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  • Fall in love with the Valtene range

    Fall in love with the Valtene range

    Valtene is a British brand built on quality, style & value. Exclusive to Poundstretcher, Valtene strives to save our customers money and to offer the best value and inspirational home decors. The range has been curated with both comfort and aesthetics in mind, so you can relax in luxury for a great price.

    Add a splash of something luxe and exciting to your home sweet home, and find out the difference that unique designs can make to your space. Whatever your personality is, you’re guaranteed to find a way to express it through the lush textures, colours, and patterns included in the premium Valtene range. Our range is made to mix and match, so no matter which cushions, curtains and throws you choose from the collection, they'll work well together.

    Make a fabric-focused interior design statement

    The Valtene brand takes ordinary everyday cushions, curtains, and throws, and mixes them up with a welcome dash of imagination. Whether you’re feeling a 70s vibe, or you want to weave a thread of nature into your house, Valtene can help you achieve the look of your dreams.

    Let us introduce you to the exclusive products in the Valtene range.

    Let nature inspire you

    Bustling natural scenes meet cool, classy design in this Valtene cushion. If forest print isn’t your thing, but you want to introduce an element of freshness to your living space, this could be the accessory that you’re looking for.

    Take a walk on the wild side

    Help your home come alive with daring prints and colour schemes inspired by the jungle. Whether you pick a statement animal print cushion, or curtains that mimic a canopy of leaves, you’ll be on the right track to transforming your home into a tropical paradise.

    Valtene Leopard Print Cushion

    Valtene Velvet Leaf Cushion

    Delicate, bejewelled bugs

    Stunning, velvet colours meet shining gold insect-inspired embellishments. The clash of jewel toned greens and plush greys mixed with gold moths and bees gives off a unique, impactful visual statement.

    Velvet Dragonfly Cushion

    Velvet Bee Cushion

    Muted minimalism

    When it comes to Valtene, minimalism and ‘plain’ don’t belong in the same sentence. Muted colour schemes meet tufted textures, allowing a crisp, clean look without being overwhelming. These cushions are the perfect choice for anyone trying to achieve an organic, neutral aesthetic.

    Cream Tassle Cushion

    Grey Tassle Cushion

    Amazing art deco

    Throw your interiors back in time to the 1920s with a subtle nod to art deco design. A soft, blush pink cushion works remarkably well with a classic segmented fan pattern that is so reminiscent of the bold interior design movements of times past.

    Rich, regal colour tones

    Sometimes, nothing beats the classics. The last Valtene products we need to introduce you to echo that sentiment. Snuggle down on the sofa with a royal blue or rich red sherpa throw, the best companions to any movie night. 

    Want more? Explore the full Valtene range here. 

    Don’t miss out - Head to your local store to find out our Valtene launch offers.

  • Creative choc-free Easter egg alternatives

    Creative choc-free Easter egg alternatives

    Not a huge chocolate fan? Want the kids to eat less sweet stuff? There’s plenty of ways to make Easter an egg-cellent day without chocolate. Look no further than our guide for choc-free Easter egg alternatives to celebrate with this year.


    1) Get crafty

    Easter crafts are so much fun, and they are an excellent way to keep little ones entertained during their half-term break and over the long Easter weekend. Replace chocolate eggs with bundles of craft materials and activities.

    Making Easter cards, gifts and decorations is fun and easy with our Easter colour craft pack. Complete with multiple egg designs and decorations, all you need now is to colour them in!

    Easter colouring craft pack

    Easter Colour Craft Pack


    Our Easter egg suncatcher is the perfect arty activity for little ones this Easter. Complete with paint and a paintbrush, simply paint your egg and hang it to decorate.

    Easter sun catchers

    Paint Your Own Easter Sun-Catcher

    As well as our pre-packed Easter craft packs, there are so many more crafty Easter egg alternatives in-store, from colourful feathers to pastel shaded card.


    2) Bake it ‘till you make it

    If you have a house full of cake lovers, instead of chocolate, why not bake up a sweet treat? Our Easter cake cases and toppers make for the perfect Easter-themed bake! Pre-make them ahead of the day for an easy sweet snack or include them in an Easter hamper to decorate cakes together.

    Easter cake toppers and cases

    Easter Cake Toppers and Cases

    3) Playful decorations

    Who said decorations are just for Christmas? Easter decorations add another element of fun to the day, especially for children. Hide decorative eggs around the house to host a replica egg-hunt or have fun decorating your house together.

    There’s gnome-one like you! Choose from a range of colours to match your style and add a cute Gonk decoration to your home this Easter.

    Easter Gonk


    Easter Gonk


    You’ve heard of baubles on the tree for Christmas, but what about decorative eggs to celebrate Easter? These colourful, glittery eggs are the perfect hanging decoration for Easter Sunday!

    hanging eatser egg decorations

    Easter Hanging Egg Decoration 10 Pack

    4) Ear-risistable headgear

    Add some fun to Easter with a bunny ears headband. Whether you’re dressing up for a themed day at work or as the Easter bunny for the kids, these ears are sure to make your day hopping great, and they are a brilliant gift to give instead of an egg.

    bunny headband

    Easter Bunny Ears Headband

    5) Egg hunt anyone?

    Want to have a traditional Easter Egg hunt but without the chocolate? Our Ronron eggs are a great alternative. Filled with a treat and a toy, these eggs provide hours of fun even after they’re found. Get searching!

    RonRon fun egg

    RonRon Fun Egg

    6) Some-bunny to love

    Our rabbit planter is another perfect chocolate-free gift for Easter. Brighten up any room or accessorise any garden with this artificial plant and rabbit pot.

    grey rabbit pot

    Grey Rabbit Plant Pot


    7) Baskets of fun

    If you’re in need of a personalised Easter gift, look no further than our Luxury Hamper kit. Simply fill it with goodies of your choice for an egg-citing Easter gift.

    oval hamper

    Fill Your Own Hamper - Oval

    If you're looking for something more colourful, we have delightful  hampers for you to fill with Easter treats.

    Fill Your Own Mini Hamper

    mini hamper

    Floral Fill Your Own Hamper


    We hope you enjoy your Easter egg alternatives! Hoppy Easter!

  • Spring garden tips and checklist: when should I prepare my garden?

    Spring garden tips and checklist: when should I prepare my garden?

    It’s time to get your spring garden ready! Experienced home gardener Luke (@man_about_gardening) has joined us to give you his best tips on preparing your garden for spring, including his favourite Poundstretcher products. Read on for his seasonal gardening tips and give @man_about_gardening a follow on Instagram for more gardening content!

    When should I prepare my garden for spring?

    I find March the perfect time to start preparing for spring in the garden. The weather is starting to warm up and there are signs of new life beginning with the Daffodils and Crocuses starting to put on their colourful displays.

    Spring Garden Priorities

    Here are my top tips on what to focus on in the spring garden, alongside the Poundstretcher products I use.


    1. Get the right tools for the job

    Prepare for the garden with Poundstretcher’s great range of garden tools, seeds, compost, seed trays and garden pots. Some products that I have found useful are listed below.



    1. Easy Grip Gloves

    gardening gloves two pack

    2 Pack Easy Gripped Gloves

    2. Green Ribbed Sprayer

    green ribbed sprayer

    Green Ribbed Sprayer

    3. Richmore 70L Premium Compost

    All Purpose Compost

    Richmore 70L Premium Compost


    2. Purchase your favourite seeds and bulbs

    March is the perfect time to start sowing seeds, so pop into your local Poundstretcher to check out their huge range of seeds and summer bulbs. I would personally recommend starting with one of my favourites, Cosmos, as they are so easy to grow and bloom all summer long.

    This time of year is also a great time to start cleaning any outdoor furniture ready for lounging in the garden and enjoying those long summer evenings. I recommend the wooden furniture cleaner from Poundstretcher.

    Wood Furniture Cleaner

    Wooden Garden Furniture Cleaner


    3. Start vital garden maintenance tasks

    Now is also the best time for garden maintenance, with fence painting being a priority. Poundstretcher have a great selection of fence paintbrushes and fence paint available at great value. I personally recommend Ronseal Medium Oak fence paint that gives the perfect background colour for your garden borders. Be sure to check the weather forecast as you will need a few dry days allowing the paint to seal!


    Ronseal One Coat Timbercare

    4. Tidy up your lawn

    Lawn care in the Springtime is essential with the soil temperatures rising and allowing lawn seed to germinate. Pound Stretcher have a huge range of everything you will need for lawn care such as grass seed and lawn feed.

    Lush Lawn

    Lush Lawn

    Here are my top tips for a luscious lawn!

    1. Start with removing any moss, dead lawn areas and thatch by giving the lawn a good rake over
    2. Mow the lawn on a low setting.
    3. Purchase a flexi tub or bucket and mix together on a ratio of 25% multi purpose compost and 75% lawn seed.
    4. Scatter the mixture evenly over the lawn and water well. Ensure that you continue to top up with light watering over any dry periods.
    5. Within 1-2 weeks you should begin to see fresh growth.


    5. Prepare your soil for planting

    Don’t forget that March is also a great time for soil preparation, and there is a huge range of plant feeds available. My personal favourites are chicken manure pellets, blood fish and bone, and liquid seaweed. Simply add to pots and borders ready to give existing and new plants the best start this spring.

    We hope you found Luke’s advice on spring gardening helpful! You can find all his recommended products and more at your local Poundstretcher. Visit our Find a Store page to find your nearest location.

    You can find all the gardening supplies you might need for spring at Poundstretcher.

  • Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Less

    Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Less

    Let us help you spoil mum, no matter what your budget is


    Mother’s Day 2023 is just around the corner! No matter your age, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mum how much she’s loved and appreciated, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so.

    Whether you’re celebrating your mum, step-mum, grandma, or another special mother figure in your life, we’re sure you’ll agree that they deserve the best of everything life can offer. With that in mind, we’ve popped together a list of our favourite budget-conscious Mother’s Day buys that make a lovely change from the classic flowers and chocolates.



    When is Mother’s Day 2023?

    In 2023, Mother’s Day is on Sunday March 19th in the UK.

    It is always on the fourth Sunday of Lent.


    Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

    Mother’s Day is the day that we celebrate mums across the UK for all the wonderful things they do. It is celebrated differently in every family, but the idea is to express the love and respect that you have for your mum. This could be through taking her out for a nice dinner, spoiling her with her favourite presents, or writing a touching note.



    The Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Less


    1. Fabulous food hamper

    Don’t stop at a single box of chocs! Show your mum you’ve been paying attention to what she likes by putting together a hamper of all her favourite sweet treats and drinks. Add some colourful tissue paper and wrap up with cellophane and ribbons for a professional touch. These are some treats that would be perfect for a food hamper...

    A luxurious chocolate bomb that creates the perfect hot chocolate in a matter of seconds. Just add warm milk and enjoy.

    milk chocolate bombs

    Milk Chocolate Bomb

    Pick a delicious chocolate selection that can’t be beaten.Fox's milk chocolate biscuit selection

    Fox’s Chocolatey Selection


    A delicious, caramel and chocolate treat, a box of Toffifee makes a tasty gift.


    Package up your hamper perfectly with a handy set that comes with the hamper and everything you need to wrap it up.

    hamper kitFill Your Own Hamper - Oval

    Or if you're looking for something more feminine, how about this lovely floral design hamper? It comes complete with ribbon, colourful paper shred and wrapping.

    mini hamper

    Fill Your Own Mini Hamper - Floral

    This also comes in blue with a star pattern

    Blue hamper

    Fill Your Own Mini Hamper - Blue

    2. Spa day at home

    Nothing beats a bit of pampering, and your mum deserves time to put her feet up and relax. Pop together a selection of her favourite pampering products or give her some of your favourites that she hasn’t tried before.

    This bath crumble is ideal for bath time and smells amazing!

    Peach bath crumble

    Peach Bath Crumble

    Classic, relaxing bath salts with a delicious smelling twist - these Epsom Rose bath salts come in a delightful shade of pink and are sold in a classy clear bottle.

    Epsom Rose Bath Salts

    Epsom Bath Salt Rose

    All natural and eco-friendly, this back strap makes exfoliating those hard-to-reach areas so much easier.

    Bamboo back strap

    Bamboo & Loofah Back Strap




    3. Skincare essentials

    Help your mum to feel her best by hand-picking some new skincare products to keep her looking radiant and blemish-free. This is an excellent gift for any mum – whether she wears makeup or prefers a natural look.


    Treat her pores with a gentle, massaging silicone facial scrub brush.

    Silicone facial scrubber

    Silicone Facial Cleansing Scrub

    We often spend so long focusing on facial skincare that we forget about the feet! This foot pack smells amazing and is soothing to cracket heels.

    Coconut foot pack

    Coconut Foot Pack


    A good, cleansing facial scrub can make all the difference when it comes to skin care. This clarifying facial scrub is packed with rejuvenating ingredients.

    Facial scrub

    Clarifying Facial Scrub



    4. Pick something cosy

    You can never have too much bedding, or too many fluffy blankets. Give your mum the gift of something cosy and snuggly that they can enjoy for years to come. We have a huge selection of cosy bedding available so that you can pick something which suits their style.

    See all of our bedding. Here are some of our top picks:

    This weighted blanked is luxuriously soft and thick, perfect for snuggling under on cold nights.

    Weighted blanket

    Luxury Weighted Blanket


    A gorgeous, faux mink fur throw in a stunning neutral taupe colour.

    Mink taupe throw

    Luxury Faux Mink Throw - Taupe


    You can never have too many fluffy socks, and a new pair (or two!) makes a warm, cosy gift that your mum will adore.

    2 pack grey socks

    Ladies Cosy Socks - 2 Pack

    Or opt for something more luxurious; a new pair of delightfully soft, memory-foam slippers to wear around the house should do the job! These are available in a few different colours and sizes.

    pink memory foam slippers

    Ladies Pink Luxury Memory Foam Slippers

    5. Luxurious smellies

    You can't go wrong with something nice-smelling, whether it's a perfume or an oil burner. Fill the air with a delightful aroma that will bring a smile to her face.

    Ideal for the bathroom, bedroom, or lounge area (but don't leave unattended!) - oil burners slowly release the smell of whichever oil or wax melt is placed in them. This white oil burner will fit in with any home décor. Some scents that we recommend include Apple & Pear, Cookie & Spice, and Rose & Geranium (these come in beautiful packaging too, perfect for gifting).

    plain-oil-burnerOil Burner

    Reed diffusers are another convenient, lovely looking addition to your room. As well as the scent below, you can find Lavender and Fresh Cotton scents in store.

    Reed Diffuser

    Sweet Pea Reed Diffuser

    A posh, gold-lidded candle makes a great stand alone gift or an excellent addition to any Mother's Day gift hamper.

    Luxury Black Candle

    Luxury Scented Candle - Black

    If she’s been looking for the perfect perfume, she’ll love this set of six alluring scents.

    Perfume selection


    Eau de Parfum for Women Spray


    Luxury gifts at pocket-money prices

    If you're taking your child (or grandchild) to get their Mother's Day gift, we have some lovely presents at pocket-money prices so that they can buy it themselves and hand it over with a sense of pride. For £3 or less, you can find a selection of the following in-store...

    • Candles and wax melts
    • Fluffy socks
    • Bath products
    • Mugs
    • Sweet treats
    • And much more!

    Do Mother’s Day the Poundstretcher way

    Have we inspired you? You can head down to any Poundstretcher store to access the product selection above, alongside the 1000s of other products that we stock. Unsure where your closest shop is? You can find your local Poundstretcher by using our Find a Store page. We hope you and your mum have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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