• Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree for You

    Finding the perfect Christmas tree is very important. There are so many styles and sizes for you to choose from, be they 7ft all the way down to 30cm. We also have prelit and white trees in stores; so you're really spoilt for choice!

    With all the different designs out there, you need to take into account the size of your home, the designs of your baubles/decorations and the colour scheme of your chosen room.


    7ft green Christmas tree

    Our 7ft green Christmas tree is the largest size we offer and will definitely jazz up any Christmas space! You can stretch the branches out into the desired shape and comes completely undecorated, so you can have complete creative control in what lights and decorations you wish to include. Also, if you wish to add that frosty effect, no problem, all you need is some fake snow spray to give it that white Christmas vibe!


    6ft Christmas trees

    Our glorious 6ft Christmas trees come in lovely white or green designs to best match your individual style. Just being a tad smaller than our 7ft tree, these are still perfect for homes with ample ceiling height.


    4ft Christmas trees

    These 4ft green and white Christmas trees are the same as our 7ft and 6ft trees (just not in height), in that they are nearly complete blank canvases for you to jazz up with your own festive spirit!


    Christmas trees that'll light up your life

    Now, maybe you would rather not have the hassle of adding lights on yourself. If so, we have some wonderful prelit and fibre optic trees that would look absolutely fabulous in any home!

    Our 2ft green and white prelit LED Christmas trees will give your home that lovely warm authentic touch this festive season. All you need for the 25 warm white LED lights to brighten up your home are 3 AA batteries!

    We also have our beautiful 80cm fibre optic green Christmas tree, which comes complete with snowflakes adorned around it, to turn some heads this season. With this dazzling faux fir Christmas tree, you can either add your own decorations to give it the complete festive look or keep it plain for a minimal merry style.

    Though, if you would rather go even smaller, we have a 30cm fibre optic tree too! Completely battery operated, this mini Christmas tree is perfect for a side table or even for your office desk to add some festive cheer to your workspace.

    All our trees are for indoor use only, and whilst you're grabbing one, why not pick up some tinsel, baubles, lights (if your tree isn't pre-lit) and turn your home into a wonderful festive grotto!

    Need to know where your nearest Poundstretcher is? Well, if you use our handy Store Finder, you can find out where that is, including opening hours and contact information!

    Merry Christmas and stay safe!

  • Our 10 Halloween picks PLUS free Trick or Treat Game

    Scares are in the air as October approaches and Halloween looms near! And what better time than now to start thinking about all the gory goodies to make your spooky season complete!

    We also have a fang-tastic 'trick or treating at home' game at the end of this blog that'll mean you can stay cosy indoors on the 31st!

    With our range of Halloween tricks and treats being bigger and better than ever, why not have a look at 10 of our decoration and costume top picks? They'll turn your house into a true fright-mare!


    1. Spooky Animal Skeletons

    Can you feel it in your bones? Our skeleton animals are just the perfect spooktacular decoration for your home this Halloween!

    Whether you'd want your skeleton companion to be a dog, an owl or a vulture, we have all those and more in-stores!


    2. Scary Spider Web

    What makes a haunted house look the part? Lots of stretchy scary spider webs, that's what!

    Made to look like thick, age-old webs, this spider web decoration (complete with spiders) can be draped over bannisters, fireplaces or anywhere to give that perfect Halloween feel!


    3. Glow in the Dark Window Stickers

    Nothing looks cooler or spookier than some classic glow in the dark stickers to really get the scares going!

    They're the perfect decoration for your home this Halloween; simply stick them to your windows, mirrors or any other glass surface in your home, flick the lights off and be amazed!


    4. Wicked Window Gel Stickers

    If glow in the dark stickers don't float your coffin, then maybe these gel clings are more your thing?

    Whether you want a wicked witch or even some skulls stuck to your window, these decorations will scare and delight your guests and neighbours and can be arranged in any way you please to create your own Halloween-themed scene!


    5. Scary Surgeon Costume

    Our kids costumes are devilishly bone-chilling this year, with our spooky surgeon ready to begin a blood-curdling operation (knife not included)!

    With blood-splattered scrubs, this costume is perfect for Halloween parties or trick or treating!


    6. Halloween Jester Costume

    Maybe a jester outfit would be more your child's favourite costume? With bloody handprints on a lovely patterned dress, this chilling ensemble is ideal for your child this Halloween!


    7. Pumpkin Tealight Holder

    You mustn't forget Halloween lighting either! We have a lovely (and by lovely, we mean horrifying!) pumpkin tealight holder.

    Fill your home with warmth and also add an eerie atmosphere to any get-togethers, even if it's just your household, that you're planning this year!

    Oh, and don't forget your tealights!


    8. Halloween Spooky Signs

    Let your guests know just what to expect with this ghoulish sign, reading 'Tis the season to be spooky', as we all know Halloween is the greatest holiday of them all, right?

    We also have another sign reading 'Come in for a bite', either (or both) would look great hanging up in or around your home this October!


    9. Syringe Shots

    There's no need to fear these syringe shots, not when they're filled with blood (fizzy cherryade?) or even some strange spooky serum!

    These party drink syringes are a great quirky addition to your spooky soirees!


    10. Halloween Tinsel

    No party would be complete without some lovely Halloween-themed tinsel!

    Sometimes the spooky dingy dungeon decor doesn't fit your required theme, and these adorable pumpkin and cat tinsel decorations are just what you can use for some child-friendly fun!


    Stay at home, have a scream!

    If you'd rather have a stay at home sort of Halloween this year, you're in luck! We have a ghoulish, fangtastical, mesmerising and all-around fun game you can play at home!

    First, read the card and hide a trick or a treat in the places the clues lead to for your children to find. You can decide whether to leave a trick (a spider, horrible tasting sweets, etc.) or a treat!

    Shuffle up the printed cards and place them face down in a pile. Ask your children to take it in turns by taking a card and reading the clue. They must solve the clue and try to hunt out the trick or treat!

    Sounds like a ghoulishly delightful way to spend Halloween, right?! Want to play along and download our game for yourself to try? Simply click on the link below to access the PDF:

    Download Your Trick or Treating at Home Game!

    From there you can download and play it from your phone or print it out and play along that way!

    Though the important thing is to have fun with it!

    Spoiler Alert! Answers:

    Bed, drawer, feet, freezer, bath tub, sink, stairs, post

    So, for Halloween tricks and treats galore, come down to your local Poundstretcher and shriek at our range of bargains. Don't know where your nearest store is? Then check out our Store Finder for addresses, directions and opening hours!

  • Add a Magical Frozen Touch To Your Christmas!

    We're all so excited that Frozen 2 is now finally out in cinemas today! So, why not add a whole new magical winter charm to your Christmas this year?

    Here we're highlighting some of our latest Frozen bargains, so you definitely won't be stepping into the unknown when you pop down for a visit!

    Whether it's decorations, gift wrapping, or the actual gifts themselves, we have a whole range of Frozen-related products that are sure to wonder and delight those young and young-at-heart alike!


    Frozen Baubles

    We'll start with our lovely two packs of traditional Frozen baubles featuring Elsa and Anna for only £1.29! We also have a variety of other designs starting from £1 in the shape of a heart (with one having a delightfully festive snow effect as seen below).

    These would look great on the Christmas tree of any Frozen fan. The subtle colour scheme and charming designs would transform any tree, and they can be used again and again each Christmas (so they can also make quite a fun gift too)!


    Frozen Stocking

    Perfect for sticking little gifts inside or for decorating around the home, these Frozen stockings come in blue or pink and are absolutely essential for the ultimate Frozen fan!

    You won't be able to let them go with our bargain price of only £1.29 each!


    Frozen Gift Wrapping & Bags

    We also have Frozen gift wrap (starting from 69p) and bags! These fun and colourful designs feature the iconic characters, Elsa and Anna, and are perfect for packaging all the wonderful presents that will be left under the tree! Our large gift bag is a bargain at only £1, and also come with a rope handle and a festive gift tag!

    We have plenty of other Frozen gifts and goodies, as well as different Disney characters, in stores! So why not find your nearest store and head on down to grab all these seasonal fabulous bargains!

  • Our Scented Candles Are Perfect This Christmas!

    Christmas is approaching and the nights are becoming longer. What better way to give your home a festive and warm feel than some amazing scented candles and wax melts!

    Not only will your home smell amazing, but also you can share the gift of light and give a Christmas candle to a loved one! We have a massive scent-sational range to show you, so let's get right to it and show you what we've got!

    As of writing, all our wax melts are only 69p each and our 18oz glass jar candles are £2.99 each!


    Christmas Cookies

    Perfect as a gift, or simply to enjoy at home yourself, these delectable-smelling Christmas cookie wax melts will bring back nostalgic memories this Christmas!


    Sugar Plum Pudding

    Or how about some sugar plum pudding? This scent brings an inviting winter atmosphere to your home, and its gorgeous plum colour would look great in any room.


    Sticky Ginger Cake

    Perhaps this neutral brown colour would go more easily with your decor? It's an interesting fragrance that is something different from your normal vanilla or fresh linen.


    Vanilla Coffee

    However, if vanilla is what you want, then we have a fantastic vanilla coffee scent. Who else loves the smell of coffee in the morning? Well, with this you, or whoever you buy this for, will be able to enjoy the smell of coffee day and night!


    Cinnamon Sticks

    Nothing can beat the pleasing smell of cinnamon sticks this festive season! They'll bring a festive atmosphere to your home this Christmas, and not only does it smell great, but it also would look great in your home with its Christmasy red colour.


    Presseco Fizz

    This 18oz jar candle has a gorgeous prosecco fizz scent which brings a fun festive atmosphere to your home. If you love prosecco then this is definitely the candle for you.



    Our delightful and delicious gingerbread scent will add a cosy and festive atmosphere to your home this Christmas. The wax melts are presented in a beautiful package with a photo of yummy gingerbread men on the front to add a touch of luxury.


    Unicorn Sparkle

    Perfect as a gift for the ultimate unicorn fan, or simply for you to enjoy at home, this 18oz jar candle has a sparkling majestic scent that will add a magical and inviting atmosphere to your home.


    Christmas Eve

    These 8 pack of wax melts have a lovely Christmas Eve scent that sparks nostalgic and warm feelings as your home fills with a cosy atmosphere.

    Tell us your favourite candles and fragrances on Instagram, and also where you have placed yours for Christmas! Don’t forget to tweet us and like us on Facebook!

    Visit our website to see our full display of Christmas candles to get your Christmas shine on! Then check out our Store Finder to locate your local store!

  • All your Christmas Tree Essentials at Poundstretcher

    There are just under 7 more weeks to go until Christmas! November is already steamrolling ahead and before you know it, December will be here! Have you already sorted out your Christmas decorations, all the tinsel, baubles, lights, and everything else to make your tree fabulous?!


    Trendy Trees from £3.99!

    You still have plenty of time to grab your Christmas tree and get it set up in time for the countdown! Though, better to grab one before it's too late!

    No matter what you're looking for (whether you want a snowy style or a traditional green), we have an amazing range of fabulous trees in sizes starting from 2ft, ranging up to 7ft!

    Beautiful Baubles from 69p!

    What is a Christmas tree without baubles and other wondrous decorations? We have them by the sack-full here at Poundstretcher!

    There are three distinctive styles on offer (as well as many more featuring Frozen characters, reindeer, and bows): a traditional red & white, silver, and gold & blue!

    We also have some unique decorations on offer, such as some hanging bead letters that can add a massive personalised feel to your tree!


    Illuminating Lights from £1 .49

    And how would you want to finish your tree's look? With some lights, of course (though ideally, these would go on before the baubles)!

    Whether you're after the traditional lights or something a little bit different, we have a vast range of lights for your tree (as well as around your home, outside in your garden, you name it), and in all manner of dazzling and festive colours and style!

    Words won't do our range justice! You need to see them for yourselves, so head on out to your nearest store and pick up your festive bargains!

  • Our pick of the best Halloween Trick or Treat Sweets!

    One of our favourite Halloween traditions is trick or treating. It’s great to get all dressed up in fabulous Halloween costumes and head around the neighbourhood on the hunt for delicious tasty treats.

    It’s also great to see a whole host of zombies, skeletons, witches, and warlocks haunting the streets as kids get into the Halloween spirit.

    At Poundstretcher, we have everything you need to enjoy Halloween 2018 and ensure you and your family have a night you won’t forget in a hurry.

    Included in our range are a whole host of perfect trick or treat sweets and items that can be given to any terrifying visitor to your door this Halloween, or just eaten as a delicious snack yourself!

    Where does Trick or Treating come from?

    One interesting question is why do we go Trick or Treating at Halloween? You might not have thought about it before, but it’s all a little bit strange, isn’t it!?

    It goes back to the origins of Halloween itself. Though nobody seems to be 100% certain of where Halloween originates from, the dressing up as ghosts and ghouls that you see with modern Halloween might well be linked to the Gaelic festival of Samhain.

    This is when the Celts believed the world of ghosts and ghouls was at its closest, so people would dress up in terrifying outfits to ward them off.

    Fast forward to 2018 and that’s why you see children and big kids alike sporting spooky costumes. But why do they go from door to door trick or treating?

    It all seems to stem back to the Middle Ages, where children would dress up in costumes and beg for food and money in exchange for prayers or songs around Halloween. These offerings were often made on behalf of the dead, all adding to the spookiness.

    This is the beginnings of what trick or treat has come to be today, and we’re delighted that we have an excuse to celebrate Halloween in style.

    Buy Spooky Sweets and Treats from Poundstretcher

    We have a host of excellent cheap sweets and confectionary available at Poundstretcher for you, your family, and any trick or treaters that visit your home this Halloween.

    We have exceptional Party Mix Sweets Tubs, as well as chocolate pumpkins and chocolate eyeballs to get your teeth into.

    Or why not try these Halloween gummy body parts or Halloween cyclops eyeballs? They may sound gross, but they taste delicious.

    You can also buy Drumstick Squashies in a host of flavours, as well as lollipops, Parma Violets and Refresher sweets for you to get your teeth into.

    And if you and the family are heading out trick or treating, you can also buy great items in which to keep your Halloween treats this year. Take a look at our spooky holographic trick or treat bags for example, or our skeleton trick or treat bags.

    We also stock pumpkin sweet buckets that are great for collecting goodies in, as well as trick or treat bowls and witches cauldrons.

    So be sure to start planning your visit to your nearest Poundstretcher store before this Halloween and pick up some tasty treats. Use our Find a Store tool today.

  • Why do we dress up and decorate at Halloween?

    At Poundstretcher, Halloween is one of our favourite nights of the year. We love having an excuse to dress up as a scary character and kit out rooms with fabulous ghoulish items.

    But when all is said and done, it’s a bit of a strange thing, isn’t it? Why, one night every year, do we celebrate all things scary and spooky?

    Like most events that take place annually, there’s a fair bit of history and tradition that contributes to how we celebrate it today.

    So with Halloween fast approaching, we’ve taken a look at what lies behind the event to give you a better idea of why your Halloween decorations and Halloween costumes are as they are.

    Halloween’s Roots

    You may know that there’s a religious element to Halloween. In most Christian Churches, the 1st of November is All Saint’s Day, also known as All Hallows’ Day. So the 31st of October is All Hallows’ Eve or Evening, which over time has become ‘Halloween’ as we know it today.

    So that’s where the name comes from, but there’s some debate as to whether the traditions and celebrations associated with Halloween come from Pagan or Christian beginnings.

    One of the most popular theories is that many of the traditions stem from the Gaelic festival Samhain, which marked the end of the harvest season and the transition to the darker time of year.

    This was the time of year when the Celtic people of Ireland and Scotland, in particular, believed the world of ghosts and ghouls was at its closest. So it was at Samhain that these people looked to scare away these ghosts and ghouls and keep them in their own world using all many of spooky techniques, such as lighting bonfires and wearing costumes for example.

    Interestingly, one of the reasons the pumpkin is so associated with Halloween is because Christians were encouraged to abstain from meat on All Hallows’ Day. So alternatives, such as pumpkins, were sought and thus became associated with Halloween as we know it.

    It seems that Halloween, as it’s celebrated in the modern age, takes inspiration from a number of historical traditions – all of which band together for the spooky fun we enjoy today.

    Halloween Today

    However, the traditions we today associate with Halloween came about, Halloween today is big business.

    With mass emigration from Europe to the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries, many traditions went with those people who moved across the Atlantic.

    This is why today there are huge festivals and celebrations around Halloween in the US, and the event has become a major part of popular culture both there and in the UK.

    You can get Halloween decoration ideas by taking a look through our superb selection of products. We also stock excellent Halloween partyware, as well as plenty of plenty of Halloween sweets and confectionary in our Trick and Treat range. We also host a wide selection of bargain Halloween decorations to get your homes or offices looking exactly as you wish.

    Be sure to head to your nearest Poundstretcher store before 31st October and get everything you need for Halloween 2018.

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