Animals play a big part in our lives and here at Poundstretcher, we have all kinds of tips and information about how to keep your pet happy and healthy.


  • Choosing the Perfect Treats for your Pet

    two dogs sat on a sofa in a home.All pets are unique! With their own personalities, breed traits and temperaments, no two dogs, cats or wild birds are alike and require foods and activities which suit their needs.

    When it comes to treating them, we know that the requirements for each pet can be different. At Poundstretcher we stock a wide range of pet treats in our Pet Hut section. This gives you a great chance of finding the perfect products for your four-legged or wild feathered friend.


    Dog Treats

    Wiggles have an exceptional brand of dog treats, offering incredible variety, great value and delicious tastes that your dogs will adore. For fishy flavours, Wiggles offer Salmon Strips and Cod Strips. Both feature no additives or preservatives, so you needn’t worry about unpronounceable nasties in the ingredients.

    For dogs who prefer chicken, there is also a wide range of choices from Wiggles. Wiggles Chicken Dumbells are the ideal bitesize snack, perfect for keeping in your pocket on a walk. For something a little heftier, Chicken Sticks are great for your dog to get stuck into. The chicken range of Wiggles treats are also 100% natural, free from preservatives or additives.

    For something particularly special, Wiggles Duck treats are perfect. Low in fat and high in protein, these treats will have any dog drooling and begging for a second helping!


    Cat Treats

    For cat lovers, the treats we have to offer are equally varied and exciting. Purrfections cat treats are great value for money. Why break the bank when such a wide variety of flavours is available for just a few pounds?

    Cheese, Salmon, Chicken and Turkey are just a few of the choices available for your favourite feline. With no gluten, added salt and low-fat content, Purrfections cat treats are great for everyday treating. They come in a handy resealable bag, so are no hassle to store or carry.


    Brilliant Bird Supplies

    For anybody who likes to welcome some feathered friends to their garden space, Poundstretcher has a great collection of bird supplies available to buy at low prices.

    We have a variety of seeds and feeders available that are a strong addition to any garden space. You can buy bags of mealworms, tubs of fat balls and dried crickets, as well as plenty more wild bird food varieties for your feathered friends.


    Visit Us Today

    We stock much more than pet treats at The Pet Hut. Visit us today and explore supplies for dogs, cats and birds of all varieties, with low prices guaranteed.

    Don’t hesitate to explore online before visiting us. You can find your local Poundstretcher store using our Find a Store tool.

  • How to Choose the Perfect Pet Bed

    Finding the perfect pet bed for your furry friend can be difficult. With factors such as comfiness, style and size to consider, knowing which bed is best suited for your pet is no easy task.

    Luckily for you, we have created a list of high-quality pet beds that we particularly recommend. Keep reading to find out more about these special pet products from Poundstretcher.

    Pet Mat

    A super-soft grey Pet Mat

    This super-soft grey Pet Mat is perfect for your pampered pooch or crowned cat. Whilst it isn’t the most padded option from our variety of pet beds, it is one of the most affordable.

    Designed with comfort in mind, this mat will soon have your pet fast asleep and dreaming of belly rubs.


    Calming Pet Bed

    Black Calming Pet BedPamper your four-legged friend with this 50x50x20cm Calming Pet Bed. Crafted using luxurious soft plush fabric, this pet bed is super comfortable and helps support deep sleep. This allows your pet to feel calm and secure. It is also self-warming, meaning your pet couldn't ask for a better bed!

    Available in a range of colours such as black, grey and dark grey, you’re sure to find an option that will match the style of your living room.


    Sofa Pet Bed

    Sofa Pet Bed


    Pamper your four-legged friend with this luxurious Sofa Pet Bed. Being practical and stylish, it would look fabulous in any home!

    Designed in a way that allows your pet to lean up against something whilst lying down, this sets this particular pet bed apart from the previous two entries in this list in the pet care stakes.


    Luxury Square Pet Bed

    Grey Luxury Square Pet Bed

    The most luxurious option on our list, this pet bed ensures that your cat or dog will have absolutely no trouble whatsoever settling down for a peaceful sleep.

    Built with maximum cushioning and comfort in mind, the Luxury Square Pet Bed is the ideal choice for pet owners that want to give their furry friends the royal treatment. It is available in both grey and brown shades, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your wider colour scheme.


    Purchase Pet Beds at Your Nearest Poundstretcher

    We hope you have found this selection of dog beds and cat beds from Poundstretcher to be of use!

    You can browse through more of our pet range online and come visit us in-store! You can find your local store using our Find a Store tool.

    If you have any questions, get in touch with the Poundstretcher team.

  • Have a Peek at our Amazing Bird Leaflet!

    Get ready for your birdwatching this weekend with our lovely range of bird products we have available!

    What's more, is that we have a fantastic 10% off across our bird food and bird accessories!

    Check out our bird leaflet below to see all our wonderful products in one lovely PDF. Please bear in mind that the prices mentioned on this leaflet are full price and that from Monday 25th - Sunday 31st January, these products will be 10% cheaper!

    Click here for our bird leaflet!

    So come on down to your local store to find yourself some bargains! Don't know where your local Poundstretcher is? Then check out our fantastic Store Finder for addresses, contact details and more!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • 10% Off Bird Products and Free Colouring Sheet Downloads!

    It's finally time for the Big Garden Birdwatch once again! From the 29th until the 31st January, the RSPB is encouraging us all to watch and survey our local wildlife, especially any wild birds, you can see from your own garden.

    Bring as many wild birds to your garden as possible with help from Poundstretcher! From today, the 25th of January 2021, until the 31st of January 2021, we are having a fantastic 10% off all bird food and accessories, from fat balls, bird feeders and mealworms.

    We'll give you a quick sample below of some of our best lines, but to see the full range make sure you check out your local Poundstretcher!

    Also, be sure to check out our downloadable colouring sheets at the bottom of this blog for the perfect creative family-friendly activity to get everyone in your home involved!


    Our bags of Mealworms are an ideal way to attract birds to your garden and provide them with some tasty natural treats! Our additive-free dried mealworms contain all the goodness of live mealworms but none of the moisture! You can feed straight out of the bag, or place in some warm water for a few minutes to rehydrate.


    Squirrel-Proof Caged Seed Feeder

    A great way to encourage wild birds to your garden would be to have a caged seed feeder out for them! You can fill it up with tasty bird feed and not worry at all about the sneaky squirrels coming to pinch any as the design of the cage stops just that. They're easy to fill and maintain and made from substantial and durable materials.


    Tub of 50 Fat Balls

    This tub of 50 fat balls makes an ideal food for many wild birds, helping to attract a wide variety to your garden at an exceptionally low price. Suitable for year-round feeding, they contain so many great vitamins and nutrients that energises wild birds to keep them active and healthy.

    As mentioned before, we also have some fantastic free colouring sheets for you to download! All you (or if you have children, they can help with this) need to do is colour in the birds you have spotted in your garden whilst you fill in your Big Garden Birdwatch survey!

    If you want to get involved with this family-friendly activity alongside your bird-watching this weekend, then download our colouring sheets for an artsy way of marking off what you've seen!

    Simply click on the links below to access the PDFs to print off at your leisure:

    So, make sure to get yourself down before the 31st of January to take advantage of our big 10% off discount! Need to find your nearest store? Swoop on over to our Store Finder to find opening hours, addresses, contact details and directions!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

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