Gift Wrap Bags

If the idea of sitting down with rolls of wrapping paper, tape and oddly shaped presents fills you with dread, we’ve got your back. At Poundstretcher, we have a wide range of gift wrap bags that offers you with a low-effort but highly effective gift wrapping solution.

Say goodbye to the stress of trying to wrap too big, too small or simply odd shaped items when you can simply pop them in a bag, ready to give to the lucky recipient. Gift wrap bags are also perfect for if you’re heading to an event in a hurry and quickly need a way to gift wrap the present. Just pull into a Poundstretcher, grab a gift bag and be on your way!

We have a wide range of gift wrap bags that are perfect for every occasion. For example, we have gift wrap bags for:

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Weddings

Whatever the occasion and whatever the gift, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift wrap bag from Poundstretcher.

We also have gift wrap bags in a selection of shapes and sizes, making it that bit easier to find the perfect fit. Poundstretcher’s top tip: include some tissue paper inside the gift wrap bag. This can add an extra element of surprise to the gift and bring your presentation up a notch.

Our range of gift wrap bags starts at fantastically low prices, helping you to spread the cost of gift giving throughout the year. When you’ve spent so much already on giftware, we’re here to help you save money on the final, and important, finishing touches such as the presentation.

Do you know of a birthday coming up that you need to get a gift for? Pop to Poundstretcher to find the perfect gift wrap bag for your chosen present today.