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  • Our Guide to Gardening Throughout the Year | Poundstretcher

    Poundstretcher flowerYou may have felt the feeling that spring is in the air. Pretty coloured flowers are starting to poke their heads out, and the milder temperatures are beginning to make being out and about that little bit easier.

    For any keen gardeners out there, thoughts will naturally turn to preparing your garden for the year’s warmer months and creating a beautiful outdoor space.

    If you have found yourself with more time on your hands than usual, you may well want to commence some gardening work. Or you may have recently moved into your first home and have a garden of your own for the first time.

    Whatever your reason for wanting to enhance your garden, at Poundstretcher, we want to help support your efforts. We have an excellent garden and outdoor range that can be used to create your own little piece of heaven.

    We stock a host of bulbs and seeds that may be of interest. But it can be tough to know when to plant what. So we have put together this guide to help you stay on top of your growing and create a garden to be proud of, whether that’s for spring or later in the year!


    Spring – March-May

    A packet of white Acidanthera bulbs from PoundstretcherSpring is when we’d ideally want our garden to start looking its very best. But in the summer’s early months, it is still possible to plant exciting new additions to the garden.

    One such flower that can be planted now are acidanthera bulbs. When these bloom later in the year, they offer a pretty white flower that creates a gentle vibe in your garden space.

    Another flower that can be planted at this time of year, in the same way, are sparaxis bulbs. Offering a blast of rich red, white and pink colours, these are a joyful addition to any garden.

    Vegetable seeds can also be planted in the spring months. Veggie bulbs like Maris Piper Potatoes
    and Red Baron onions are perfect for sowing and planting at this time of year.

    Summer – June-August

     A packet of Anemone de Caen bulbs

    These lovely shallow bowl-shaped flowers are available almost all year round and can be planted in April and September too, but they are an absolute delight to plant in June. Anemone de caens flower in September if they are planted in June, they will bloom again next year in the spring as they are a perennial flower.


    Autumn – September-November

    A packet of Triteleia seeds from Poundstretcher

    The autumn months are a time when a number of seeds that can be sown at this time of year will sprout in later.

    Triteleia brings a splash of deep, rich colour to a garden. These are prime for planting in the autumn and should be planted in soil that has been forked. A handful of general-purpose fertiliser can then be added to help bring about a great bloom the following summer.

    These all offer dashes of colour that can be a welcome sight upon blooming.


    Winter – December-March

    A packet of Shallot seeds from Poundstretcher

    Even in the depths of winter, there are bulbs that can be planted and start to grow beneath the surface.

    Many people like the idea of a fruit tree in their garden, and these can be planted in winter and start to pop their head out later in the year. We stock a variety of fruit tree seeds, including plum victoria, plum czar and cherry morello among many, many more.

    Certain vegetables can also be planted come wintertime. Shallots for example are best planted when the ground is cold, and we have Shallot Red Sun Summer Onion bulbs available for you to buy at Poundstretcher.


    Shop for Garden and Outdoor Products at Poundstretcher

    Hopefully, this has provided some good guidance as to what to plant when in order to get a strong garden environment created.

    At Poundstretcher, we also offer a host of garden accessories, watering tools, propagation and greenhouse items and planters and hanging baskets.

    Be sure to take a look through our full range of quality gardening products and find those perfect items for your needs.

    To start buying from our range, simply plan a visit to your local Poundstretcher store and start turning your garden into that dream outdoor space.

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  • Clean up with our Squeaky Clean Leaflet!

    We have so many wonderful cleaning products in our stores that are perfect for your spring cleaning this year!

    There's Dr Dazzle, Fab Fresh, Aggie's Cleaning range, Zoflora, Flash, Cif and so many more lovely and amazing brands on offer!

    Our Squeaky Clean Leaflet

    Check out our leaflet below to see just a sample of our dazzling products in one squeaky clean PDF.

    Click here to see our amazing Squeaky Clean leaflet

    So, get stocked up on all the cleaning supplies you'll need to have your home sparkling!  Don't know where your local Poundstretcher is? Then check out our Store Finder for addresses, contact details and more!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Our Top 10 Cleaning Products & Free Checklist Download

    It's February, and you know what that means, right? Spring cleaning! We all want to have our houses squeaky clean and looking fabulous, and with our help, you can have just that!

    Have your home looking squeaky clean and smelling fresh with our brilliant range of great branded cleaning supplies! Below we have a small selection of 10 great cleaning supplies from our massive range!

    Also, stay organised with the help of our free squeaky clean checklist, downloadable at the bottom of our blog! Be sure to check it out!

    Easy Fragrances Disinfectant

    Our lovely Easy Fragrances concentrated disinfectant in a 500ml bottle allows for a spotlessly hygienic finish! It can disinfect most household surfaces fast and provides a long-lasting freshness! Did we mention it kills 99.9% of bacteria and kills viruses too?! Comes in Sicilian lemon, summer berry and Egyptian cotton.


    Lobby Dustpan & Brush

    Next, we have a handy cleaning tool to make your life a lot easier. Our Lobby Dustpan & Brush is the perfect combo in keeping your home clean and your floors spotless! They attach together for easy storage and come in a lovely colour that will add a splash of vibrancy to your home!


    Fab Fresh Carpet Freshener

    Our Fab Fresh Carpet Fresheners comes in many magnificent fragrances, Japanese blossommagnolia & cherry blossomwatermelon, passionfruit, to name a few. Each scent is perfect to freshen up your carpets around your home and the quick-drying foam means there is no need for the additional hassle of vacuuming, just spray and smell the magic happen. Whether it's your carpet or upholstery, you can be assured your room will be left smelling fresh and clean!


    Dr Dazzle Limescale Spray

    A new line, our range of Dr Dazzle sees several new products. One being our Limescale Remover, which is the perfect solution for removing limescale and soap scum from your bathroom with ease. It rapidly targets limescale and eliminates it.


    Dr Dazzle Mould Spray Cleaner

    Another Dr Dazzle cleaner, this one will also make your home become sparkly clean! It's a Mould Remover that helps gets rid of and prevents mould growth, not to mention it leaves a wonderful streak-free finish!


    Dr Dazzle BBQ & Oven Cleaner

    Our final Dr Dazzle product we wish to show would be our Oven & BBQ Cleaner, which removes dirt and grime with ease with a streak-free finish! All our Dr Dazzle products are just what you need this spring clean!


    Mr Sheen Multi-Surface Polish

    We all know how important it is to polish your surfaces, so, with Mr Sheen's dust trap technology (that's suitable for wood, glass, metal, and plastic) Mr Sheen Multi-surface Polish eliminates dust from your home while leaving a lasting Spring Fresh fragrance.


    Aggie's Lemon Fresh Antibacterial Cleaner

    Produced in the UK and with a 100% recyclable bottle, why not get your home clean with our exclusive Aggie's Lemon Fresh Antibacterial Cleaner? All it takes is a quick spray across your surfaces to cut through grease and grime whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria! With the lovely lemon scent too, you'll see, feel and smell the sparkle you'll bring back to your home!


    Zoflora Disinfectant Fresh Home

    Have pets? We have you covered too with our Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. They contain a powerful odour elimination ingredient with a wonderful long-lasting fragrance. Your home will be left spotlessly clean and smelling fresh, just dilute 1 in 40 with water and away you go (makes 20L overall).


    Dri-Pak Bicarb Cream

    This fantastic non-toxic multi-surface Bicarb Cream draws on the powerful but gentle abrasive properties of Bicarbonate of Soda to clean surfaces around your home! Its versatility means it can be used to clean sinks, baths, and cooker hobs, and is suitable for use on aluminium, chrome, plastic, porcelain, stainless steel, tin, jewellery and silver!


    Free Cleaning Checklist Download

    So, why not pair our fantastic above products with our amazingly helpful Squeaky Clean checklists we have made especially for you!

    Just click on the links below to get to the PDFs for these free downloadable checklists; whether you wish to print them out or just save and use them straight from your phone as you clean!

    To-Do List

    To-Do List Suggestions

    Monthly To-Do List

    So, with your lists at the ready, get on down to your local Poundstretcher for all your cleaning essential needs!

    Don't know where our stores are? We have our handy Store Finder to help you with everything from directions to contact details. Happy cleaning!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Have a Flipping Great Pancake Day!

    Pancake Day will be upon us on the 16th of February, so make sure you get yourself ready to eat your heart out with all the frying pans, pancake mix, fillings and lemon juice you could need!

    24cm Ceramic Frying Pan

    Stock up on your kitchen necessities like our Ceramic Frying Pans! Coming in 20cm, 24cm and 28cm, they're great for practising your culinary skills and impressing your friends in the kitchen for Pancake Day. Non-stick and with a nifty handle, you can make anything from pancakes to stir fry in these nifty pans!


    Lemon Juice

    In a handy squeezy bottle, this Thurston's lemon juice is bound to set tastebuds tingling! They're perfect for pancakes and are the perfect sour solution.


    Morello Cherries


    Add a fruity taste-sensation to your pancakes with these delicious morello cherries in syrup! They're great for making jams too.


    Pancake Mix


    This Taylor's Pancake Mix will give you the classic perfect treat that your friends and family will just love! Just shake it and make it, all you need is to add water for some lovely tasting desserts. Whether it's Pancake Day or not, why not treat yourself to some mouth-watering, fluffy deliciousness?


    Pure & Natural Clear Honey


    Fancy a little extra with your pancakes? Well, with Tayor's Clear Honey you can add that little extra bit of flavouring on all kinds of desserts, not just pancakes!

    No matter what pancakes you're making or what you decide to put on them, give it everything you've got and have yourself a fantastic Pancake Day!

    If you need to find your nearest store then check our useful Store Finder for address, contact details and more.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

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