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If you’re looking for cheap barbecues, fire pits, barbecue accessories, utensils and other fantastic extras, Poundstretcher is a great place to start. Our collection of barbecues and fire pits has plenty to offer keen garden chefs. We can help you rustle up a feast for your family and friends on a hot summer’s day.

Barbecuing is a very unique cooking method. This is partly because the low, indirect heat and smoke gives the food a highly distinctive flavour. Most importantly, barbecuing is done outdoors, and it’s a popular tradition for families and friends to have a barbecue the moment the weather turns drier and warmer. Having a barbecue has effectively become a celebration of the start of summer.

From cheap portable BBQs to BBQ tools and utensils to picnic rugs, Poundstretcher has everything you need for a garden barbecue. Well, everything but the burgers and sausages! (Having said that, do have a look at our Food selection, because we do offer a wide array of groceries and snacks, including tomato ketchup and BBQ sauces.)

Our barbecues and fire pits range will encourage you to get out in the garden and get cooking. But here at Poundstretcher, we have an enormous collection of other garden and outdoor products that will give your garden a special allure. These products range from eye-catching decor and accessories to toys and paddling pools. All of them are certain to make your garden a hub of fun, activity and visual appeal for you, your family and your guests – and on a budget, too.

If our barbecues and fire pits range has piqued your interest, find your nearest store and pay us a visit!

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