Essential Garden Equipment for You

Those with green fingers among us know and value the importance of a brilliant garden space. They can bring us joy and excitement throughout the year, reflecting the seasons and providing us with that all-important outdoors space.

But whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, there are a few essential gardening items everybody should have.

We have picked out 10 in our latest Poundstretcher blog. Take a look!

Water Sprayers

A yellow see-through watering bottle.Water is vital to keeping a happy and healthy garden space. For much of the year, the rain will help to hydrate your plants and flowers. But during dry times, an effective water sprayer can help ensure your plants are getting the moisture they need.


Grow Bag Trays

A grow bag tray from Poundstretcher

Grow bags are a great way to support vegetables in your garden space. Grow bag trays can allow you to place your grow bag in the optimal place and keep them out of harm’s way. This should enable you to take your vegetable growing game to new levels.



A wooden-handled gardening trowel with a blue handle

The trowel is a classic gardening item, allowing gardeners to turn over the soil and keep beds fresh. Poundstretcher stock trowels with wooden handles in a host of nice colours.


Gardening Forks

A wooden handle gardening fork with black handle

Gardening forks do a similar job to trowels but are better for digging and scooping. We also stock really pleasant gardening forks with wooden handles in a number of colours.


Gardening Gloves

A pair of yellow gardening gloves from Poundstretcher

Any gardener needs a pair of quality multi-purpose gardening gloves to help protect their hands and keep them clean while getting their jobs done. Poundstretcher sells gardening gloves in various colours, including blue, red and yellow.


Rubble Sacks

A box of 7 50L rubble sacks for gardeningA big session in the garden can mean that a wealth of things need to be chucked out. A great way to dispose of these efficiently is with rubble sacks. These heavy-duty bags can cope with plenty of garden waste, and help you clear up after a task easily.


Hanging Baskets

A wicker hanging basket

Plants and greenery are a must in any contemporary garden, and having products that offer a stylish touch can take things to brilliant new levels. Wicker hanging baskets do exactly that and allow for beautiful plants to permeate your garden space.


Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse

Mini pop-up greenhouse for your garden

This pop-up greenhouse will fit into most gardens. The fold-away, collapsable greenhouse will help your flowers develop and flourish without the price tag of a full greenhouse. The pop-up function makes storing away the greenhouse much easier and quicker when it's no longer required.



A bag of Richmoor multi-purpose compostCompost is a great way to help plants in your garden grow. It is packed full of quality nutrients that can help flowers and other greenery thrive. We stock 10-litre bags of multi-purpose compost, which are a must-have for anybody keen to allow their garden to fully bloom.



A bottle of tough weedkiller spray

Once you have a garden to dream of, you do not want anything ruining it. But weeds have the potential to wreak havoc. With some tough weedkiller, however, you can get rid of weeds and keep your garden looking its best.


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