In spite of the rise of games consoles and smartphones, kids still love to play with action figure toys, with a range of themes and settings covered by modern childrens playsets. These types of toys are a great way of getting youngsters to use their imagination and engage in exciting playtime on their own or with others.

The popular Soldier Force range of action figure toys includes both the figures themselves and a selection of additional military vehicles, from tanks and helicopters to quad bikes and fuel trucks. There are lots of detailed designs on offer, with many figures and sets coming with all the accessories required to make playtime a blast.

For a more outlandish experience you might choose the Dino Adventure playsets, which include both human figures and enormous extinct beasts. The big, chunky plastic models are easy to grip and feature appealing paint jobs to make sure that they seem lifelike, especially when in the hands of children. Another common theme for this type of toy is swashbuckling, with various pirate play sets available for kids who are obsessed with Captain Jack Sparrow and his contemporaries. You can find collections including a number of different figures as part of the Pirate Legends packs, or buy a full playset that includes a ship along with other add-ons.

Different action figure toys and childrens playsets are targeted at particular age groups so make sure you check this before you buy to ensure that you are getting your youngsters something appropriate.