• Spring garden tips and checklist: when should I prepare my garden?

    Spring garden tips and checklist: when should I prepare my garden?

    It’s time to get your spring garden ready! Experienced home gardener Luke (@man_about_gardening) has joined us to give you his best tips on preparing your garden for spring, including his favourite Poundstretcher products. Read on for his seasonal gardening tips and give @man_about_gardening a follow on Instagram for more gardening content!

    When should I prepare my garden for spring?

    I find March the perfect time to start preparing for spring in the garden. The weather is starting to warm up and there are signs of new life beginning with the Daffodils and Crocuses starting to put on their colourful displays.

    Spring Garden Priorities

    Here are my top tips on what to focus on in the spring garden, alongside the Poundstretcher products I use.


    1. Get the right tools for the job

    Prepare for the garden with Poundstretcher’s great range of garden tools, seeds, compost, seed trays and garden pots. Some products that I have found useful are listed below.



    1. Easy Grip Gloves

    gardening gloves two pack

    2 Pack Easy Gripped Gloves

    2. Green Ribbed Sprayer

    green ribbed sprayer

    Green Ribbed Sprayer

    3. Richmore 70L Premium Compost

    All Purpose Compost

    Richmore 70L Premium Compost


    2. Purchase your favourite seeds and bulbs

    March is the perfect time to start sowing seeds, so pop into your local Poundstretcher to check out their huge range of seeds and summer bulbs. I would personally recommend starting with one of my favourites, Cosmos, as they are so easy to grow and bloom all summer long.

    This time of year is also a great time to start cleaning any outdoor furniture ready for lounging in the garden and enjoying those long summer evenings. I recommend the wooden furniture cleaner from Poundstretcher.

    Wood Furniture Cleaner

    Wooden Garden Furniture Cleaner


    3. Start vital garden maintenance tasks

    Now is also the best time for garden maintenance, with fence painting being a priority. Poundstretcher have a great selection of fence paintbrushes and fence paint available at great value. I personally recommend Ronseal Medium Oak fence paint that gives the perfect background colour for your garden borders. Be sure to check the weather forecast as you will need a few dry days allowing the paint to seal!


    Ronseal One Coat Timbercare

    4. Tidy up your lawn

    Lawn care in the Springtime is essential with the soil temperatures rising and allowing lawn seed to germinate. Pound Stretcher have a huge range of everything you will need for lawn care such as grass seed and lawn feed.

    Lush Lawn

    Lush Lawn

    Here are my top tips for a luscious lawn!

    1. Start with removing any moss, dead lawn areas and thatch by giving the lawn a good rake over
    2. Mow the lawn on a low setting.
    3. Purchase a flexi tub or bucket and mix together on a ratio of 25% multi purpose compost and 75% lawn seed.
    4. Scatter the mixture evenly over the lawn and water well. Ensure that you continue to top up with light watering over any dry periods.
    5. Within 1-2 weeks you should begin to see fresh growth.


    5. Prepare your soil for planting

    Don’t forget that March is also a great time for soil preparation, and there is a huge range of plant feeds available. My personal favourites are chicken manure pellets, blood fish and bone, and liquid seaweed. Simply add to pots and borders ready to give existing and new plants the best start this spring.

    We hope you found Luke’s advice on spring gardening helpful! You can find all his recommended products and more at your local Poundstretcher. Visit our Find a Store page to find your nearest location.

    You can find all the gardening supplies you might need for spring at Poundstretcher.

  • Garden Bird Watching 101: all you need to know

    Garden Bird Watching 101: all you need to know

    There aren’t many activities that are more relaxing than garden bird watching. Watching birds makes the perfect all year-round hobby, and for the nature lovers amongst us, there is nothing better than sitting out in the crisp spring or hot summer with a flask, hiding from plain view, and peeking out into the wilderness with hopes of catching a glimpse of your favourite feathered friends.

    If you’re a bird watching newbie or you’re simply curious about the topic, this is the perfect piece for you to read. We’ll be discussing bird watching, and how you can use a diverse range of The Pet Hut products to attract more birds to your garden so that you can comfortably bird watch from home.

    Check out the full selection of Bird Supplies in store at The Pet Hut

    How to bird watch from your garden

    In Great Britain, we are lucky to have 628 species of birds[i] flying around, which is great news for bird watchers who are keen to spot a diverse range of them! If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you have the perfect space to attract birds, meaning that you can watch them without travelling further than your own doorstep. Here is how you can start your bird watching hobby in the confines of your garden.


    1.    Provide a range of feeders

    Different birds have different behaviours and needs, which is why providing a range of feeders is important if you want to attract more than a couple of species. Smaller birds may feel more secure feeding from a sheltered feeder with shorter perches, whereas large birds need a long, sturdy perch to sit on whilst they eat.


    large metal seed feeder

    Large Metal Seed Feeder

    This is a standard feeder that is large enough to sustain a lot of garden birds for several days. It's also perfect for holding small seeds, making it great for attracting fledglings and birds with smaller beaks.

    Caged bird seed feeder

    Caged Seed Feeder

    Caged seed feeders keep smaller birds protected whilst they enjoy their food, and keep unwanted, larger animals away.

    fat ball feeder

    Mini Caged Fat Ball Feeder

    Stop other animals getting their paws and claws on the suet you put out for your birds by using a fat ball feeder.

    2.    Create a safe environment

    Most British garden birds are natural prey, so creating a safe environment for them to eat, mate, and sleep away from predators like cats and foxes is the best way to start attracting them to your garden. Once a few realise that they can flutter about in relative peace, others tend to follow quite quickly. Our top tips on creating a bird-safe environment include…

    Place feeders carefully – try to avoid hanging or placing feeders too close to houses, trees, or anywhere that prey animals could leap to them from. Feeding stations are perfect for hanging feeders up high and out of the way.

    bird feeding station

    Feeding Station with Feeders


    Provide hiding places - there should be a few places for birds to dart to when they need to hide. Try and set up a few bird houses and nesting boxes – the higher up, the better.

    Deter other animals – aside from prey, other animals like squirrels will be attracted to food that you leave out for birds. Try to deter them by making feeders difficult to climb or jump to.



    3.    Make food and water easy to access

    Of course, the key reason birds will visit your garden is to find food – so make this a priority if you want to attract them. There are hundreds of food options on the market, but generally, you will want to provide a selection of…

    Suet/fat balls

    suet fat balls

    50 Wild Bird Fat Balls 4.5KG

    These fat balls are packed with vitamins and provide excellent value for money. They are suitable for year-round feeding, but special care should be taken in warmer months as the heat can cause the suet to turn rancid. You can also purchase suet in different forms.

    These pellets are are available as part of the Poundstretcher bird watching range, and are great for providing high energy to your garden birds without the mess that seeds and suet can cause.

    1kg high energy pellets

    Value Energy Pellets 1KG

    1kg berry flavoured pellets

    Energy Pellets Berry 1KG

    We also sell coconut halves that are pre-filled with suet for fuss-free feeding.

    pre-filled suet fat coconut halves

    Coconut Feeder Twin Pack


    bird seed mix

    Dawn Chorus Bird Seed 1.7KG

    Seeds are packed with the energy that garden birds need to keep moving. A mixture of sunflower seeds, black Nyjer seeds, and others provides the perfect amount of nutrition for any garden bird. Picking a good quality seed mix is an easy way to offer a variety – especially if you are new to feeding birds.



    dried mixed insects

    Dried Mixed Insects 1KG

    Insects are birds most readily available natural food source, but they tend to be harder to come across in colder months. Providing live or dried insects like mealworms and calci worms can be a valuable supplement to their diets.


    Water should be left out in warmer and colder months. If you don’t have a bird bath, use a shallow dish and raise it off the ground. You can also put out water on the floor for ground-feeding birds. Make sure you clean water dishes every few days with a disinfectant and fresh water to prevent any diseases or illnesses being passed between birds.


    4.    Stay out of sight!

    As garden birds are prey animals, their natural instinct upon seeing a human will be to fly away (unless they get very comfortable in your garden). Once they’ve visited your garden a few times, they generally will establish a routine of when they visit, sticking to ‘safe times’. Try to take note of the times they visit and stay hidden and quiet during these times.

    Watch the birds in your garden through the window, or in a quiet corner well away from where you have set up feeders.

    Get your space garden bird ready

    Now you know the basics of garden bird watching, it’s time to go out and gather the supplies you need to attract them to your space. We stock a massive range of bird foods, feeders, and much more in the Pet Hut section of Poundstretcher stores. Find your closest location here and visit us soon!



  • How to do Gardening and Landscaping on a Tight Budget

    Landscaping and gardening ideas from Poundstretcher   

    With the sun shining brighter and the weather getting warmer, many of us are desperate to get outdoors to do some gardening and landscaping in our gardens. Poundstretcher offers a wide range of gardening supplies to transform your outdoor space into a professional landscape. So, whether you’re an amateur garden designer or into DIY landscaping projects, here are our top tips to make your garden look expensive on a tight budget.  

    Lay the grass work

    Transform your backyard from a barren patch of land into a plentiful, lush green pasture with this Family Lawn seed. With a blend of fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass and fescue with ryegrass, you can sow a lush, hardwearing lawn for the summer that’s far cheaper than using rolls of turf. You’ll be having picnics on the grass with your family in no time!   

     Poundstretcher family lawn seed for gardening

    Inject some life into your flowerbeds

    Propagating your garden is a fun and affordable way to enhance your outdoor space. With Poundstretcher’s massive selection of bulbs and seedlings for various flowers, fruits, and vegetables, you’ll be able to breathe new life into your garden. We recommend using an All Purpose Compost to increase soil quality, ideal for use during the sowing season. 

    To ensure your plants survive in the long run, one of our top gardening tips is to use a concentrated weedkiller so that the weeds do not soak up the soil's nutrients. 

    Give your garden the edge

    Divide your garden into zones or neat sections to give your outdoor space more structure. Using Burnt log border roll, you can line the edges of your garden, including the paths and flowerbeds, to define your landscape. Landscape edging is also a great way to keep soil or mulch from spilling into your lawn, especially when it rains or when you are watering your garden. In addition, these logs are durable and weather-resistant, making them perfect for all year-round use!  

    Burnt log garden border roll from Poundstretcher

    Beyond the garden fence

     If you have a small garden, a great landscaping idea to make your garden look bigger is to use fences topped with trellis or Climbing mesh to grow climbing plants, vines, and flowers. Featuring plants such as wisteria, lavender, honeysuckle, and jasmine will exaggerate your garden's size, creating the illusion of space by overflowing and trailing floral canopies. Plus, you'll have a beautiful garden teeming with wildlife!  

     Shed some light on your garden  

      To add visual interest to your garden at night, an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to light up your landscape is through Solar cage lights. Your garden will glow all year round, and they won't cost you a fortune on your electric bill! It's the perfect way to set the mood around an outdoor seating or dining area, especially during the party and BBQ season!  

     Pondering life by the pond  

      If you have a pond or water feature in your garden, ornaments and accessories are the perfect way to add subtle character and charm to your garden design. Try adding some Glowing stones to decorate a water edge or illuminate the murky depths of your pond. Also, they're perfect for filling planters, edging flower beds, and lining walkways to add interest to your landscape design! 

     If you were impressed with any of these gardening and landscaping ideas, then don’t beat around the bush! Check out more of our gardening supplies online or visit us in-store! Try our store finder to locate your nearest Poundstretcher.   

  • From the Garden Fence to the Patio: Top Gardening Ideas on a Budget

    Plants to illustrate gardening ideas on a budget

    Scratching your head for ideas on what to do with your garden this spring? It can often be challenging to achieve the garden of your dreams on a limited budget, but here at Poundstretcher, we believe in the beauty of a bargain!

    From the garden fence to the patio, transform your garden with these budget-friendly garden landscaping and DIY décor ideas. You can turn a small outdoor space into an evergreen oasis - without breaking the bank!

    Romantic French-style Garden

    Fancy a romantic, French-inspired garden to make your home feel like a fancy Château? To achieve this effortlessly elegant and shabby chic look, you will need these garden essentials.

    Basil grow set for a French garden style

    To start, you'll need plenty of perfumed foliage in your surroundings, including exotic wildflowers, herbs, and lush plants. Fill a romantic rustic heart wall basket with sweet-smelling iris flowers and begonia to give your garden a pop of colour and accompany them with some fragrant herbs, such as our aromatic Le Jardinier Basil and Parsley grow sets. For more floral ideas, check out our propagation range. Focus this greenery around a charming bistro garden set, and it will feel like you're dining on a terrace in the French countryside or sipping coffee on a trendy street corner in Paris.

    Complete the look with some solar fairy lights dotted around your garden walls and voila! It will feel like you're under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower.

    Edible Eco Garden

    3 tier greenhouse for the garden

    Calling all green-fingered farmers and keen gardeners! This edible eco-friendly garden design is perfect for homeowners looking to grow their fruit, vegetables and herbs in their backyard. Talk about locally sourced!

    To achieve your delicious dreams of fresh charlotte potatoes for dinner or mouth-watering rhubarb and custard for dessert, you can shop our wide range of propagation, so you can find all sorts of edible produce to plant. Speaking of planting, you’ll be needing plenty of plastic plant pots to grow all your greenery in. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a 3 tier greenhouse to proudly display all the fruits of your labour and your dedication to vegetation!

    Japanese Zen Garden

    Peeled reed screening for a Japanese zen garden look

    Craving some peace in your garden? Escape to the serenity of a natural woodland setting. Zen gardens are visually relaxing, textured gardens that evoke tranquillity and earthiness, perfect for someone who needs some respite.

    To achieve this look, it's best to use natural materials such as wood, stone, and sand for your décor, since you want it to look as minimalistic as possible. It’s a great idea to include items such as peeled reed garden or bamboo screening to line your garden walls to give it a wild forest feeling. Have plenty of green foliage, such as hosta plants, commonly found throughout Japan. Then, place it in a grey ceramic stripe bowl planter to maintain a minimalist aesthetic.

    The classic zen garden style uses sand or gravel to create a simple path in your garden and a tooth rake to create intricate patterns. You'll feel as though you're in the misty mountains of Kyoto, exploring an ancient Buddhist temple or botanical gardens.

    Fairy-tale Woodland Garden

    Lawn edging border roll for a woodland garden idea

    Channel your inner child with a whimsical, fairy-tale landscape to give your outdoor space a magical, woodland feel.

    For an enchanted, reclaimed by nature look, fill your garden with colourful wildflowers, such as freesia and dahlia, and arrange them in a large wood effect tub to create a treasure trove of floral jewels. Line your flower beds and pathways with our lawn edging border rolls for a rustic and woodland look.

    Add toadstool ornaments and ladybird solar lights to your garden as a finishing touch, and pretend that mythical creatures are roaming around your garden at night!

    Ready to give your garden a makeover? If you felt inspired by any of the ideas or products listed in this article, then head on over to your local Poundstretcher. Not sure where your nearest store is? Check out our Store Finder to find your closest shop.

  • Top 10 Gardening Gifts for when you're on the Fence 

    Flower pot to illustrate gardening gifts

    If you’re struggling to find that perfect gift for someone special, why not try gardening gifts? Because there’s no better gift than one that will benefit both your physical and mental health, whether it’s a birthday or just a treat for someone who deserves one.

    The joys of gardening not only extend to growing lots of delicious and nutritious food in your backyard, but it also gets you outside, soaking up the sunshine, getting your muscles moving from light cardio and giving back to the planet. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

    So, without further ado, here are Poundstretcher's top 10 ideas for when you’re on the fence!

    1. For green-thumbed gardeners

    A gardener is nothing without their tools! The perfect gift for your green-thumbed friends is this 3 piece gardening set, complete with a pair of hedge shears, a lopper and a pruner. Whether it's a simple bush trim, heavy-duty woodcutting, or general plant maintenance, these quality tools get the job done!

    3 piece gardening set from Poundstretcher

    2. Small garden (or no garden!) gifts

    Many of us don’t have access to a large outdoor space or simply don’t have a garden at all. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a patch of the earth to call your own! Ideal for flat owners with balconies or homes with small gardens, this small trio herb set is an excellent gift for people who want to grow their herbs at home with limited space. This tasty trio, consisting of fragrant parsley, chives and basil, can even be stored on a kitchen windowsill with plenty of sunlight shining through.

    Trio herb set from Poundstretcher

    3. Quirky garden gifts

    If you're having trouble finding a unique gift for your eccentric friends or mates who love novelty knick-knacks, then this grow a pet buddy the dog is barking up the right tree! Simply add water to your dog-shaped terracotta pot and watch as Buddy grows a full coat of basil leaves! Place Buddy on a windowsill with plenty of sunshine or in your garden.

    Poundstretcher Grow a Pet Buddy the Dog

     4. Eco-friendly gifts

    These solar fairy lights are the perfect present for your environmental friends and eco-conscious loved ones to brighten up their day (and garden). There’s no need to waste electricity on these lights as they are powered solely by sunlight, meaning it’s great for the environment and your wallet! So, let them charge in the day and watch them come alight at night!

    Poundstretcher solar fairy lights for the garden

    5.Garden gifts to DIY for

    This diamond trellis makes a handy gift for any family or friends who fancy doing some DIY in their garden. Decorative and practical, this diamond-shaped trellis can be attached to a garden fence, a wall or placed in the ground for climbing plants and vines to wrap themselves around. It can even be painted or stained to match your garden furniture.

    Poundstretcher garden diamond trellis

    6. Gifts for hopeless gardeners

    We all have that friend or relative that is hopeless with plants and forgets to water them regularly. That's why an artificial boxwood tree is the perfect, convenient gift! This realistic-looking plant requires minimal maintenance and won't die if you forget to water it. Use as a garden ornament or home decoration and watch as this faux plant stays green year-round.

    Poundstretcher artificial boxwood tree

    7. Sizzling BBQ gifts

    Ever tried to light a BBQ on a windy day? It can be an absolute nightmare to get a flame going! The windproof turbo flame lighter is the perfect gift for your barbeque lovers, making it easy to light grills, hobs and gas cookers with ease. You can even take it camping with you!

    Poundstretcher windproof turbo flame lighter

    8. Feather friendly gifts

    Calling all animal lovers and birdwatchers! A great gift for both human and friends most fowl is this filled hanging tray feeder. Featuring an easy to install and re-attachable tray and pre-filled bird feeder, you can watch wild birds flock to your garden all day long! Hang it from trees, birdhouses and feeding stations with the confidence that critters and pests won’t be able to steal the grub.

    Poundstretcher filled hanging tray feeder

    9. Little gardeners

    Got a little one who has shown some interest in helping out in the garden? Get the kids involved with this miniature kids 3 piece toolset, the perfect gift to engage them in some messy fun! Whether digging up some holes for bulbs, making mud piles or discovering insects living in the earth, this kit will provide hours of fun and entertainment!

    Poundstretcher kids 3 piece tool set

    10. Gifts for the summer

    Is it too early to be thinking about splashing around in the summer sunshine? We don’t think so! The frog splash pad is the ideal family-friendly gift for parties, BBQs and hot summer days in the garden.

    Feeling inspired for gifts? If you know some people who would love these gifts, then hop on down to your local Poundstretcher! Check out our Store Finder to find your closest store.

    Poundstretcher garden splash pad

  • Grow Your Garden

    Gardening Blog Graphic

    Ready to get prepping and propagating in that garden of yours? At Poundstretcher, we have all of your gardening needs ready in store, from bulbs, seeds, trugs, planters, gloves and seed trays. You can now also brighten up your garden by growing colourful flowers in stylish planters or add decorative solar lights that will look incredible on any patio or gazebo!

    Download our gardening leaflet to view more products and find your new favourite gardening essentials today!

    Download Leaflet

  • Discover All the Plant Propagation Essentials You Need

    Plant propagation can be a truly rewarding hobby. Going through the process and seeing your plants blossom in due time is a fulfilling experience and certainly, one that will liven up your garden. It is also a great way to teach kids more about how plants work and grow.

    At Poundstretcher, we make it easy for our customers to get the garden they have dreamt of by supplying a vast collection of all the propagating equipment they will need.

    If this sounds interesting but you are not sure exactly what this entails, fear not. This blog will help you get ready to start adding to your garden by propagating your plants.


    What is Plant Propagation?

    Simply put, plant propagation is the process of creating new plants. It is a way of increasing the number of plants you have by growing new ones from a variety of sources. These include seeds, seedlings, and plant cuttings. There are two types of propagation - sexual reproduction of plants and asexual reproduction of plants.

    Sexual propagation involves using the seeds of a plant to create new plants. The union of the pollen (male) with the egg (female) leads to new seeds being formed. Seed propagation is a useful and straightforward way to add to your garden without constantly buying new seeds. Seeds are made up of three individual parts, and when a seed matures in an ideal environment, it will germinate and actively grow.

    Asexual propagation of plants, also known as vegetative propagation, involves plant creation with the use of vegetative parts of plants like leaves, stems, roots, or modified organs. This is done to create clones of the parent plant. There are many ways this can be done including ground layering, dividing roots, grafting and more.

    Now that you have an idea of what plant propagation is, let’s take a look at some of the essential equipment you will need to get started, all available from our amazing plant propagation range.


    Choosing the Correct Compost

    A key item you will need in your plant propagation efforts is compost. You want compost that is of high quality, contains important nutrients and is free from pests and diseases.

    We strongly recommend the brilliant Richmore Growing Bag or the 70 Litre Premium Compost. These are ideal for ensuring your plants grow up to be big, strong and healthy. Having the right compost is a key part of the process and you can rest assured that the choices mentioned above will aid your growing efforts to the fullest.


    The Perfect Plant Pots

    Whether you are taking cuttings to propagate your plants or using seeds, it is likely you will need a pot to get started. At Poundstretcher, we have the perfect combination of quality and low prices with our plant pots. Choose from either our 12cm or 20cm plastic plant pot, suited to outdoor or indoor use, or our fantastic value pack of 24 biodegradable paper pots.

    Be sure to also check out our full collection of planters & hanging baskets for all your plant container needs.


    Bulbs For All Tastes

    This is the exciting part where you choose which bulbs to opt for and which flowers to grow. With our vast selection, the possibilities are endless. The assortment of colours these flowers will provide as they blossom will give your garden a vibrant and refreshed look.

    We also have an equally large range of bulbs and seedlings for a variety of fruits and vegetables. Reap the rewards of the effort you put in by growing these brilliant fruit trees or bulbs and quite literally enjoy the fruits of your labour! From potato bulbs to pears to plums, we have many choices for you to choose from.

    Get All Your Plant-Growing and Gardening Essentials From Poundstretcher

    To start your plant propagation journey, simply pop into your local store and start shopping.

    While you are there be sure to browse our full gardening offering featuring garden watering supplies and garden accessories. We also have a host of barbecues and fire pits, solar lights and garden decor options too.

    You can easily find your local store using our find a store tool today.

  • Essential Garden Equipment for You

    Those with green fingers among us know and value the importance of a brilliant garden space. They can bring us joy and excitement throughout the year, reflecting the seasons and providing us with that all-important outdoors space.

    But whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out, there are a few essential gardening items everybody should have.

    We have picked out 10 in our latest Poundstretcher blog. Take a look!

    Water Sprayers

    A yellow see-through watering bottle.Water is vital to keeping a happy and healthy garden space. For much of the year, the rain will help to hydrate your plants and flowers. But during dry times, an effective water sprayer can help ensure your plants are getting the moisture they need.


    Grow Bag Trays

    A grow bag tray from Poundstretcher

    Grow bags are a great way to support vegetables in your garden space. Grow bag trays can allow you to place your grow bag in the optimal place and keep them out of harm’s way. This should enable you to take your vegetable growing game to new levels.



    A wooden-handled gardening trowel with a blue handle

    The trowel is a classic gardening item, allowing gardeners to turn over the soil and keep beds fresh. Poundstretcher stock trowels with wooden handles in a host of nice colours.


    Gardening Forks

    A wooden handle gardening fork with black handle

    Gardening forks do a similar job to trowels but are better for digging and scooping. We also stock really pleasant gardening forks with wooden handles in a number of colours.


    Gardening Gloves

    A pair of yellow gardening gloves from Poundstretcher

    Any gardener needs a pair of quality multi-purpose gardening gloves to help protect their hands and keep them clean while getting their jobs done. Poundstretcher sells gardening gloves in various colours, including blue, red and yellow.


    Rubble Sacks

    A box of 7 50L rubble sacks for gardeningA big session in the garden can mean that a wealth of things need to be chucked out. A great way to dispose of these efficiently is with rubble sacks. These heavy-duty bags can cope with plenty of garden waste, and help you clear up after a task easily.


    Hanging Baskets

    A wicker hanging basket

    Plants and greenery are a must in any contemporary garden, and having products that offer a stylish touch can take things to brilliant new levels. Wicker hanging baskets do exactly that and allow for beautiful plants to permeate your garden space.


    Mini Pop-Up Greenhouse

    Mini pop-up greenhouse for your garden

    This pop-up greenhouse will fit into most gardens. The fold-away, collapsable greenhouse will help your flowers develop and flourish without the price tag of a full greenhouse. The pop-up function makes storing away the greenhouse much easier and quicker when it's no longer required.



    A bag of Richmoor multi-purpose compostCompost is a great way to help plants in your garden grow. It is packed full of quality nutrients that can help flowers and other greenery thrive. We stock 10-litre bags of multi-purpose compost, which are a must-have for anybody keen to allow their garden to fully bloom.



    A bottle of tough weedkiller spray

    Once you have a garden to dream of, you do not want anything ruining it. But weeds have the potential to wreak havoc. With some tough weedkiller, however, you can get rid of weeds and keep your garden looking its best.


    Shop at Poundstretcher

    Poundstretcher has a host of excellent gardening items available for you to take advantage of. Be sure to browse through our Garden Decor, Planters & Hanging Baskets, Gardening Accessories and Garden Watering items today. You can also shop for Solar Lights, Propagation & Greenhouse items, Fencing and Garden Chemicals at Poundstretcher, so don’t miss out.

    To take advantage of all the brilliant gardening and outdoor products available at Poundstretcher, simply plan a visit to your nearest store. You can find yours using our Find a Store tool.

    And if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Poundstretcher team.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • The Best Planters for Your Garden

    Our gardens are where we can most directly and personably encounter the natural world. They offer our own little piece of the great outdoors, and an environment that we can engage with the beauty of nature in our own way.

    One common way people do this is by planting and adding some of their own chosen greenery to their garden space.

    At Poundstretcher, we want to make it easy as we can to support our customers in creating a garden space that they love to spend time in. As part of this, we have put together a great choice of planters for you to buy.

    So what do we have available? Here we pick out 6 types of planters that could be perfect for your garden.

    Also, be sure to check out our gardening leafet! It's filled with so many amazing bargains and products you'd be blooming silly not to have a look!

    Over Fence Basket An over fence basket from Poundstretcher

    Perfect for gardens with limited space, over fence baskets can be hung at various locations and filled with your favourite plant or flowers.

    Their raised position gives these hanging planters a subtly different effect and makes them ideal for trailing plants that hang down.


    Woodlands Square Planter

    A Woodlands Square Planter in terracotta styleThese large garden planters are really strong additions to an outdoor space, ideally suited to sections of paving, patio and decking.

    With a large capacity, these can hold a big plant easily and helps to create something of a Mediterranean feel.


    Mini Tin Wall Hook Planters

    Tin wall hook planters

    Colourful and cheerful, these mini tin wall hook planters are perfect positive adds to the modern garden.

    A great way to add a flash of beauty in a stylish way, our mini tin wall hook planters come in a host of different colours. With purple, pink, green and blue varieties among the many to choose from, it’s easy to use these planters to great effect.


    Round Paper Pots

    A set of Round Paper Pots


    Ideal for seeds and cutting, these round paper plant pots are a must have in any garden space. They make brilliant little holders for plants and come in handy multipacks from Poundstretcher.


    Striped Abigail Planter

    A beige Abigail planter from Poundstretcher

    Another great outdoor planter choice from Poundstretcher, our Abigail planters are a large option that can hold a vast amount of soil and earth. This means it is a great option as an outdoor planter and can be located in a spectrum of places within a garden space.


    Barrel Effect Planter

    Three barrel effect planters stacked upon one anotherThese vintage style barrel effect planters look great in a garden setting, adding a touch of class to any outdoor space. They are also large in size and inexpensive, meaning they make perfect sense to bring in and provide that touch of traditional sophistication.


    Shop for low-cost gardening products at Poundstretcher

    At Poundstretcher, we have a superb range of gardening and outdoor items that you can purchase and bring in to enhance your own garden space.

    Be sure to take a look through our other gardening varieties, including our fencing, garden watering and garden accessories. We also have a host of barbecues and fire pits, solar lights and garden decor choices too.

    To start adding brilliant planters to your garden, simply take a trip to your nearest Poundstretcher store. You can find yours with our find a store tool.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

  • Our Guide to Gardening Throughout the Year | Poundstretcher

    Poundstretcher flowerYou may have felt the feeling that spring is in the air. Pretty coloured flowers are starting to poke their heads out, and the milder temperatures are beginning to make being out and about that little bit easier.

    For any keen gardeners out there, thoughts will naturally turn to preparing your garden for the year’s warmer months and creating a beautiful outdoor space.

    If you have found yourself with more time on your hands than usual, you may well want to commence some gardening work. Or you may have recently moved into your first home and have a garden of your own for the first time.

    Whatever your reason for wanting to enhance your garden, at Poundstretcher, we want to help support your efforts. We have an excellent garden and outdoor range that can be used to create your own little piece of heaven.

    We stock a host of bulbs and seeds that may be of interest. But it can be tough to know when to plant what. So we have put together this guide to help you stay on top of your growing and create a garden to be proud of, whether that’s for spring or later in the year!


    Spring – March-May

    A packet of white Acidanthera bulbs from PoundstretcherSpring is when we’d ideally want our garden to start looking its very best. But in the summer’s early months, it is still possible to plant exciting new additions to the garden.

    One such flower that can be planted now are acidanthera bulbs. When these bloom later in the year, they offer a pretty white flower that creates a gentle vibe in your garden space.

    Another flower that can be planted at this time of year, in the same way, are sparaxis bulbs. Offering a blast of rich red, white and pink colours, these are a joyful addition to any garden.

    Vegetable seeds can also be planted in the spring months. Veggie bulbs like Maris Piper Potatoes
    and Red Baron onions are perfect for sowing and planting at this time of year.

    Summer – June-August

     A packet of Anemone de Caen bulbs

    These lovely shallow bowl-shaped flowers are available almost all year round and can be planted in April and September too, but they are an absolute delight to plant in June. Anemone de caens flower in September if they are planted in June, they will bloom again next year in the spring as they are a perennial flower.


    Autumn – September-November

    A packet of Triteleia seeds from Poundstretcher

    The autumn months are a time when a number of seeds that can be sown at this time of year will sprout in later.

    Triteleia brings a splash of deep, rich colour to a garden. These are prime for planting in the autumn and should be planted in soil that has been forked. A handful of general-purpose fertiliser can then be added to help bring about a great bloom the following summer.

    These all offer dashes of colour that can be a welcome sight upon blooming.


    Winter – December-March

    A packet of Shallot seeds from Poundstretcher

    Even in the depths of winter, there are bulbs that can be planted and start to grow beneath the surface.

    Many people like the idea of a fruit tree in their garden, and these can be planted in winter and start to pop their head out later in the year. We stock a variety of fruit tree seeds, including plum victoria, plum czar and cherry morello among many, many more.

    Certain vegetables can also be planted come wintertime. Shallots for example are best planted when the ground is cold, and we have Shallot Red Sun Summer Onion bulbs available for you to buy at Poundstretcher.


    Shop for Garden and Outdoor Products at Poundstretcher

    Hopefully, this has provided some good guidance as to what to plant when in order to get a strong garden environment created.

    At Poundstretcher, we also offer a host of garden accessories, watering tools, propagation and greenhouse items and planters and hanging baskets.

    Be sure to take a look through our full range of quality gardening products and find those perfect items for your needs.

    To start buying from our range, simply plan a visit to your local Poundstretcher store and start turning your garden into that dream outdoor space.

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

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