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Enjoy a great night’s sleep with our wide collection of pillows and mattress protectors. At Poundstretcher we know everyone has different preferences, so we have over 24 different types of pillows to meet your needs.

For those on a budget or students, our Student Bed Bundle is astounding value for money. Starting from just £7.99 you can get a 10.5 tog duvet and up to 2 free pillows, and upgrade your bedding whilst keeping your pocket happy at the same time.

To add a little more luxury to your slumber, take a look at our Silentnight Egyptian Cotton Pillow Pair, available for only £12.99. We also offer perfect pillows for people who suffer from allergies, a 2 pack for as low as £3.99! 

A great way to protect your bed from any accidental spills, a mattress protector is an essential way to safeguard your mattress. At Poundstretcher we offer a wide variety of mattress protectors available for single or double beds.

Kids can be very energetic, but at the end of a long day they are often completely drained and even more so when travelling. However, having a cuddly companion in the form of this extra soft kids travel pillow could help make their sleep more comfortable. Not to mention that it’s available for only £1!

All of these and more great value pillows and pillow sets can be found at a store near you, find out where the closest one is now.