8 Egg-Citing Easter Products PLUS Free Egg Hunt Game!

Easter is coming on the 4th of April and Poundstretcher have all the crafting goods you need to have an egg-citing day! What's more, we have a fantastic FREE downloadable game at the bottom of this blog for you and the kids to play along with at home!

For this game, you may need a bit of decoration and some Easter supplies, and what better place to buy them then at Poundstretcher?!

Here are 10 top Easter goods you can find in stores that will help transform your home into an Easter wonderland!


21 Easter Egg Hunt Set

These 21 eggs as part of our Easter Egg Hunt Set are perfect for hiding around the home! With different coloured eggs you can set whether they are worth different amounts of points or you assign certain colours to certain players; it's up to you! Also, there is a special golden egg included that is as special as it is pretty!


Easter Tin Bucket

Now, your children will need a place to store all their eggs they hunt down. Our lovely Easter Tin Bucket is decorated with adorable bunnies, eggs and flowers, and will be ideal to keep all their hunted eggs together.


Easter Bunny Ears Headband

Make the game even more fun and dress up as a delightful Easter bunny with our Easter Bunny Headband! Have your children hopping happy as they bounce from room to room collecting eggs.


Easter Chick Eggs

You can use our Easter Chick Eggs to hide and fill them with all sorts of goodies to find! They're so adorable and come in two other varieties too, pink and white bunnies.


6 Luxury Bunny Paw Prints

Decorate your floor with these Luxury Bunny Paw Prints that can either lead your children towards the eggs or maybe even to a dead-end!


6 Yellow Chicks

Add these Yellow Chicks to locations where eggs are being hidden, or maybe you could place them around the room for a bit of cute decoration to your fun-filled day!


3 Easter Mask Set

If the bunny headband is not enough, we also sell some lovely Easter Masks that will add an extra level of fun to the game! You can be a lovely bunny or an adorable chick!


Easter Colour Craft Pack

Finally, why don't you finish off the game with a lovely and creative Easter Craft Set! Let your children colour in, stick and create some beautiful Easter pieces of art to end the afternoon.



 Hunt Your Eggs at Home!

We understand parties and such might not be on the cards this Easter, however, you're in luck! We have a fun way to spend the bank holiday! We have an egg-cellent and adorable game that you and the family can play at home together!


First, read the card and hide an egg or treat in the places the clues lead to for your children to find.

Shuffle up the printed cards and place them face down in a pile. Ask your children to take it in turns by taking a card and reading the clue. They must solve the clue and try to hunt for the eggs!

Sounds like a delightful way to spend Easter, right?! Want to play along and download our game for yourself to try? Simply click on the link below to access the PDF:

Download Your Easter Egg Hunt at Home Game here!


From there you can download and play it from your phone or print it out and play along that way!

Though the important thing is to have fun with it!

Spoiler Alert! Answers:

Chair, fridge, door, bed, tummy, path, tap, flowers, grass, tree, table

So, for Easter treats galore, come down to your local Poundstretcher and shriek at our range of bargains. Don't know where your nearest store is? Then check out our Store Finder for addresses, directions and opening hours!

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