• HOW TO stock up on Summer Holiday Essentials FOR LESS!

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    School's out, the heat is all anybody can talk about and an ever-growing sea of angry-looking sunburn has infiltrated the general public.

    Yes, this can only mean one thing –  Summer is FINALLY HERE!

    Minions on holiday

    Whether you're jetting off to a luxurious holiday resort full of exotic beaches, luscious outdoor swimming pools and food that is near-impossible to pronounce OR you’re touring the Great British countryside, we at Poundstretcher have come up with some AMAZING deals on holiday essentials at our very own Holiday Shop!


    So, camping or cruising, sunbathing or site-seeing, skiing or ‘spa’ing- get on down to Poundstretcher and start saving your money for the really important stuff! Like a family trip to the local water park. Or an extra treatment at that relaxing beach-side spa!

    Snacks For the Journey!

    Wherever you’re travelling to- especially with children- it’s always good to have a supply of nibbles and snacks.

    FB_1080x1080-Love Island

    If you get stuck in traffic or your flight gets delayed, we have a massive selection of confectionary, biscuits, crisps and sweets on offer for the whole family to get their teeth into, as well as branded juices and fizzy drinks!

    Get your kids 'Sunshine Ready' for less than £10!


    We all know how challenging it can be keeping your children protected from the summer sun- especially when the last thing on their minds when they're running around on the beach is getting sunburnt! But we have the solution!

    Fun in the Sun!

    With our extensive range of licensed flip flops, caps and sunglasses with a variety of their favourite Disney Princesses…


    ... or cool comic book superheroes…

    FB_1080x1080-The-Holiday-Shop9-KIDS-CAPS’ll have no problem keeping their heads, eyes and feet safe from the heat! With many more characters to choose from, your child will be able to pick their favourite!

    241100-EAD sunscreen kids SPF50 88ml_1000x1000

    And with our Malibu Kids sun-cream SPF50 at only £1.49 a bottle, you can fully protect your kids so they can enjoy the sun all day long!

    Cause a SPLASH at Swimming Sessions!


    Get your little ones paddling around the pool with our inflatable range! With cheeky sea animal swim rings, summery-coloured armbands and cute octopus mini-mats, they can get used to the water in a fun and interactive way. And at less than £3 each, they can ‘just keep swimming’ all holiday!

    Animal Sea Creatures


    With all these amazing deals on kids' wear, you can give your child everything they need to enjoy the sun safely, all for less than £10!

    And for the adults, it's time to relax...


    You can end up spending an infinite amount of money on expensive summer sandals and branded sunglasses.

    But it's time to RELAX!

    If you’re looking for holiday fashion without the huge price tag, look no further than Poundstretcher!

    Fashion for less!

    We have a gorgeous selection of stylish yet comfortable Ladies' sandals in four luscious colours at a jaw-dropping £1.99 each!


    As well as these, we have a brand new range of Foster Grants sunglasses for both men and women at only £1.49 each. With a hugely varied number of styles, you can find the ones to suit you!

    Women's Foster Grants Sunglasses Women's Foster Grants Sunglasses

    And this year we’ve got an even bigger range of stylish, yet practical luggage in various sizes and at 'zipping' good prices!


    Essential holiday toiletries can end up costing a small fortune so, why not check out Poundstretcher’s BIG BRANDS with even BIGGER DISCOUNTS on Malibu sun-care, skincare, haircare, deodorants and wash products perfect for packing in your suitcase!


    With our huge selection of holiday products, you’ll be able to get ready for your summer away without 'tanning' your holiday budget!


    For more great deals and offers, get down to your local Poundstretcher to check out our Holiday Shop and get SAVING!


    Whatever you're getting up to this summer, from all of us at Poundstretcher, we hope you enjoy your Big Summer Blowout!

  • Get Christmas Ready With 2 For £15 Toys!

    Get Christmas Ready With 2 For £15 Toys!

    The most wonderful time of the year is almost here!

    It may only be October but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to get started on your big Christmas shop.

    So why not start with the people who look forward to Christmas the most: the kids! There’s no better way to get started on their Christmas list than our fabulous offers on toys this month: 2 FOR £15!!

    Here’s our top 4 toy picks in our 2 For £15 range for you to grant the little ones Christmas wishes!

    1. Remote Control Monster Rally Car (£9.99)

    Remote Control Rally Car Toy

    A nifty little gadget for the kid that’s crazy about cars, it’ll give them hours of fun as their little hands finally get to grips with a set of wheels! With the pliable joysticks on the remote, they’ll be able to weave their Rally cars around obstacles and be able to reverse out of those tight parking spaces. While just one of these is an affordable £9.99, why not take advantage of our 2 For £15 toys offer and get another Monster Rally Car so they have an opponent to race? Despite this being a toy for kids, Team Poundstretcher can definitely see the adults battling it out in their very own remote control drag race at home with these. Go on granny, show the kids how it’s done!


    1. Super Duper Doggies Tree House Play Set (£7.99)

    Super Duper Doggies Toy

    A great present if your little darling asks for a dog while doing their best puppy dog eyes! Suitable for ages 18 months and over, with our Super Duper Doggies Tree House Play Set your tot can enjoy these adorable dog figurines that are easy for them to hold and grip. With figures of some of the UK’s most popular dog breeds including husky, basset hound, and bull dog included, their little imagination can go barking! The tree house is easy to assemble and comes complete with a sweet play mat too! Perfect for creative kids who love animals!

    1. Remote Control Spider (£7.99)

    Remote Control Spider Toy

    If you’re scared of spiders then you probably want to scroll by this section of our 2 For £15 toys! Our Remote Control Spider certainly gave our team the heebie jeebies so if you have a little prankster in the family then this is the perfect gift for them! It has a realistic crawling motion, scary glowing eyes, and is fuzzy enough to appear like a tarantula – so it’s perfect for bringing a bit of Halloween spirit to the Christmas festivities!

    1. Baby Ella My First Words (£7.99)

    Baby Ella Toy Dol

    One of our best-selling toys, Baby Ella My First Words is an adorable interactive experience for kids who love playing pretend house games. Baby Ella giggles and has 16 different sounds that she says when her belly is pressed. She’s a lovely little addition to the toy box family and will keep the kids entertained!

    So why not find your nearest Poundstretcher and start getting those stocking fillers ready for Christmas? With our 2 For £15 Toys range, you’re sure to find tons of toys for tots, kids, and tweens for a merry Christmas!

    Don’t forget to share your latest Poundstretcher shop on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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