Memory foam mattress toppers have grown in popularity over recent years with many people preferring memory foam options due to its elastic ability to conform to our individual body curves and provide good support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Memory foam is so called because it has the ability to remember and return to its original shape. Created during the 1970s by NASA for Astronauts, memory foam is now hugely popular and one of the biggest categories within the industry.

Poundstretcher are delighted to make available a range of good quality memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers at truly affordable prices.

The Coloroll double memory foam mattress available at Poundstretcher for only £149.99 represents outstanding value and offers all the usual benefits of memory foam.  The memory foam is designed to react to body temperatures, and will cradle your body shape, offering support to your neck and back, pressure relief and excellent support to the whole body.

If you want to add a little extra luxury to your existing mattress, our low priced foam memory mattress toppers could be just the thing.  Mattress toppers are great at transforming your current mattress without having to spend hundreds of pounds buying a brand new mattress.  Our memory foam mattress topper comes available in both a single, double and king size and offers 100% visco elastic memory foam, is temperature sensitive, 2.5cm thick and offers superior support. With prices starting from £14.99 for the single, if you haven’t tried memory foam before, Poundstretcher’s exceedingly good value prices may provide just the incentive to give memory foam a try!

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