• Our 25% Off Gardening Sale Is Now On!

    It's here, everyone! Our big massive gardening sale has been launched today! But what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that all gardening is 25% off*!

    It's the perfect time to get on down to your local store and grab a bargain for your garden! It's only August, there's still plenty of time to get your garden looking wonderful this summer (or maybe just look to next summer instead and be prepared!)

    We have an amazing range of gardening supplies on offer, but here's just a little taster (you'll have to go to one of our stores for the rest)!


    Colour Crackle Solar Light - NOW £1.11

    Get that disco vibe pumping through your garden this summer with this colour changing crackle solar globe! This light will dazzle at dusk and transform your sun-soaked afternoon garden get-together into a sparkling party! It is completely solar-charged and because they come with an attachable stake, you have the freedom to plant them anywhere in your garden! With colour changing technology and three glittering colours, this stake light would look perfect lining your path, bringing a disco atmosphere to your garden!


    Ronseal 5L Fence Paint - NOW £2.99

    Not just Forest Green, but all our Ronseal are included! Colour and protect your garden wood with our 5 Litre Ronseal One Coat fence paint. Suitable for use on new or previously stained sawn wood, this paint requires just 1 coat to protect your property from the elements, and prevent your wood from greying. Not to mention adding a smart and stylish new look to your timber. We've got so many more colours in store!


    3 Piece Wicker Bistro Set - NOW £29.99

    Dine al fresco with this 3 piece patio set! Made with protective toughened glass and wicker, it adds a retro charm to your back garden while being durable and sturdy. It's perfect for outdoor events like BBQs, garden parties, and everyday relaxing in the garden when the sun is out. Each set includes a table with 2 matching chairs.


    10" Barrel Effect Planters - NOW 75p

    Add a rustic style to your garden with this 10" bronze planter. Made to appear like a worn distressed barrel, it looks antique without the worry of wear and tear. Durable, petite, and built to last, it'll bring a sense of vintage to your outdoor area.


    Kettle BBQ - NOW £18.74

    Summer is a great time for gatherings, giving you more reasons to spend time with family and friends this summer, this kettle BBQ is great for gathering occasions.

    We have so much more in store! Check out our Store Finder to see where your nearest store is located!

    *excluding winter bulbs

  • Products To Help Keep Your Garden In Shape This Summer

    A beautiful garden space Photo by Flash Alexander on Unsplash

    Whether you have large, roaming grounds or a humble backyard, in order to make sure your outdoor space is exactly as you want it to be, it’s important to have the right tools to hand.

    That's where we come in! At Poundstretcher we can help you keep your garden in ship shape this summer with a broad array of quality garden tools that can really help you stay on top of things.

    In our latest blog, we’ve picked out some of the top garden products available to help you create and maintain the ideal garden space this summer.

    Keeping Things In Order

    2 barrel effect planters

    Making your garden area look pristine and beautiful is no mean feat. But with planters and hanging baskets from Poundstretcher, it’s certainly possible.

    You can find an array of barrel effect planters in different shades and shapes, enabling a great aesthetic to be created. We also have bamboo fibre plant pots for you to buy and enjoy.


    Picture Perfect Plants, Lawns & Fences

    We also have a host of garden chemicals available to help you ensure your garden area is perfect all summer long.

    a tub of Ronseal One Coat Fence Life

    For plants, flowers and vegetables, we also have the fantastic multi-purpose compost to ensure ideal growth.

    And for your fences, they can be beautifully maintained thanks to the selection of Ronseal Fence Life products we have available.


    Awesome Garden Accessories  

    A pair of garden gloves made of latex

    To keep everything spot on, it’s vital you have a host of garden accessories to hand. We have a number of inexpensive products to support your garden maintenance efforts, such as trowels, forks, and more, all at your local store!

    We also have garden hedge shears to help trim and keep hedges prim and proper, while there are a number of garden sacks, rubble sacks, and even pop up garden bags available for you to buy at brilliantly low prices. And don’t forget to keep yourself protected with gardening gloves.


    Add Beautiful Garden Feature

    3 piece wicker bistro set in pleasant garden setting

    Solar lighting is a wonderful way to turn your garden into a peaceful, tranquil space when the sun sets and the summer evenings arrive.

    There’s a number of solar lights in different styles and colours for you to pick from, with fairy lights, LED lights and topiary balls allowing you to make the garden of your dreams this summer.

    We also have a range of garden furniture for you to pick from. Coming at excellent low prices, you can create spaces you love to relax and spend time in at Poundstretcher.

    To take advantage of all our wonderful garden products, simply take a visit to your local Poundstretcher store. Find yours using our Store Finder tool and have yourself a summer to remember!

    Feel free to check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for more competitions, news, and amazing deals!

  • The Best Plants and Planters this July

    When you’re looking to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, it’s always good to bear the seasons in mind.

    The more experienced gardeners out there will know what's what when it comes to the best plants to add to their garden. 

    But if you’re a new homeowner with a garden you’re looking to get into shape, it’s a good idea to take the time to learn what makes sense to add to the mix. 


    Perfect plants for July

    Summer is when the flowers in your garden truly come into their own, and there are plenty of options out there that look really good around July.

    Take Hollyhocks for example. Coming in beautiful shades of pink, purple and red, Hollyhocks can grow up to 5 feet tall and are a fine addition to any outdoor flower bed.

    geraniums Photo by Alvaro Parra on Unsplash


    Geraniums are an equally pretty addition to your garden this July, as are Echinaceas.

    Astrantias have also grown in popularity, while violas, pansies, and wallflowers are always a popular choice. These are really gorgeous additions and add a real dash of summer colour.

    As the summer moves on, heleniums, dahlias and penstemons all come into their own too. Try to take the time to research fully what blooms when, and turn your garden into the perfect outdoor space.


    Kit your garden out properly

    Of course, you need more than plants to turn your garden into the summer paradise you envisage. This is where Poundstretcher’s gardening range can come in handy.

    At your nearest store, there is a range of exceptional garden and outdoor products that can help you get the outdoor set up you seek.

    We have a selection of planters and hanging baskets that are sure to meet your needs.

    barrel planter

    For example, our barrel effect planter is perfect for housing new plants, offering a stylish and subtle aesthetic in any garden. 

    An equally popular product is our Glaze Effect Lady Planter, which adds a real feel of sophistication to your garden. This item comes in a selection of colours, helping you find the perfect buy.


    egg effect planter

    Similarly, our glaze effect bowl planter has an equally classic style, while the glazed effect egg planter is another strong option for you.

    bamboo potAnd consider also the bamboo pots we have at Poundstretcher. Our coloured bamboo pots are always popular, offering a cheap option for gardens this summer.

    multi-purpose compost


    Don’t forget to pick up some high-quality, multi-purpose compost for your garden too.

    To get hold of everything you need to create the ideal summer garden this year, head to your nearest Poundstretcher store. You can find yours by using our Store Finder. We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

    Also, remember to check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for amazing competitions, and our YouTube channel is ever-growing too, hopefully just like all the plants in your garden.

  • What Are The Best Summer Plants For Your Garden?

    As summertime edges ever closer, the green-fingered out there will have been considering what the best plants to add to their garden will be this year.

    It’s always an exciting decision to make, and if you’re able to get this right, you could make your garden look absolutely exquisite this summer with some dashes of colour and vibrancy.

    To help you make the best selection for your garden, we’ve picked out a few summer plant favourites of our own that you may look to try.

    Fragrant Flowers To Start With

    In the summer’s early months, it’s great to add some fragrant flowers to the mix. Lilacs and garden roses are a great option here, adding wonderful scents and majestic colour shades to your garden effortlessly.

    Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash

    Amaryllis is another strong early summer option, while Peonies also go down a storm. If you’ve been to a wedding recently, you might have seen Peonies being used as these are all the rage at the moment. But they work equally well in your garden.


    Through The Middle Of Summer

    As summer moves on, Honeysuckle is a pretty shot of colour to add to your garden. This gorgeous flower is great at attracting winged visitors such as bees that bring those distinctive summer sounds.

    Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

    There are loads of different flowers that have a particularly alluring effect on bugs and bees, and can help turn your garden into a haven for little visitors.

    Hollyhock is a beautiful addition, while Astrantia and Eucalyptus plants are other great plants for the summer months.


    When Summer Draws To A Close

    summer plants

    Later summer months are ideal for introducing Indian Summer Plants. Great examples include Beautyberry and Japanese Andromeda, which both have stunning, deep colour shades and are sure to catch the eye.


    Accessories, Planters & More!

    At Poundstretcher, we have a host of garden accessories that can help you create a truly impressive outdoor scene this summer.

    barrel effect planter

    Take a look through our planters and baskets – perfect for housing your plants and tidying up the look of your outdoor space.

    We also have a wide range of garden chemicals available to help you maintain your garden and keep things looking great, while we also have a selection of propagation and greenhouse items.

    solar lights

    You can also intermingle a few solar lights in your garden easily to create that really tranquil vibe, while we also stock garden furniture.

    Have you got your gardening plans for this summer sorted yet? If not, hopefully, this blog will help provide some inspiration and options for you to explore. Check out your local store using our Store Finder for all your gardening needs! Happy gardening!

    Oh, and we would love to see your photos of your flowers/garden, just tag us on Instagram, or share them with us on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Get your Garden Summer-Ready With Poundstretcher

    We’ve already had some glorious, sunny days this year, and fingers crossed there will be plenty more to come.

    Anybody with or without an outdoor space will cherish the sunny days and warm evenings that the British summer brings. However, it's always nice to make that small outdoor haven in your garden into something even better.

    There are a host of garden and outdoor products available at Poundstretcher – all coming at conveniently low prices.

    Whether you’re looking for gardening accessories or gardening gifts, in this blog, we pick out some of the best options for our customers to help you create and maintain their perfect outdoor place.

    Solar Light Up Your Life

    Outdoor solar lights are all the rage! These cleverly designed items use the sun’s rays to shine during those lingering evenings and make your garden a really tranquil space.

    We offer a wide selection of solar lights in different styles and designs, helping you find exactly what you need in your garden.

    We also have lantern-style products, as well as glass jar lights and white solar crackle balls.

    And one popular option is our solar flower topiary balls. These are available in purple, white, and red, and offer something truly light topiary ball



    Luscious Lawns & Fabulous Flowerbeds

    For many green-fingered customers, the lawn is their pride and joy. Maintaining a great green space is a priority, and we have all the products required to keep your lawn looking great all summer long. We have lawn seed available at great low prices, as well as all the tools and equipment you need to maintain flowerbeds.

    Take a look through our gardening tools, including gardening planters, gardening forks, and trowels – all available at exceptional prices and bargain deals.

    What’s more, you can keep bushes and other green areas neat and tidy with our garden hedge shears, while we have garden sacks and pop up garden bags to make it easy to tidy things away.

    garden shears

    Fences & Planters & Baskets, Oh My!

    For many gardeners up and down the country, one part of their hobby is ensuring all the elements of the garden are shipshape.

    We have a host of fencing items at Poundstretcher, including fence paint and garden screening. There’s also a vast selection of garden chemicals for a variety of tasks. This range includes path and patio cleaner, slug killer and scent off animal repellent.

    We also have a host of planters and baskets that are ideals for keeping flowers and other green items in.

    And those with greenhouses should also take a look through our propagation range.

    To take advantage of the superb range of outdoor and garden products we have available at Poundstretcher, simply head to your nearest store. You can find yours by using our Store Finder! Be sure to start planning your visit and get everything you need for a wonderful summer 2019.

    Oh, and why not tell us about your garden and show us some pictures on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

  • Explore Our Fantastic Garden Planter Pot Range

    Spring is in full bloom, and summer is just around the corner! What does that mean? Planting plants in planter pots of course! What better way to spend some time in the sun than some good grafting in the garden?

    At Poundstretcher, we have a whole range of fabulous planters of all shapes, sizes, and designs! Here's a selection of some of our favourites, but there's even more in stores, so make sure to check them out!


    12" Santorini Planter - £4.99

    Brighten your garden with this 12" earthy green Santorini planter (we also stock a passionate red and sapphire blue) for only £.4.99 each).

    With a contemporary textured leaf design, this plant pot will bring style and striking sophistication to your outdoor areas. It's a great place to display your blossoming shrubs.


    13" Glazed Lady Planter - £4.99

    This glazed lady planter will bring a sense of sophistication to your garden, as well as being a beautiful place to display and nurture your upcoming flowers!

    This particular planter is also available in an earthy granite grey, lush green, and deep blue so you are sure to find the perfect planter to match the mood of your outdoor area!


    14cm Bamboo Fibre Planter - 0.69p

    If you'd rather have a vibrant splash of brilliant colour in your planter, then our bamboo fibre ones are for you! This planter will bring your favourite flowers to life and can be placed anywhere to showcase their beauty.

    Whether you prefer teal, pink or purple, we have an assortment of colours to choose from.


    14'' Glazed Effect Bowl Planter - £4.99

    Similar to our lady planter, this 14" bowl planter is if you'd prefer a shorter pot to grow your flowers in. Created with a beautiful glazed effect, these sophisticated planters will give your garden an exotic atmosphere, and also come in three colours: grey, blue, and green.


    12'' Gold/Silver Barrel Effect Planter - £1.99

    If you'd rather have a more rustic style in your garden, then we also have you covered with our 12" gold or silver planters (also available in bronze)! Made to appear like a worn distressed barrel, it looks antique without the worry of wear and tear.

    Durable, petite, and built to last, it'll bring a sense of vintage to your outdoor area. Also, keep an eye out for our 10" variety too!

    So all-in-all, which planter is your favourite? Are there any here you're eager to get your hands on? Then come and check out your local store using our Store Finder today!

    Whilst you're at it, why not visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and share some of your lovely gardening-related pictures with us? We would love to see what you'd use our range of planters for!

  • Your April Growing Guide From 79p!

    It's no joke, April is here and the sun is shining (for the most part)! We've not long been into spring and with March now behind us, it's time to start thinking more about what we all want our gardens to look like for the summer!

    Surely you all are itching to get your gardening gloves at the ready, pick out your favourite gardening tools, and get to work, right? Well, we have hints and tips for you in what to sow and plant this April right here at Poundstretcher!


    The Grass Is Always Greener

    Is your lawn looking a bit patchy and neglected? Then now is the time to sow some grass seeds for £4.99 for a 2KG bag that can help it return to its former glory. It's so easy to forget about the grassy parts of our garden, but these need as much love and care as your flowers.

    Our lawn seed is a blend of fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass and fescue with ryegrass, to provide a hard-wearing, high-shoot density lawn for domestic gardens. For the best results, sprinkle a pre-seeding fertiliser, following the manufacturer’s instructions, over the area to be sown, and rake into the seedbed.


    Growing All The Veggies!

    With the birds singing, blossoms blooming, and the warmer weather floating in on the breeze, it’s the perfect time to get your veggies growing!

    The season of fresh salad will soon be upon us – so get planting some lettuces, kale seeds, and tomatoes ready to fill salad bowls at BBQs in your stunningly lush gardens. Why not also sow some cucumbers towards the end of the month too for good measure?


    Don’t forget about the dishes you’ll be preparing come late summer and autumn though, now is the time to sow cabbages and onions ready for stews and soups.

    If you’re looking to add some colour to your meal times, beetroots are the veg for you, and just the thing to plant this month as well. We have a great selection of seeds starting from ONLY 79p, so you can stock up on as much as you want at your local Poundstretcher and you won't be breaking the bank!


    Delectable Fruit

    It’s just the month to get your potted fruit trees and plants growing – great if you have limited space as fruit will thrive even on your balcony! But don’t forget to protect your plum and pear trees from the icy grasp of spring frost that still comes a-knocking at night.

    We stock a range of amazing large fruit trees from just only £4.99, so why not grow some delicious fruit and make a saving today?



    Here Come The Herbs

    Those herbs you grew from seeds or bought can now go outside, into pots, window boxes or our range of planters starting from £1.  We especially like to fill hanging baskets with hardy rosemary, fragrant mint, and bright chives and watch as they thrive. Their small brightly coloured flowers will attract bees to your garden as well, so sit back and relax as you watch these marvelous creatures buzz around your herb garden.


    If you’re fond of Italian flavours in your cooking, basil seeds are also great to sow in April – truly versatile basil is wonderful in chicken, pasta, and even strawberry-based dishes believe it or not!

    So, if you’ve been bitten by the gardening bug, and you want to try your hand at growing some greens this spring, why not pop over to your local Poundstretcher to grab some supplies today!

    Also, if you have any great gardening tips or wish to see more of our unbelievable bargains, head on over to our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages!

  • Solar Lights That Won’t Cost The Earth!

    If you’re looking to create a magical lighting effect in your garden this spring, we have a selection of great value solar lights sure to please.  We promise they won’t cost the earth and we mean that in more ways than one!

    Solar lights have certainly grown in popularity over the last few years. They can provide bright warm light, can be used to add a decorative touch to your garden, and they can also be used functionally to light up paths and patios.

    They're free to run, weather-resistant, and environmentally friendly, all due to the fact these lights are powered by the sun’s fantastic energy through a solar panel.

    Light Up Your Garden With Fairy Lights!

    Fairy lights continue to be in demand as their soft ethereal glow at night can create an enchanting ambience.  Poundstretcher’s 50 blue fairy lights are priced at an incredibly low price of £2.99 per pack and come available in both blue and white options depending on your preference.

    Our weather resistant LED fairy lights have auto on at dusk functionality and are a fantastic way to light up your favourite shrubs, garden walls, fences or add impact to trees.


    Or Why Not Add Some Snap, Crackle, & Pop?!

    If you want to add a touch of flair and fun to your garden, look no further than our amazing colour changing crackle solar ball! The decorative ball atop the stake comes with a bulb that changes colour on dusk to provide a colourful glow to your garden at night. Powered by the sun, you can enjoy a gentle rainbow of colours on night-fall with the satisfaction of only having paid £1.49 and no ongoing running costs!


    Add Some Light-Up Topiary To Your Landscape!

    Or, why not add some delightful topiary to your garden, or even outside your front door, with our amazing hanging solar topiary balls for only £7.99 each!

    Whether you wish to refresh your entrance way, garden or balcony with this outstanding piece of illuminating decoration, all you do is simply hang them to brighten up your outdoor areas!

    There's plenty more to see, so why not come on down to your local Poundstretcher today?! Visit our Store Finder to find out where your nearest store is (as well as opening hours and contact details).

    Also, check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages for more great deals, or why not show off your own solar light displays for all to see?

  • Give Your Garden Fence A New Look For Only £3.99!

    This spring why don't you get out in your garden and tackle some of the much-needed chores that may have been leftover from last year?

    Whether it's getting your hands dirty in the soil or adding some garden furniture, at Poundstretcher we have a wide range of gardening supplies.

    We have everything, from chemicals to solar lights. However, we're here to tell you about a fantastic bargain available in our stores. Ronseal at £3.99 each.

    That's right, one coat fence paint in 5 different colours; Harvest Gold, Medium Oak, Red CedarForest Green and Dark Oak!

    These 5 litre tubs of paint not only add colour to your fence or shed, but they also protects them from the elements and prevents them from greying.

    Suitable for use on new or previously stained sawn wood, it's always great to have your garden looking its best, and that can sometimes start with making sure all your wood surfaces aren't looking too shabby.

    Did we also mention it's safe to use around pets and plants, as well as adding a smart, stylish new look?

    Now, to give your fence or shed a good lick of paint, you'll need to use the right brush. Luckily, we also stock 4 inch Ronseal paintbrushes; wide, sturdy, and great quality. They're designed to cover large areas with both ease and speed, and all for £2.99 each!

    Get on down to your nearest Poundstretcher and see what incredible gardening bargains you could get your hands on! Where's your nearest store? Just use our handy Store Finder for all kinds of wonderful store-related information!

    Also, why not check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, especially if you want to share some of your amazing gardening pictures with us!

  • Get Ready For The Planting Season With Poundstretcher


    Whether you’re a first time gardening enthusiast or a professional gardener, at Poundstretcher you’ll find all the gardening supplies you need to get your garden ready for the spring planting season, without having to break the bank to do so.

    With over 425 stores across the UK, we’re ready to serve gardeners across the country with a fantastic array of gardening products, starting with all sorts of seeds available from only 49p and all types of bulbs at prices as low as £1! Whether you’re planning on growing your own fresh produce or creating some colourful flower beds to enhance your lawn or garden, we’ve got you covered. Use our Store Finder to see where your closest Poundstretcher store is located.

    Once you’ve selected your seeds and bulbs of choice, it’s time to consider where exactly you’re going to plant them. At Poundstretcher we offer an entire range of superb planters and baskets, available in a multitude of styles and designs, and in all manner of colours!

    Also, to get your garden in a state to even start any gardening, you may want to do a little cleaning first. We offer gardening accessories such as rubble sacks, pop-up gardening sacks, and all sort of garden chemicals to clean your patio and driveway.

    To discover the rest of our excellent gardening range visit one of our Poundstretcher stores today, where you can also take advantage of special deals and offers! And, if you want to see our other amazing deals and bargains, check out our Facebook and Twitter!

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