This section of our site is where you will find a huge array of products designed to attract wild birds to your garden, patio or balcony. If you feed the birds in your garden regularly you will find that your feeding station becomes a regular haunt, allowing you to observe them at close quarters. Most people think of feeding the birds during the winter months, which is when natural food supplies can be hard to find, particularly during very cold snaps, but a selection of wild bird food will be welcomed throughout the year.

We stock just about everything that you could possibly require in order to attract a variety of bird species to your garden. Wild bird feed products include dried mealworms, seed selections, suet blocks and peanuts. By distributing a range of bird food you will attract a greater range of bird types for you to observe and enjoy. Birds need additional fat supplies during the coldest months so be sure to provide them with coconut halves and suet balls to enable them to survive and thrive through to spring and beyond.

In addition to bird feed we also supply a complementary range of related products such as feeding stations, hanging feeders, bird tables and even nesting boxes. For those gardens where squirrels are a problem we also supply squirrel-proof bird feeders so that only the birds can benefit from your generosity. We stock a range of wild bird supplies from leading brands such as Sutherland and Dawn Chorus, so you can be sure of providing good quality products for your feathered friends.