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  • Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Halloween Costume

    A woman wearing a halloween outfit and carrying a plastic pumpkin

    Halloween is the perfect excuse to exercise your creative flair! Whether designing a terrifying costume for yourself or your children, Poundstretcher has everything you need to get ready without breaking the bank. There’s little risk in trying out a few Halloween costume ideas when our prices are so low!


    Fake Blood

    Fake blood is at the core of many Halloween costumes, whether sprayed over cheap white shirts, dripping from your mouth, or on the skin to enhance a faux-injury. Real blood is red because of haemoglobin. However, fake blood is usually that colour because of food colouring. Be sure to avoid the common mistake of using ketchup as fake blood though. It contains large amounts of sugar which is likely to attract insects. Also, why not use real plasters to make it look more realistic?


    In Tatters

    Many DIY costumes, such as zombies, mummies or other ghouls, require clothes that are torn to shreds or have holes in them. Much like ready-torn jeans, why splash the cash on garments that come with these included when there are cheaper alternatives? Simply buy cheap, high-quality scissors, find a pair of old trousers, an old t-shirt or shirt that you no longer use and enjoy!


    Making it Up

    Many costumes require drawing on the body, be it to mark a cat’s whiskers, bulbous eyebrows, or perhaps a curly moustache. Don’t even think about using stationery to do this. Instead, explore our range of make-up and beauty products, all of which are far more suitable for use on skin. These products won’t leave you or your child with permanent ink on their face come Monday morning!


    Cleaning it Up

    When all is done, and you’ve had a delightful Halloween, someone needs to clean up! Fortunately, we stock everything you need to make sure yourself and your home are left sparkling cleaning by the time Guy Fawkes night rolls around.


    Halloween Accessories

    If you’re looking for something more, we also stock a wide range of Halloween accessories. These are perfect for enhancing your costume ideas, including headbands, zombie hands, skeletons and much more.

    Find a store near you and get planning your Halloween costume today!

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