The Best Planters for Your Garden

Our gardens are where we can most directly and personably encounter the natural world. They offer our own little piece of the great outdoors, and an environment that we can engage with the beauty of nature in our own way.

One common way people do this is by planting and adding some of their own chosen greenery to their garden space.

At Poundstretcher, we want to make it easy as we can to support our customers in creating a garden space that they love to spend time in. As part of this, we have put together a great choice of planters for you to buy.

So what do we have available? Here we pick out 6 types of planters that could be perfect for your garden.

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Over Fence Basket An over fence basket from Poundstretcher

Perfect for gardens with limited space, over fence baskets can be hung at various locations and filled with your favourite plant or flowers.

Their raised position gives these hanging planters a subtly different effect and makes them ideal for trailing plants that hang down.


Woodlands Square Planter

A Woodlands Square Planter in terracotta styleThese large garden planters are really strong additions to an outdoor space, ideally suited to sections of paving, patio and decking.

With a large capacity, these can hold a big plant easily and helps to create something of a Mediterranean feel.


Mini Tin Wall Hook Planters

Tin wall hook planters

Colourful and cheerful, these mini tin wall hook planters are perfect positive adds to the modern garden.

A great way to add a flash of beauty in a stylish way, our mini tin wall hook planters come in a host of different colours. With purple, pink, green and blue varieties among the many to choose from, it’s easy to use these planters to great effect.


Round Paper Pots

A set of Round Paper Pots


Ideal for seeds and cutting, these round paper plant pots are a must have in any garden space. They make brilliant little holders for plants and come in handy multipacks from Poundstretcher.


Striped Abigail Planter

A beige Abigail planter from Poundstretcher

Another great outdoor planter choice from Poundstretcher, our Abigail planters are a large option that can hold a vast amount of soil and earth. This means it is a great option as an outdoor planter and can be located in a spectrum of places within a garden space.


Barrel Effect Planter

Three barrel effect planters stacked upon one anotherThese vintage style barrel effect planters look great in a garden setting, adding a touch of class to any outdoor space. They are also large in size and inexpensive, meaning they make perfect sense to bring in and provide that touch of traditional sophistication.


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To start adding brilliant planters to your garden, simply take a trip to your nearest Poundstretcher store. You can find yours with our find a store tool.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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