Fun Easter Activities to Try in 2021

So far this year, we’ve not really been able to do many of the things we love to do. As a family, that may have led you to try a few new activities.

So with the long Easter weekend approaching, we wanted to give you a few ideas as to what might be worth having a go at with the family.

Let’s face it, we’ve been stuck inside a lot recently. So here are 5 ideas for you and the family this Easter weekend.


Create some Chocolate Easter Nests

A great idea this Easter is to create some chocolate treats using your baking expertise. Some chocolate nests are a quick and simple way to make something that is creative, fitting for the Easter occasion and utterly delicious.

This recipe from the BBC is a good one, while you can pick up tasty chocolate options and handy baking cases at Poundstretcher.


Try something crafty

A 6 pack of plain easter eggs ready to be decoratedGetting creative and crafty is a fabulous way to spend some quality time with your family this Easter time.

Activities such as decorating your own Easter egg is an excellent way to help get the creative juices flowing while making your own Easter decorations can help turn your home into a great Easter space this year. And if you want to buy some Easter decorations instead, this 6 pack of Easter chicks can help!


Send some Easter Cards

A four-pack of Floral Easter cards from PoundstretcherWhile perhaps not as cemented in tradition as Christmas cards, there’s no reason why you and the family can’t send out some Easter cards this year.

With everybody not having seen as many of their friends and family as they would have liked over the past 12 months, an Easter card is a lovely gesture that can bring a smile to somebody’s face.

We sell floral Easter cards for you to buy, while you can also buy packets of decorate your own Easter card sets.


Get the Board Games Out

With 4 whole days of leisure time available over the Easter weekend, a great idea is to play some board games and enjoy some quality time together.

For those with a love of board games, you may well have a good collection already. Try not to get too competitive! The last thing you want over Easter is confrontation!

But if you need a few new board games or puzzles to try, then take a look through Poundstretcher’s excellent range available in stores. We have many great products to try, so treat yourself and the family to something exciting.


Host an Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg hunt is a lot of fun for all the family, with Easter treats being placed around the home or garden being a great way to celebrate come the Easter weekend.

We love an Easter Egg hunt here at Poundstretcher - so much so that we’ve put together a downloadable Easter Egg hunt game for you and the family to try!

You can also buy Easter masks, bunny feet and bunny paw items to help turn your home into a really Easter-centric space and take the hunt to new levels!


Shop this Easter at Poundstretcher

Hopefully, these ideas have got you thinking about how best to spend the Easter weekend with your family. Be sure to take a look through our comprehensive Easter range today.

Good Friday this year is 2nd April, with the Easter weekend running through to Easter Monday on 5th April. Be sure to get everything you need for a great time from your local Poundstretcher!

You can find your local store using our Find a Store tool. And if you have any questions, get in touch with the Poundstretcher team.

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