We have a wide range of plastic storage containers available, suitable for a variety of uses. So whether it's outside storage or something to keep your lunch in, take a look at our selection today. Some of our best sellers include:

Underbed Storage - If you are stuck for space, utilising the space under the bed is ideal. Try our 32 litre clear underbed storage boxes, complete with lid to keep items dust free. If shoes are your thing, we stock a great, lightweight underbed shoe holder to keep them safe from damage when you are not wearing them.

Plastic Storage Tubs, Units and Containers - We have a huge choice of plastic containers for those who want to maximise their available space. From our monster 110 litre Supa Nova, with two-way folding lid, to our 75 litre Fun Storage Box or pack of 4x7 litre boxes, there is a plastic container for every occasion!

Plastic storage Trays and Drawers - Storage drawers are fantastic for those with limited space. We have several designs in stock, including the handy 3 Plastic Storage Tower, in blue, pink or black edging, or the larger 4 Drawer Storage Tower for even more storage capacity.

Outdoor Box - Our Outdoor Box is fantastic for storing toys and garden tools. The weatherproof container has been designed so that it can be folded away when not in use.

Fold Flat Storage Crates - There is no end of uses for our sturdy 32 litre Fold Flat Storage Crates. Keep these in the car to keep shopping safe from rolling around, or folded neatly away in a cupboard until required.