How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Person cleaning surface near a sink

The sky is a little lighter for longer in the evenings, which means the spring season is upon us. As well as the longer days and gradual rises in the temperature, spring brings with it an opportunity to crack on with some household cleaning.

Whether that’s dusting off the cobwebs on your appliances, getting rid of anything growing under the kitchen sink, giving the bathroom a fresh look or cleaning up the garden, spring is the season to tick all these boxes.

You may look at the title of this blog and think ‘how can cleaning and fun be used in the same sentence without a ‘not’ somewhere in between?’ The reason is, believe it or not, because cleaning can be fun!

We know this is something many tend to put off. But we have put together a few ideas on how to help make this dreaded chore a fun experience.


Turn it into a workout

What better way to get some exercise at home than getting it while cleaning up? Cleaning gives you a fantastic opportunity to add more physical activity to your daily routine.

Consider doing 10 lunges for every room you vacuum, or why not do some squats when picking up and putting down your cleaning equipment? You can even practice your stretches when reaching high whilst cleaning the windows.

The combinations are endless and only limited by your creativity. Turning spring cleaning into a workout will give you an extra sense of accomplishment when you are all done, and some added motivation to clean more regularly. A lot of us are currently limited to exercising at home anyway so this is a win-win in our book!


Finding old treasures

Remember that keyring from your last trip abroad you swear you left on the bedside table? Or that childhood toy that’s been missing for years? Spring cleaning is a great chance to find some old treasures that you have given up on looking for. It gives you a chance to move things around and ensure each corner of the home is spotless. If you are lucky, you may also find a fair bit of change that might have slipped of pockets and gone under the sofa.

It’s also a great opportunity to give away or sell old items you no longer need. Doing so can help bring in a welcome amount of cash for items you have not needed for years, and help clean up the place at the same time. Or if you have found you or the children have a lot of old clothes or toys that are no longer needed, consider donating them to charity.


Competition time with the whole family

A father and son doing the spring cleaning in their home

Getting the whole family involved will make cleaning much quicker and is a productive way to bond with everyone. We know the idea of cleaning is not the most enticing, particularly for some children, so why not turn it into a competition.

There is no shortage of amazing and affordable toys and games available from Poundstretcher to select as your rewards. Maybe write down some chores and set out a date by which they should be completed and then enjoy a family reward. Having that light at the end of the tunnel will make spring cleaning a more enjoyable experience for all.

You can even challenge yourself. See how much you can get done in an hour and then try to beat that record!


Having the right supplies

Array of cleaning products sold by Poundstretcher

The most important element of your spring cleaning is having the right cleaning supplies. This will make cleaning much easier and effective. Luckily for you, at your local Poundstretcher, you will find a vast collection of affordable cleaning supplies from leading and trusted brands.

Our offering includes just the right equipment and supplies you need to tackle all areas of the home. Whether that’s cleaning the bathroom, or wiping down the kitchen surfaces, or giving the living room carpet a once over, you can top up your cleaning cabinet and meet all your cleaning supply needs at Poundstretcher.


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