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Toy dolls are easily the number one possession of almost every little girl. They provide hours and hours of entertainment value, where little ones can learn valuable skills of nurturing, nursing and caring for a treasured toy, whilst creating tons of imaginary worlds and play scenarios.

With so many toy dolls to choose from, there is a perfect gift waiting for any little girl. A baby doll is ideal for those who enjoy feeding, dressing and caring for a tiny doll, whilst fashion dolls are a good choice for those who can easily spend hours grooming and styling hair, or changing clothes to create new looks.

Soft dolls are great for cuddling and will soon become the essential accessory to carry around for any young girl, wherever she goes. Many of our toy dolls come as part of a playset or with accessories, to increase entertainment value and allow a world of new play scenarios to be formulated. Hair accessories, such as brushes, combs and clips, allow for endless hair styling of a doll, for instance, whilst cute pets, vehicles, furniture and baby care items bring lots of play ideas to life for little ones.

Pet toys, such as ponies or dogs, also allow your child to care for their much-loved toy, grooming them and showering them with endless amounts of attention. For very young children, the soft dolls, pets and the Telitoy Musical Tractor will hold special appeal, in particular. A doll, playset or play animals makes for a perfect gift at any time of year, guaranteeing endless hours of fun for any little girl.