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  • Top ways to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee Bank Holiday 2022

    The Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend will mark Her Majesty The Queen becoming the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service.  Therefore, it seems fitting that we celebrate all things British this weekend –from afternoon tea to a classic British Summer BBQ –Poundstretcher's got everything you need to celebrate the Queen’s big anniversary!  

    Take part in a Street Party   

    Gather your neighbours for a Street Party to celebrate the Jubilee in typical British fashion. The UK has a long history of street parties to celebrate the Jubilee, so expect to see union jack bunting lining the streets of Britain this weekend, along with hundreds of people feasting on beloved British party favourites such as Victoria Sponge, trifle, and lashings of scotch eggs! Remember to dish up your delicious offerings on a set of our Foil platters, so you can cram as many of those mini-Cornish pasties and pork pies on as you can!   

    Make your own bunting!  

     Speaking of bunting –a great way to get the kids involved with the Jubilee festivities is by making their own bunting! With our pack of bright card, they can create their own Queen-inspired bunting to line the streets of their neighbourhood for all their friends and family to see. Then, add plenty of colour and sparkle with some glitter glue pens!  

    A spot of afternoon tea 

    What better way to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee than with a spot of traditional afternoon tea? Teach your little ones about Britain’s great love affair with tea with this Porcelain Tea Set 11 Pieces, perfect for pretend play to fuel their imaginations! Add some biscuits and cakes to the party, and it will feel like you’re at Buckingham Palace!  

    Take part in some British sports  

    Watch out, Wimbledon! We Brits know our way around a tennis court. Practice your backhand this Jubilee with our Tennis set, complete with 2 rackets and 2 balls, so that you can play with friends or family. It’s a great excuse to soak up the sunshine and stay active while celebrating our country’s cultural heritage! 

     BBQ in the garden  

    Us Brits love a BBQ, whatever the weather or occasion. It’s become a Bank Holiday Tradition to have a barbie on the weekend, so what better way to celebrate the Jubilee than by rustling up some burgers and sausages for friends and family? Our single disposable BBQ is perfect for small gatherings and portable, making it ideal for taking to the beach, park or back garden.  

    Feeling ready for some royally good fun this weekend? If you liked any of these products, you can check out plenty more online or simply nip down to one of our Poundstretcher branches for a better look. Use our store locator to find your nearest store.   

  • Bird is the Word: 50% off Spring Watch Essentials

    Birds feeding on fat balls

    Spring is finally upon us, and it’s time to stock up on your spring watch essentials. See all your favourite birds come to life in the garden this season with 50% off all Pet Hut bird supplies and food. You’ll have all the birds flocking to your yard with these egg-ceptional deals!  

    The early bird catches the worm, so check our exclusive offers while stocks last! 

    Insects, Bugs and Grub  Mixed Insects

    Slimy... yet satisfying? It doesn’t matter to our feathered friends as they go absolutely flappy for these Dried Mixed Insects. This tasty bag of dried black soldier flies, silkworms, pupae, and mealworms will make your garden the most popular tourist attraction for wild birds, such as woodpeckers, goldfinches, and robins.   

    Fat Balls   

    Fat BallsAll that flapping and pecking is hungry work, and nothing will satisfy their appetites like these Fat Balls 50 Pcs. Enriched with sunflower seeds and 100% natural ingredients, these fat balls are suitable for all year round feeding and make your birds as happy as a lark. Place them in one of our Metal Fat Ball Feeders to keep them safe from other wildlife in your garden.   

    Filled Peanut Bird Feeder 

    Filled Peanut FeederDo your birds go nutty for nuts? This Filled Bird Feeder will attract various wild birds to your garden, giving you a great bird’s eye view of all the beaked beauties in your area. With an easily refillable function, you can stock up on plenty of supplies so that your feathered friends can feed all year round.   

    Pet Food Container 

    Pet Food Storage BoxA little bird told me you could store all your dry pet food inside this convenient Bird Food Storage. Keep your suets, seeds, insects, and fat balls fresh with this solid plastic box, complete with a top lid and handle.  

    Feeding Station with Feeders

    Feeding Station with FeedersBe the envy of all your neighbours with this three-pole system Feeding Station with Feeders. You’ll pick up chicks easily as this set includes multiple functions, including a convenient water tray, nut feeder, and seed feeder. It also makes a beautiful addition to any garden décor.  

    See anything that catches your eagle eye? We’ve got plenty of bird supplies for you to take a peck at online or have a gander down to your nearest Poundstretcher.  Use our handy store finder tool to locate one close to you.   

  • Budget-Friendly Ideas to do in May Half Term 2022

    Picnic on May Half Term

    May half term is finally here, and we’ve got tons of budget-friendly ideas to keep the kids entertained this holiday. So forget sitting in front of the TV or tapping away at their computer because Poundstretcher has just the thing to get them up, active, and learning new things!   

    Take part in some sports activities  

    With the sun shining brighter and the weather getting warmer, it’s time to dust off the trainers and get to the court. Try this Jumbo Racket Set, perfect for young beginners or aspiring badminton players. Each set contains 2 rackets and a shuttlecock, so you get twice for your money.  

    Have a picnic outside  

    Paper plates The quickest way to a child’s heart is through their stomach, and nothing beats a picnic in the park! So, get all your cheap picnic supplies from us; from paper plates to plastic cutlery, you’ll find everything you need to have the ultimate outdoor feast.   

    Don’t forget the picnic mat  

    Conduct a science experiment  

    Explosive Science KitJust because school is out doesn’t mean the learning needs to stop! So get their little minds working with this Explosive Science Kit, ideal for youngsters keen on science and learning about chemical reactions! The kit includes an exploding volcano and mega fiza exploding balloon, perfect for an afternoon activity!  

     Start a water fight!  

    Water Balloon Pump & Balloons

    A friendly water fight is a great way to cool down after a long day in the sun. With this Water Balloon Pump and Balloons, your kids will have good, clean fun for hours on end. It’s perfect for creating hundreds of water balloons for the ultimate water showdown. If you can’t wait for the balloons to inflate, use these handy Water Guns to soak your targets faster. 

    Warning –you may get wet!   

    Give your patio a blast of colour   

    Chalk BlitzRemember the days of drawing on the pavement with chalk and creating hopscotch outlines for you and your friends? Now we have the Amazing Chalk Blitz, an explosive chalk grenade that creates hours of outdoor fun! So let your kids give your patio and garden wall a blast of colour with this safe and washable concoction of vibrant, explosive colours!  

    Excited for the May half term? You can check out all these bits and more online or simply pop down to your local Poundstretcher. Use our store finder to find the nearest shop to you!  

  • Best Biscuits to Enjoy this National Biscuit Day

    Shortbread biscuits for National Biscuit Day

    It’s National Biscuit Day, and we’re going nutty for all things crumby! The best biscuits come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to narrow down our choices. Well, we don’t do things half-baked here at Poundstretcher, so here’s a list of some of our top biscuit tin favourites that we know you’ll go absolutely cream cracker for. 

    So, kick back and relax with a brew and a biccie –the only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether to dunk or not!  

    Shortbread Biscuits  

    Paterson's ShortbreadWe don’t need to sugar-coat this biscuit to make it tasty. Paterson’s Shortbread Selection contains an assortment of light, buttery, and delicious shortbread biscuits which go down as a treat at afternoon tea or a quick biscuit break.  

    Chocolate Chip Cookies   

    Fox's chocolate chip cookiesA favourite amongst kids and adults alike, Fox’s chocolate chip cookies fulfil every sweet craving you may have. With an irresistibly crunchy texture and delicious flavour, they also pair perfectly with a cup of tea or dunked in a hot beverage of your choice for a soft, gooey bite.   

    Choco Coconut Biscuits

    Choco coconut ringsThis one takes the biscuit, and we expect you’ll go loco for these Choco Coconut Rings. Perfect for sharing (or not), these coconut flavoured biscuits are baked into thin crisp swirls and coated in lashings of chocolate. Perfect for snacking with a cuppa or on their own.  

    Biscuit Storage Jar  

    Clip top jar

    You’ll need a place to store your assortment of biscuits, so what better place to keep them air-tight and fresh than our Clip Top Storage Jar. Contains up to 1.5 litres of cookie deliciousness and also looks charming on your kitchen shelf... No promises it will stay full for long, though!  

     Cookie Baking Tray  

    Cookie baking trays

    Don’t like the biscuits from this list? Have a crack at baking them instead with these Aluminium Cookie Tray Twin packs. Handy for baking all kinds of bakes and cakes, you can perfect your cookie recipes at home and become a biscuit boss. Combine these with Baking & Greaseproof Paper, and you’ve got a batch made in heaven.  

    Cookie Scented Candles   

    Cookie scented candlesPerhaps you’re more a fan of the smell of biscuits rather than the taste? With these Cookie-scented Tealight Candles, you can have your cake and eat it too by filling your home with the aroma of fresh, homemade cookies. We’re warning you though –these candles smell good enough to eat! 

    Have a craving for cookies or a burning yearning for biscuits? Check out plenty more of our biscuit offerings online, or follow the crumb trail to your local Poundstretcher. Find your nearest store here 

    Happy dunking!  

  • Top 5 Ideas to get you Buzzing for World Bee Day

    Celebrating World Bee Day It’s World Bee Day, and the Earth is abuzz with all things small, black and yellow! So, let’s help raise awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators by celebrating what they do for us and our ecosystem.   

    To give our bees the recognition they deserve, here are the top 5 ideas to get you buzzing for World Bee Day that won’t sting your wallet!  

     Bee Cosy  

    Ladies Bee Slippers


    After a long day of being a busy bee at work, it’s nice to return to the hive and slip into something more comfortable. So give yourself the royal Queen Bee treatment with these Ladies Bumble Bee Cosy Toes, perfect for warming your toes on those chilly nights and keeping your feet comfy.   

     Bee Indulgent  

    Crunchie Chocolate BarYou’ll be making a beeline for these in your cupboard, as these Cadbury Crunchie 4 Pack will have all the kids swarming the kitchen! These Crunchie bars contain melt-in-your-mouth honeycomb toffee, coated in a layer of delicious milk chocolate, perfect for an afternoon treat.     

    Bee Dazzled   

    Bee Solar LightsYour garden will be a hive of activity with this warm set of Bee Solar String Lights. The perfect illuminating backdrop for any garden party or evening meal, you’ll feel as though you’re gazing up at a sky of twinkling bee-shaped stars! Watch as these lights draw all of your friends in –like bees to honey!  

    Bee Clean  

    Leave your hands smelling sweet like honey and soft like silk with Beauties Beeswax Anti-bacterial Hand Cream. This anti-bacterial hand cream will replenish the moisture in dry, cracked hands and protect them from germs and bacteria. With hands this clean and soft, you’ll be feeling like the bee's knees all day!  

    Bee Kind   

    Mixed Flower SeedsThe most important thing we can do for our little striped friends is plant Butterfly & Bee Mixed Flower Seeds. Flowers supply the crucial nectar and pollen that worker bees need to feed their entire colonies. Without bees, plants would be unable to reproduce seeds and create all the delicious food crops we need to survive. So, bee kind and give your garden a flower makeover! 


    Are you feeling buzzed for World Bee Day? If you like any bee-related products in this post, you can find more online or fly on down to one of our stores and make it yours! Use our handy store finder to locate the nearest Poundstretcher near you.   

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