• Keep your Garden in Top Shape this Summer

    The summer months are when we seek to make the most of any outdoor space we have. Those of us lucky enough to have a garden area can take this opportunity to sit back and unwind, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and embrace the outdoors. 

    But to enjoy a garden to its fullest extent, it’s important that you keep it in top shape.

    Whether you are a committed member of the green-fingered gardeners group or are just looking to maintain a nice outdoor space with minimal fuss, at Poundstretcher we have a selection of products for you this summer.


    Spray Effectively

    The summer months usually mean some nicer weather conditions. This is a good thing for us as we can enjoy more sunshine, and that sun can help your garden really come to life. 

    But it’s important to continue to give your plants and grass the right levels of hydration and nutrients during the summer in order to keep your garden healthy and looking its best. 

    We have a great range of sprayer items that can help you easily and effectively water your garden. Take a look at this butterfly-shaped garden sprayer, available in a number of different colours.


    Keep Things Organised

    Having a neat and tidy garden is what many people seek when it comes to their outdoor space.

    One way to achieve this is with planters, which can be a great home for your plants and help keep everything in the perfect place.

    We have a vast selection of garden planters to choose from, so if you need to bring a level of organisation to your garden, Poundstretcher can help. And hedge trimmers are a must-have for any gardener of course.


    Stay Protected

    Any experienced gardener will know some of the perils that working with plants and the great outdoors can bring.

    Flowers, plants and bushes can be notoriously pesky when it comes to working with them and can give you a scratch or graze if you are not careful.

    Granted, these injuries aren’t usually too serious. But they are inconvenient and definitely unwanted.

    To help keep your hands protected a pair of durable latex gardening gloves can do just the trick.


    Add Something New

    Livening up your garden area is a great way to enable you to enjoy spending your time there.

    There’s a number of different garden accessories available, including things like butterfly wall art, colour changing solar stakes, fairy lights, and even paddling pools for when the temperatures really soar.


    Sit Back And Relax

    Once you’re happy that your garden is truly in top shape, it’s time to sit back and relax in it.

    Camping chairs for you and your family are a great investment, allowing you to unwind, read, snooze or just lap up the summer sun surrounded by the beauty of your garden.

    Be sure to take a look through the full range of garden and outdoor furniture available at Poundstretcher.

    Our stores are currently open with social distancing measures in place. So if you are looking to get your garden in great shape, pay us a visit.

  • Get into Birdwatching this Summer

    The current lockdown is proving difficult for everybody in some way, shape or form. New challenges are being thrown our way, and we are having to quickly adapt and get used to this ‘new normal’.

    But one of the biggest challenges many of us have faced is knowing what to do with ourselves. If we are not working, or are simply struggling to find ways to pass the time, we can quickly become restless.

    One way to quell this is by finding new hobbies and things to entertain ourselves with. You have probably tried reading more, or watching more TV or films. You might well feel like you are running out of things to keep your mind entertained. This is why you need to think outside the box.


    Embracing Nature

    Many of us are looking to embrace nature as a way of coping with the lockdown. Gardening is a great way to get out and connect, and exercise is also a proven way of helping our bodies and minds and to feel at one with nature. You don’t necessarily need to leave the four walls of your home to enjoy nature and some of the creatures that contribute to its beauty.

    One such activity is birdwatching. If you have a garden or greenspace nearby, you will have undoubtedly seen some feathered friends popping in and out on occasion. But taking the time to admire these winged creatures in all their glory, notice their habits and eccentricities, and see all the different types of birds that visit can become a really interesting hobby to take up.


    So Many To see

    The diversity and number of birds that fly around Britain are truly amazing, and these beautiful animals play a vital role in the ecosystems that we live within. 

    There are a number of ways that you can attract more birds to your garden, the main one being food. Birds, like all of us, love a tasty treat, but their preference, unlike us (hopefully!), is for things like mealworms to nibble on.

    These can be kept in bird feeders that can be placed at handy locations around a garden with ease. There are many simple bird feeders out there, including the range we have here at Poundstretcher. There are also caged seed feeders which can keep unwanted visitors away from your food and save it solely for your feathered friends.

    There’s a range of bird products here, so if you want to bring more birds to your garden then take a look through.

    A caged seed feeder for birds available at Poundstretcher


    Visit Local Beauty Spots

    Of course, you can take your birdwatching to new levels by visiting local beauty spots and nature areas, and potentially spot a rare or exciting bird that might not visit your garden. It really is the kind of thing that once you get the taste for, you can really enjoy and get into.

    There are also a number of books and websites out there with great information on the traits and markings of birds, allowing you to get a better idea of what type of bird is paying you a visit. 

    However you approach it, happy birdwatching and please do send us photos of any birds visiting your garden via our Facebook and Twitter channels!

  • How to Organise your Workspace at Home

    As we all get used to our new ways of living, many of us are having to adjust to working from home as well.

    This has its benefits for sure. No morning commute, more of a lie in than we’re used to, and having lots of food, particularly biscuits, nearby.

    But some people find this kind of change easier than others. One of the most important things is getting a workspace set up that is perfect for you and can allow you to get on with your working day.

    Getting that perfect workspace is an important step towards being able to work efficiently and effectively in the current situation. Take a look through our tips and tricks to help with this.


    Find Your Perfect Spot

    When working from home, it’s vital that you find a spot within your four walls from which you can get tasks done effectively.

    This should be a place with plenty of space and free from unwanted distractions, such as a quieter part of the home if possible, rather than in one of the main areas of the home. This is especially true if you’re in lockdown with a busy family. Using a spare room, a desk in your bedroom or a part of the house where you can set up a proper work station is a better option than simply sitting on your sofa or bed with a laptop on your lap.


    Make Space For All The Important Things

    Try to use a space that has ample room for everything you need for your working day. You might be only using a laptop to do your work, but you don’t want to feel cramped or unable to stretch out during the working day.

    If you’re the creative sort or just like being organised, be sure to have all the stationery you need for your day’s work neatly laid out and to hand.

    One good idea if you are using a laptop is to use a separate mouse and keyboard. This prevents you hunching over your device, which leads nicely onto our next point...


    Look to use a good quality chair when working and try to maintain strong posture. If you end up crouching over your workstation you will soon feel the strain on your back, legs and shoulders. This will ache and be uncomfortable, and can also lead to things like headaches.

    Also look to ensure good lighting around your workspace. Poor lighting can lead you to start straining your eyes and again, leave you feeling groggy and not yourself.

    Try also to stand up regularly and stretch your legs. It’s easy to become engrossed in a task but you need to keep moving to avoid stiffness or discomfort during the working day.


    Accessorise Your Workspace

    You also have the chance to turn your workspace into a really nice personalised zone of your home.

    You can accessorise your workspace with all sorts of home decor products, photo frames and vases to create a pleasant working environment, and put your own spin on it.

    You can find everything you need at your nearest Poundstretcher; need to know where that is? Then why not use our amazing Store Finder!

  • Activities For The Whole Family To Do At Home

    We are all facing unprecedented times at the moment, as we adjust to living with lockdown and new restrictions on things we used to take for granted.

    By now, the lockdown is something we are all likely getting used to, and the changes in society are no longer as surprising and odd-feeling as they initially were.

    However, it’s easy to get bored when each day seems to be the same. In this blog, we explore a few ideas for activities that you can do at home with the whole family. 


    Do Some DIY!

    If you are crawling up the walls during lockdown, maybe redoing your walls can occupy your time!

    We all have things in our home we’ve been meaning to get round to or projects we’ve not found the time to begin. Lockdown gives us the perfect opportunity to crack on with things and get our home looking great with a DIY project.

    Whether you’re looking to redecorate or just make general improvements through a DIY project, there really is no time like the present!

    Keep The Kids Entertained!

    Anybody with children will know the importance and occasional difficulty of keeping them entertained. In a time of lockdown, this can be even trickier and be met with even louder calls of ‘I’mmmmm borreedddd!!’

    There are lots of ways to keep the kids entertained, but sometimes it does require some creative thinking. Try to think about what your kids might like that they don’t always get the chance to do, and try to bring some magic to the lockdown situation!

    Get Artistic!

    Is there a budding artist in your family, or are you a dab hand at drawing or painting yourself?

    Now is a great time to pick up that pencil or paintbrush and rekindle that old passion, creating some fantastic lockdown artwork and helping to pass the time at the same time.

    Art, drawing, painting and writing are also great ways to keep kids entertained, and these are a wonderful way to bring the whole family together.


    Never Bored With Board Games!

    A further great way to bring the family together with activities is with a board game. These are always an entertaining way to spend an evening and can be as fun as they are competitive.

    There are loads of classic board games out there and you may well have a few hidden away in the back of your cupboards. But there are always new board games to turn your hand to as well. 

    Puzzles too are a wonderful way to keep your brain ticking over, whether it’s classic jigsaws, sudoku or word searches - why not get the whole family involved with these?

    Stay Safe & Stay Busy!

    Be sure to stay busy and out of harm’s way as best you can during the current situation, and try to keep yourself and your family engaged in positive activity.

    We’d love to hear more ideas from you for lockdown activities, on our Facebook page!

  • How to Clean like a Pro this Spring

    Despite the weather, springtime is almost upon us, this is traditionally a time of year when people up and down the country will be getting their homes shipshape ahead of the year’s warmer months.

    Spring cleaning can be a refreshing and meditative task, and the rewards are great. Your home can look superb and you can relax in the peace and comfort of a lovely interior space.

    At Poundstretcher, we have an exceptional selection of cleaning supplies at great prices that will help you get hold of great products for less.

    To help you make sure you have everything you need to truly nail spring cleaning this year, we’ve put together this handy guide to our range of cleaning products. Take a look through and once you’re ready, start to plan your next visit to your local Poundstretcher store.

    Beaming Bathrooms

    The bathroom can be one of the trickiest rooms in the home to stay on top of when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. That means that at fairly regular intervals, giving your bathroom the once over and cleaning every surface is a wise idea.

    With so many nooks and crannies where grime and dirt can build up, the bathroom is not an area that can be taken lightly. So when you’re planning your spring cleaning assault, it’s key that you have all the bathroom cleaners you need.

    Our selection of bathroom cleaning supplies includes all manner of sprays, bleaches, sink/drain unblockers, and more.

    We have sprays that can help with glass cleaning, ones to help with your shower and even your bathroom as a whole,  so you can look at your bathroom once finished and wow yourself with the quality of the shine throughout the room.

    Clean Kitchens

    For any busy family, the kitchen area is often one of the most hectic and hard-to-keep-clean parts of the home.

    It’s also arguably one of the most important rooms in the home to keep clean, given the food preparation element.

    We have all kinds of kitchen cleaning supplies is full of high-quality products that can help you not only get your kitchen looking pristine in the springtime, but all year round.

    You can pick up oven and cookware cleaner, kitchen surface sprays and drain unblockers at your nearest Poundstretcher from big brand names.

    And while you’re at it, we stock a load of washing up products and accessories too. We have washing up liquid, dishwasher salts, scourers and more in our range, so take a look.

    Fabulous Floors

    The floors of your home are another area where dirt and muck can easily build up. Unfortunately, this type of dirt is not always the easiest to spot and can go unnoticed for a long time if you’re not careful.

    To help you make sure that the floors of your home are spotless as part of your spring cleaning tasks, Poundstretcher stock a true hoard of floorcare items that can help give your hard floors and carpets a real once over.

    We stock carpet shampoos, pet stain removers, floor cleaners and more!

    We also a range of mops, sweepers and brooms for you to pick up too, giving you the best chance of having your floors in the best shape possible once your spring cleaning efforts are complete.

    Getting everything looking fresh

    Of course, there are a host of areas of your home that can always do with a freshen up and a quick clean. So while you’re tackling the big spring clean, our selection of all-purpose cleaners can help you get all those surfaces shining as you want them too.

    And why not keep the good interior feeling going with some top-quality air fresheners? We stock products from Air Wick, Glade, Neutradol, Jelly Belly, and more, so you can continue the good feeling into the summer with some sensational scents from our range.

    To get hold of all the best cleaning products at great low prices, it’s simply a case of heading to your nearest Poundstretcher store!

    If you’re not sure where that is, the best way to find yours is to use our Store Finder. Just enter your city or postcode, and the handy map will guide you to your nearest Poundstretcher and our supply of sensational products.

    Of course, cleaning supplies are not the only thing we specialise in. We have a whole host of product ranges, including homewares, storage, bedding, household and food and drink products available.

    So if you’re on the hunt for great bargains for your home this spring, start planning your next Poundstretcher visit today, and whilst you're at it, why not show off your own spring cleaning efforts on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

    Happy cleaning!

  • Ready For The Big Garden Birdwatch 2020?!

    It's that time of year again, bird-lovers! This weekend, get yourself out with your binoculars as the Big Garden Birdwatch is coming! From Saturday 25th to Monday 27th, the RSPB want people across the nation to document and note down the range of avian wildlife all around us.

    Why not stock up on some last-minute bird supplies to help turn your garden into one of the best places for birds to dine out in your neighbourhood! We've got a few suggestions ourselves that you can find in your local Poundstretcher right now!


    Be Our Guest

    No use wanting to attract birds to your garden if you haven't the best way of bringing them in! We have so many bird feeders on sale that are both practical AND stylish. They'd look absolutely amazing in any garden (front or back)!

    For example, why not simply go all out with a bird feeder station for only £7.99! It contains two feeders and two resting stations; it's the ultimate feature for luring birds to your garden!

    Here's a Look at the Menu

    With a bird feeder, you'll need something to fill it with! Here at Poundstretcher, we have all sorts of deliciousness for your feathered friends; be they seeds, nuts, or fat-filled coconuts!

    For an amazing bargain you can have 1kg of lovely bird seed to keep those garden birds nice and well-fed, or if you'd rather they have something a little meatier, we also have an 80g bag of mealworms for only 89p!

    With High Energy Pellets & Berries and fat balls, not to mention a twin pack of fat-filled coconuts, there's so much choice for when something comes to have a nice, little snack in your garden.


    Wrapped And Ready To Go

    Though, maybe you'd rather have a bird feeder that's full of yummy birdseed from the get-go, all set and ready to hang in your garden? Well then, we have a trio of metal bird feeders from £1.99 that would be perfect for you! Whether it's seeds, fat balls, or peanuts you're after, you'll be spoilt for choice.

    Check out our Find-a-Store to see where your nearest store is located, and be sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more news, competitions, and great offers, or even send us a pic of the lovely birds you've seen?

    Don't forget we also have a great range of food & drink too! So whilst grabbing a bite to eat for your birdy pals, you might want to think about grabbing a pack of biscuits or two to enjoy during your birdwatching?

    Want to find out more? Then head on over to the RSPB website to hear more about the event and how to get involved!

  • What Kind Of Candle Fragrance Are You?

    Have you ever wondered to yourself what candle fragrance you would be? Well, take a gander down below as we go month-by-month through our range of fabulous 18oz candles and just what fragrance is assigned to you based on your birth month.

    Perfect as a gift or simply for you to enjoy at home, all our18oz jar candles have gorgeous fragrances which ushers in an inviting atmosphere to your home. Priced at only £2.99 each, they'll have your home smelling scent-sational!


    January - Peony Blush

    A true romantic who brings good vibes to everyone they meet! The delightful floral fragrance is enough to make anyone's day!


    February - Smooth Vanilla

    You may appear slightly plain, however, that doesn't define you! You're someone everyone adores and is sometimes just what someone needs when feeling down.


    March - Unicorn Sparkle

    Utterly majestic with a mysterious side to you. Not only that, but your hair is absolutely fab-u-lous! Don't let anyone take away your sparkle!


    April - Belgian Waffles

    You're someone who is always light-hearted and up for a laugh. You light up the room and bring happiness into everyone's lives.


    May - Ocean Breeze

    You're calm and collected and prefer to go at your own pace. You love practising mindfulness and ensuring your mind is clear and sharp.


    June - Sticky Ginger Cake

    Appears snappy, though you're truly sweet and warm-hearted inside. There's nothing you wouldn't do to help out a friend.


    July - Coconut Sprinkles

    You may have a tough exterior, but really you can be a massive softie inside (though, you only reveal this to those you are close to).


    August - Fresh Linen

    Comforting and a breath of fresh air. You always make everyone feel at ease and relaxed.


    September - Prosecco Fizz

    A real live wire! You're so bubbly and full of energy. Every day is a party with you and you just adore having all your friends and family around you.


    October - Cinnamon Sticks

    You work hard at everything you do, though there are times when you can be a little sharp and direct.


    November - Vanilla Coffee

    Nothing wrong with this, but you prefer to take things easy, both at home and at work. However, when you put your mind to it, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.


    December - Sugar Plum Pudding

    Extremely sweet! You're just what someone's day needs! You adore festivities and celebrations, whether that's with a few close friends or with a massive crowd.

    Want to grab some of these delightful candles? Visit your local Poundstretcher. Need directions? Then just check out our useful Find a Store for all the assistance you need.

    Also, be sure to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages for more bargains and announcements!

  • Our Monthly Top Instagram Pics: October

    Autumn is coming to a close and winter is around the corner now we're already underway with November. It's that exciting time once again to announce the next monthly Instagram giveaway!

    We absolutely love seeing all your fabulous pictures and we appreciate you tagging us in all your posts.

    Below we have a small selection of the lovely Instagram pictures you have tagged us in and that we've shared on our page!

    For our top post of the month, we'll send the lucky individual a £10 Poundstretcher voucher to use in-store.

    So, without further ado, let's begin in no particular order with...

    1. @angel_cozyhome

    Our bedspreads have a luxurious look, our navy one can create a beautiful autumn feel, like in this post by @angel_cozyhome.


    2.  @houseonacloud

    We love it when you’re creative with our products! @houseonacloud has transformed our Halloween character bags into the cutest of pillows in this post.


    3. @home_at_no.28

    Our £9.99 runner rug is the perfect bargain to add a statement to your hallway, as seen in this post showing @home_at_no.28's home!


    4. @steeds_at_sixteen

    Get all snuggled up in our wonderful popcorn throws as shown by this adorable dog in @steeds_at_sixteen's post.

    There you have it, folks! We have our top picks of Instagram posts for the month. Now to announce the winner of our wonderful prize of £10 worth of vouchers to use however you wish!

    October's fabulous prize-winner is...



    You will be receiving a message shortly highlighting that you've won and to ask where you would like your vouchers to be sent to!

    And that's it for this month, ladies and gents! We do love seeing the pictures you take of our products, and also of all the top tips you have (be it beauty-related, cooking, cleaning, anything)!

    If you fancy winning some vouchers, then tag #poundstretcher to your Instagram posts of our fabulous products to be in for a chance to win!

    So, what are you waiting for? Get on down to your nearest store using our Store Finder, grab a bargain today, and get tagging on Instagram!

  • Luxury Bedding For Less

    Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep.

    This latest Poundstretcher blog isn’t intended to be all about why sleep is great. We all know it’s great, right?

    But good sleep can also help you while you’re up and about in a number of interesting ways.

    Good sleep could help improve your concentration, your productivity and your metabolism. Good sleep could also help you stay in shape, lower the chances of you getting heart disease or having a stroke, and it can be a mood enhancer, allowing you to get on with your day with a smile on your face. 

    All in all, sleep rocks. So that begs the question - what is key to a good night’s sleep? 

    Well, in truth, it’s an abundance of things. There are some you can’t really control. Examples might be that car alarm that goes off on the street outside, or your partner’s snoring.

    But there are plenty that you can control, and one is getting hold of high-quality, super comfortable bedding.

    This is where a trip to your local Poundstretcher can pay real dividends.

    We have a stunning range of high-quality bedding products available for you to buy at incredibly low prices. And with winter on the way, there’s never been a better time to treat you and your family to something from our bedding range. 

    We’ve slashed our prices across our bedding selection, including eye-catching duvet sets. With floral and vintage patterns aplenty, these products not only offer great comfort but also can help create a certain look in your bedroom.

    You can complement your duvet choice with items from our sheets and pillowcases range. We have a huge choice of affordable fitted sheets in an array of different colours and sizes, as well as anti-allergy mattress protectors. These items are made for different sized beds, including, single, double and king. 

    There’s also great pillowcases, with novelty and plain items in great colours available.

    Once you’ve got your pillowcase, you need a great pillow to wrap it around. Of course, we can help here.

    We have a wide selection of different pillows at excellent low prices from leading suppliers, including Silentnight, Slumberdown and Hebden.

    This selection includes memory foam pillows that really help support a relaxing bed space, and we sell single and double packs for you to pick up.

    Finish your new bed arrangement off with buys from our choice of bedspreads and throws. There’s a host of beautiful bedspreads in deep, pleasing colours to choose from, as well as a number of kids blankets with lots of great patterns. 

    And we have low price hot water bottles too. It really is a great range to shop from for yourself and your family, so don’t miss out.

    To get hold of our superb bedding products, simply pay a visit to your local Poundstretcher store. You can find yours using our find a store tool.

  • Easy Student Recipes For University

    Becoming a student for the first time is an exciting experience. But it is also more often than not the first time young people are out in the big wide world fending for themselves. 

    That means that eating 3 solid meals a day can prove sometimes, well, a little difficult. Convenience and efficiency are more often than not the order of the day, at least stereotypically, for your average student. 

    But that doesn’t have to be the case. Believe it or not, it is possible to live the student lifestyle and eat meals that are cheap and easy, perfect as comfort food, and even good for you.

    Here are 3 handy student recipes that can be a lifesaver when it comes to food options that meet your student budget.


    1 - Pasta or Spaghetti Bolognese 

    A pasta bolognese or Spaghetti dish is a tasty, simple option after a long day on campus.

    Cook some delicious pasta in boiling water for roughly 15 minutes, then heat up and add some delicious Dolmio Bolognese Original Sauce and you have yourself a delicious student meal.


    2 - Delicious Soups

    Sometimes the simple things are the best. A warming bowl of soup is a convenient meal option for students, especially during the winter months or if you’re still feeling a little fragile from the night before.

    Poundstretcher has a host of soup options that can be warmed up easily and served with bread or salad.

    Pick from our Baxters range, which includes chicken broth, tomato and minestrone flavours. 

    We also have handy Heinz Soup of the Day packs that are packed with flavour. You can buy tomato, roasted garlic and black pepper, as well as green garden vegetable flavours at Poundstretcher 


    3 - Vesta Ready Meals

    Wanting full meals that don’t take an age to create? A ready meal from Vesta can provide that perfect dinner option for students when time is at a premium.

    Poundstretcher stocks Vesta ready meals that include beef curry, chow mein and paella that are a great option for your dinner plate and your freezer. 

    These are quick and easy to cook and provide a handy lunch or dinner option.

    Hopefully, if you've started university, this list of easy recipes for students will provide a little culinary inspiration and show that Poundstretcher can be your go-to store for handy food items.

    Wherever you’ve gone off to university, you can find your nearest Poundstretcher store using our find a store tool. We look forward to welcoming you in store!

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