are a must-have at Easter time, and kids go wild for these delicious treats. One great crafty option this year is to decorate your own Easter eggs, putting a personal touch on things.

    Poundstretcher have Decorate your own Easter Egg sets available to buy. These come with 5 washable markers, allowing you and your family to get really creative together this Easter.

    Decorate your home

    A great way to embrace some Easter crafts is by creating some decorations to place around the home.

    We stock items such as packets of 6 yellow chicks, carrot decorations, pink bunny eggs and white bunny eggs that can all be used to create some exciting Easter areas in your house this year.


    Decorate your own Easter Card

    A 5 pack of Decorate your own Easter CardsThe truly artistic out there will love the opportunity to decorate their own Easter card. This allows for some excellent drawings or paintings to be done, while some lovely messages can also be written for friends and family this Easter.

    We offer Decorate your own Easter Card sets here at Poundstretcher. Coming with different designs to choose from, decorating and writing these together as a family is a brilliant, wholesome Easter activity.


    Dress up for Easter Egg Hunts

    A set of 3 easter bunny masks from PoundstretcherWe love an Easter Egg hunt here at Poundstretcher – so much so that we recently wrote a blog about them!

    But why not get into the spirit even more by using some handy crafts to dress up in an Easter outfit? We have items such as bunny masks that can really help people get into the Easter swing of things, and these can be decorated and done up in an exciting way.

    You might even be tempted to add a few feathers or decorative Easter daisies to your outfit!


    Shop for Easter Treats at Poundstretcher

    Hopefully, these suggestions have got the creative juices flowing ahead of Easter 2021. The big weekend this year runs from Good Friday on 2nd April through to Easter Monday on 5th April, so get ready now!

    Our brilliant Easter range here at Poundstretcher contains a host of exciting items for you to buy. Be sure to take a look through our full range, including our selection of Easter gifts.

    To start buying, simply plan a visit to your nearest Poundstretcher store. You can find yours with our Find a Store tool.

    And if you have any questions, get in touch and our team will be happy to help.

    Here’s to a Happy Easter in 2021!

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    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • 8 Egg-Citing Easter Products PLUS Free Egg Hunt Game!

    Easter is coming on the 4th of April and Poundstretcher have all the crafting goods you need to have an egg-citing day! What's more, we have a fantastic FREE downloadable game at the bottom of this blog for you and the kids to play along with at home!

    For this game, you may need a bit of decoration and some Easter supplies, and what better place to buy them then at Poundstretcher?!

    Here are 10 top Easter goods you can find in stores that will help transform your home into an Easter wonderland!


    21 Easter Egg Hunt Set

    These 21 eggs as part of our Easter Egg Hunt Set are perfect for hiding around the home! With different coloured eggs you can set whether they are worth different amounts of points or you assign certain colours to certain players; it's up to you! Also, there is a special golden egg included that is as special as it is pretty!


    Easter Tin Bucket

    Now, your children will need a place to store all their eggs they hunt down. Our lovely Easter Tin Bucket is decorated with adorable bunnies, eggs and flowers, and will be ideal to keep all their hunted eggs together.


    Easter Bunny Ears Headband

    Make the game even more fun and dress up as a delightful Easter bunny with our Easter Bunny Headband! Have your children hopping happy as they bounce from room to room collecting eggs.


    Easter Chick Eggs

    You can use our Easter Chick Eggs to hide and fill them with all sorts of goodies to find! They're so adorable and come in two other varieties too, pink and white bunnies.


    6 Luxury Bunny Paw Prints

    Decorate your floor with these Luxury Bunny Paw Prints that can either lead your children towards the eggs or maybe even to a dead-end!


    6 Yellow Chicks

    Add these Yellow Chicks to locations where eggs are being hidden, or maybe you could place them around the room for a bit of cute decoration to your fun-filled day!


    3 Easter Mask Set

    If the bunny headband is not enough, we also sell some lovely Easter Masks that will add an extra level of fun to the game! You can be a lovely bunny or an adorable chick!


    Easter Colour Craft Pack

    Finally, why don't you finish off the game with a lovely and creative Easter Craft Set! Let your children colour in, stick and create some beautiful Easter pieces of art to end the afternoon.



     Hunt Your Eggs at Home!

    We understand parties and such might not be on the cards this Easter, however, you're in luck! We have a fun way to spend the bank holiday! We have an egg-cellent and adorable game that you and the family can play at home together!


    First, read the card and hide an egg or treat in the places the clues lead to for your children to find.

    Shuffle up the printed cards and place them face down in a pile. Ask your children to take it in turns by taking a card and reading the clue. They must solve the clue and try to hunt for the eggs!

    Sounds like a delightful way to spend Easter, right?! Want to play along and download our game for yourself to try? Simply click on the link below to access the PDF:

    Download Your Easter Egg Hunt at Home Game here!


    From there you can download and play it from your phone or print it out and play along that way!

    Though the important thing is to have fun with it!

    Spoiler Alert! Answers:

    Chair, fridge, door, bed, tummy, path, tap, flowers, grass, tree, table

    So, for Easter treats galore, come down to your local Poundstretcher and shriek at our range of bargains. Don't know where your nearest store is? Then check out our Store Finder for addresses, directions and opening hours!

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  • Grab A Lovely Mother's Day Card For £1 Each!

    Wow, it's the start of March already and Mother's Day is fast approaching (Sunday 14th March for those who forgot)! Have you thought about what gift you'll be getting that special woman in your life? Maybe some flowers and a heartfelt Mother's Day card?

    If you're still trying to find that perfect card, why not have a glance at just a sample of our range at Poundstretcher? All of the below are only £1 each and are sure to put a smile on anyone's face!

    Home is Where my Mum is!

    If home truly is where your mum is, then let her know with this lovely koala-designed card! Decorated with glitter and an adorable print, this heartwarming card is surely going to make your mum smile.

    Mum you're Blooming Lovely!

    Feel your Mum is 'blooming lovely'? Then why not tell her exactly that with this card? With a charming floral design and glitter text, this is an absolutely delightful and stunning card that gets straight to the point.

    Lots of Love Grandmother!

    Now, we mustn't forget the other important women in our lives too. We have a wonderful card perfect for your Grandmother too, such as this endearing card. Whether you call her 'Nan', 'Grannie', or 'Grandma', this card encompasses all that with a cute pastel colour scheme and a quaint design that's bold.

    To a Lovely Mum!

    If your mum is in love with cats, or you just prefer a more animal-based design, then this absolutely adorable and incredibly sweet card is a purr-fect way to show your mum that you care! With a mother cat and her kitten, this a-meow-zing card has a glittery pink border that will surely melt the hearts of everyone who sees it.

    To the Best Mum!

    Tell your mum she is the best with this on-the-nose Mother's Day card that states it plain and simple! With shiny stars and hearts scattered around, it certainly is eye-catching and a wonderful way to show her how you feel.

    But we don't have just these 5 cards! Oh no, we have a range of cards for you to pick from, and remember, they're all £1 each!

    So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Poundstretcher store and grab a Mother's Day bargain today!

    But, what if you don't know where your local store is? We have you covered with our handy-dandy Store Finder! Store locations, opening hours, and contact details are just a click away!

    Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for even more fantastic Mother's Day bargains!

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  • Have a Flipping Great Pancake Day!

    Pancake Day will be upon us on the 16th of February, so make sure you get yourself ready to eat your heart out with all the frying pans, pancake mix, fillings and lemon juice you could need!

    24cm Ceramic Frying Pan

    Stock up on your kitchen necessities like our Ceramic Frying Pans! Coming in 20cm, 24cm and 28cm, they're great for practising your culinary skills and impressing your friends in the kitchen for Pancake Day. Non-stick and with a nifty handle, you can make anything from pancakes to stir fry in these nifty pans!


    Lemon Juice

    In a handy squeezy bottle, this Thurston's lemon juice is bound to set tastebuds tingling! They're perfect for pancakes and are the perfect sour solution.


    Morello Cherries


    Add a fruity taste-sensation to your pancakes with these delicious morello cherries in syrup! They're great for making jams too.


    Pancake Mix


    This Taylor's Pancake Mix will give you the classic perfect treat that your friends and family will just love! Just shake it and make it, all you need is to add water for some lovely tasting desserts. Whether it's Pancake Day or not, why not treat yourself to some mouth-watering, fluffy deliciousness?


    Pure & Natural Clear Honey


    Fancy a little extra with your pancakes? Well, with Tayor's Clear Honey you can add that little extra bit of flavouring on all kinds of desserts, not just pancakes!

    No matter what pancakes you're making or what you decide to put on them, give it everything you've got and have yourself a fantastic Pancake Day!

    If you need to find your nearest store then check our useful Store Finder for address, contact details and more.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree for You

    Finding the perfect Christmas tree is very important. There are so many styles and sizes for you to choose from, be they 7ft all the way down to 30cm. We also have prelit and white trees in stores; so you're really spoilt for choice!

    With all the different designs out there, you need to take into account the size of your home, the designs of your baubles/decorations and the colour scheme of your chosen room.


    7ft green Christmas tree

    Our 7ft green Christmas tree is the largest size we offer and will definitely jazz up any Christmas space! You can stretch the branches out into the desired shape and comes completely undecorated, so you can have complete creative control in what lights and decorations you wish to include. Also, if you wish to add that frosty effect, no problem, all you need is some fake snow spray to give it that white Christmas vibe!


    6ft Christmas trees

    Our glorious 6ft Christmas trees come in lovely white or green designs to best match your individual style. Just being a tad smaller than our 7ft tree, these are still perfect for homes with ample ceiling height.


    4ft Christmas trees

    These 4ft green and white Christmas trees are the same as our 7ft and 6ft trees (just not in height), in that they are nearly complete blank canvases for you to jazz up with your own festive spirit!


    Christmas trees that'll light up your life

    Now, maybe you would rather not have the hassle of adding lights on yourself. If so, we have some wonderful prelit and fibre optic trees that would look absolutely fabulous in any home!

    Our 2ft green and white prelit LED Christmas trees will give your home that lovely warm authentic touch this festive season. All you need for the 25 warm white LED lights to brighten up your home are 3 AA batteries!

    We also have our beautiful 80cm fibre optic green Christmas tree, which comes complete with snowflakes adorned around it, to turn some heads this season. With this dazzling faux fir Christmas tree, you can either add your own decorations to give it the complete festive look or keep it plain for a minimal merry style.

    Though, if you would rather go even smaller, we have a 30cm fibre optic tree too! Completely battery operated, this mini Christmas tree is perfect for a side table or even for your office desk to add some festive cheer to your workspace.

    All our trees are for indoor use only, and whilst you're grabbing one, why not pick up some tinsel, baubles, lights (if your tree isn't pre-lit) and turn your home into a wonderful festive grotto!

    Need to know where your nearest Poundstretcher is? Well, if you use our handy Store Finder, you can find out where that is, including opening hours and contact information!

    Merry Christmas and stay safe!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Our 10 Halloween picks PLUS free Trick or Treat Game

    Scares are in the air as October approaches and Halloween looms near! And what better time than now to start thinking about all the gory goodies to make your spooky season complete!

    We also have a fang-tastic 'trick or treating at home' game at the end of this blog that'll mean you can stay cosy indoors on the 31st!

    With our range of Halloween tricks and treats being bigger and better than ever, why not have a look at 10 of our decoration and costume top picks? They'll turn your house into a true fright-mare!


    1. Spooky Animal Skeletons

    Can you feel it in your bones? Our skeleton animals are just the perfect spooktacular decoration for your home this Halloween!

    Whether you'd want your skeleton companion to be a dog, an owl or a vulture, we have all those and more in-stores!


    2. Scary Spider Web

    What makes a haunted house look the part? Lots of stretchy scary spider webs, that's what!

    Made to look like thick, age-old webs, this spider web decoration (complete with spiders) can be draped over bannisters, fireplaces or anywhere to give that perfect Halloween feel!


    3. Glow in the Dark Window Stickers

    Nothing looks cooler or spookier than some classic glow in the dark stickers to really get the scares going!

    They're the perfect decoration for your home this Halloween; simply stick them to your windows, mirrors or any other glass surface in your home, flick the lights off and be amazed!


    4. Wicked Window Gel Stickers

    If glow in the dark stickers don't float your coffin, then maybe these gel clings are more your thing?

    Whether you want a wicked witch or even some skulls stuck to your window, these decorations will scare and delight your guests and neighbours and can be arranged in any way you please to create your own Halloween-themed scene!


    5. Scary Surgeon Costume

    Our kids costumes are devilishly bone-chilling this year, with our spooky surgeon ready to begin a blood-curdling operation (knife not included)!

    With blood-splattered scrubs, this costume is perfect for Halloween parties or trick or treating!


    6. Halloween Jester Costume

    Maybe a jester outfit would be more your child's favourite costume? With bloody handprints on a lovely patterned dress, this chilling ensemble is ideal for your child this Halloween!


    7. Pumpkin Tealight Holder

    You mustn't forget Halloween lighting either! We have a lovely (and by lovely, we mean horrifying!) pumpkin tealight holder.

    Fill your home with warmth and also add an eerie atmosphere to any get-togethers, even if it's just your household, that you're planning this year!

    Oh, and don't forget your tealights!


    8. Halloween Spooky Signs

    Let your guests know just what to expect with this ghoulish sign, reading 'Tis the season to be spooky', as we all know Halloween is the greatest holiday of them all, right?

    We also have another sign reading 'Come in for a bite', either (or both) would look great hanging up in or around your home this October!


    9. Syringe Shots

    There's no need to fear these syringe shots, not when they're filled with blood (fizzy cherryade?) or even some strange spooky serum!

    These party drink syringes are a great quirky addition to your spooky soirees!


    10. Halloween Tinsel

    No party would be complete without some lovely Halloween-themed tinsel!

    Sometimes the spooky dingy dungeon decor doesn't fit your required theme, and these adorable pumpkin and cat tinsel decorations are just what you can use for some child-friendly fun!


    Stay at home, have a scream!

    If you'd rather have a stay at home sort of Halloween this year, you're in luck! We have a ghoulish, fangtastical, mesmerising and all-around fun game you can play at home!

    First, read the card and hide a trick or a treat in the places the clues lead to for your children to find. You can decide whether to leave a trick (a spider, horrible tasting sweets, etc.) or a treat!

    Shuffle up the printed cards and place them face down in a pile. Ask your children to take it in turns by taking a card and reading the clue. They must solve the clue and try to hunt out the trick or treat!

    Sounds like a ghoulishly delightful way to spend Halloween, right?! Want to play along and download our game for yourself to try? Simply click on the link below to access the PDF:

    Download Your Trick or Treating at Home Game!

    From there you can download and play it from your phone or print it out and play along that way!

    Though the important thing is to have fun with it!

    Spoiler Alert! Answers:

    Bed, drawer, feet, freezer, bath tub, sink, stairs, post

    So, for Halloween tricks and treats galore, come down to your local Poundstretcher and shriek at our range of bargains. Don't know where your nearest store is? Then check out our Store Finder for addresses, directions and opening hours!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • The Back To School Essentials Checklist

    Children running at schoolWow! After all the homeschooling and the various lockdowns, it’s great to see kids going back to school and into the classrooms. With the strange year we’ve had, the usual routines have gone out the window and finding that PE kit may be a struggle too. And will they even fit in their kit and uniform? And where’s that lunch box gone?

    Getting ready to go back to school can sometimes be a challenge. Creating that list of back to school tasks is often part of the process and for busy mums and dads, a list is always required. To prevent any issues, we’ve created a checklist of those essentials you’ll need to check, re-use or buy again.

    Here’s our comprehensive checklist of those back to school essentials, split into kit, stationery and COVID-19 essentials to make it easy for you and your kids to tick off as you go along. Getting your little ones involved, whether they’re younger or older children, makes sense as it adds to the excitement of getting back to school and can be a fun activity to do together. Of course, the older ones will also be keen to have their say on what’s being bought – they really don’t want another lunchbox with pink fairies on!

    We’ve even created a downloadable PDF version of the checklist below so you can print it and tick it off as you go along. We all get a sense of satisfaction ticking off those little, yet important tasks.


    The Back To School Kit Essentials Checklist

    When it comes to the kit, it definitely makes sense to check if clothes, shoes and trainers still fit. The checklist includes:

    • Uniform – checking the school requirements of course
    • Shoes and socks
    • Shoe polish kit – to make those shoes shiny
    • Coat
    • Umbrella
    • Hat, scarf and gloves
    • PE kit including trainers, t-shirts, shorts, sports socks and a PE kit bag to pop it all in
    • Swimwear if there’s school swimming lessons and maybe a separate swimming kit bag
    • Rucksack, school bag or book bag
    • Lunch box and drinks bottle
    • Name labels for all that kit

    The Back To School Stationery Essentials Checklist

    colour pencils lined upThis includes all the stationery essentials as well as a few extras for older children:

    Depending on the age of your children, you may also need:

    • English dictionary and thesaurus
    • A pocket calculator and possibly a scientific one
    • A maths geometry kit including compass, protractor and set squares
    • Foreign language dictionary may also be on the list

    The COVID-19 Essentials Checklist

    Of course, these days, we also need to add:

    • Hand sanitiser – ideally pocket-sized
    • Hand wipes
    • Possible face masks depending on your school’s policy on this
    • Tissues
    • Sun cream and a sun hat (in case of hot weather)

    Buying all this back to school equipment needn’t cost the earth, so make a trip to your nearest Poundstretcher store and bring our checklist along so you can tick off the items as you add them to your basket or trolley.

    Find a store

    We’ve created the checklist to help you get super organised. Of course, this is the kit list and it’s great to get that organised in plenty of time. However, as all parents know, this is just one part of the getting ready to go back to school process. Encouraging your little ones to join in makes sense as you start to prepare them for the return to school and most likely reduce their stress levels from going back into school and all that entails. Certainly, the August/September back to school time is an important one, as they go up a year, maybe have a new teacher or even a new school to go to, so making the process of getting ready fun will certainly help.

    So, when do you start with all the preparations? We’ve built our checklist based on what you need to think about first and that is certainly the uniform as that will take a little longer to sort, especially as you’ve got to sew in or apply those name tags.

    In terms of a schedule, our recommendation is not to start too early, for one they keep growing, then there’s also the fact it’s the summer holidays, so it’s best to enjoy it and have some fun.

    The Back to School Final Countdown

    Someone holding a tiny clock

    4 weeks to go:

    • Check out any communications from the school. With COVID-19 restrictions easing the school’s policies on what to take, the process may be a little different to last year so make sure you read the information carefully.
      • is there a new school uniform policy
      • any checklists from the school
      • any paperwork to complete or anything extra to take into consideration which will most likely be the case when your child is changing schools
      • pop the back to school date on your family calendar so everyone knows when it is
    • Check the clothing situation and involve your children, and probably, more importantly, the teenagers, in any new purchases.
    • Consider what embroidered uniform you require, and the lead times from these suppliers, don’t leave this until the rush at the end of the summer break.
    • Check if any hand-me-downs are really reusable.
    • Get your name labels on order.
    • Organise any childcare arrangements.
    • Book that school bus if needed.

    3 weeks to go:

    • Buy those essential items including uniform, PE kit and coat (as long as you’re in agreement on the items) – top tip – shop around as you may not need to go to the school’s preferred uniform supplier.
    • Buy the rucksacks, lunch boxes and drinks bottles – encourage the children to get involved in deciding on the designs.
    • Buy the stationery you need – of course, re-use what you have but everyone loves new stationery, and the pencil case from year 3 is really not a good look for year 5 – honest!
    • Book in any haircuts and eye tests, and even getting them to the dentist before school starts will ease the busy time when school is back.

    2 weeks to go:

    • Time to check if there was any summer holiday homework – hopefully, there won’t have been but the schools this year may be eager to provide homework to help the children catch up, and let’s face it, you’re a dab hand at homeschooling now so you’d best get to it!
    • Routines need to start going back to the school term schedules, so gradually get them to bed earlier and up earlier. No more lie-ins and late nights.

    1 week to go:

    • Have you done your sewing? Pop those name tags in the new kit if you haven’t already, or if you’ve gone with a fabric pen approach, get that pen out and start tagging the kit.
    • Check the school paperwork and note down the timings on your Family Calendar.
    • Why not organise a picnic/playdate with their close friends to help them get excited about going back? A little bit of chocolate will always be a treat.
    • Pop a little slip of paper inside your children’s rucksack with your emergency contact details for added safety. Of course, the school should have your details.
    • For younger children, you may need to include a spare change of clothes in case of accidents – worth checking with the school on their specific policy as things have changed with COVID-19.
    • Remember to buy the lunch box food for the first week.
    • Having school dinners rather than packed lunches? Then make sure you’ve ordered them and set up payments.
    • If your child is on any medication, you’re best to contact the school to discuss their procedures. They will most likely need a medical form completing and the medicine dropped off at the school beforehand.

    The day before:

    • Encourage your child to pack their school bag or help you pack it.
    • Get the uniform ready as well as a PE kit if needed.
    • Prepare the lunch boxes including a piece of fruit for break time.
    • Re-set your alarm – no more lie-ins, Monday to Friday needs to be school hour wake-up times.

    On the day:

    • Start early to make the getting ready for school experience less frantic and more fun.
    • Fill up the drinks bottles and get all the kit ready – school bags, PE kit, lunch boxes and bottles.
    • Make sure they actually take their bags with them!
    • Send them or take them to school – aren’t school days just the best?
    • Set an alarm for yourself so you don’t forget to pick them up!

    Download Your Back To School Kit Essentials Checklist here!

    We hope you enjoy ticking everything off the list.

    When it comes to going back to school, we hope the Back To School Kit Essentials Checklist as well as the Back to School Final Countdown is useful and helps relieve some of the stress of going back to school.

    When you’re ready to buy all those essential items, check out our Back To School Supplies page and our Store Finder for addresses, directions and opening hours!

    Enjoyed this article then please do like it, tweet it, save it or share it. Thank you.

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