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  • Top Things to Do for May Bank Holiday 2022

    Baking bread for May Bank Holiday

    With the Early May Bank Holiday finally upon us, we have been blessed with yet another well-deserved lie-in and the opportunity to relax for an extra day! To mark the occasion, Poundstretcher has put together a list of cheap and cheerful activities for you and the whole family to enjoy.  

      Catch up on some gardening   

    Anemone 35 pack

    Spring has well and truly sprung this year, with hundreds of brightly coloured flowers greeting us everywhere we look. So, what better way to spend the long weekend than planting some flowers in the garden with the little ones? Kids love getting their hands mucky and can be expert hole diggers for seeds and flowering bulbs. Not only will it cure their boredom, but you’ll also get the gardening done much quicker! Or, if you’d prefer if their hands stayed squeaky clean, try these kids gardening gloves on for size!  

    Bake some yummy treats  

    Cupcake cases

    A fun (and tasty) way to spend your bank holiday is baking some delicious treats in the kitchen. So, whether it’s whipping up something quick and easy for afternoon tea or creating an assortment of delectable dishes for a dinner party, you’ll have no problem finding everything you need in our Kitchen range, including these 100 coloured cupcake cases.   

    Solve a puzzle or play a board game  

    Snakes and Ladders

    If you’re looking for an activity that you and the whole family can enjoy together, then look no further than our wide selection of board games and jigsaw puzzles! Your friends and family will have endless hours of amusement playing classics like Snakes & Ladders or testing their patience against a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle 

     Take part in some arts & crafts   

    Spiral art drawing set

    Keeping the kids busy over bank holidays can be challenging, especially when bored and restless. A great way to keep them entertained is through arts and crafts, which can be fun for all ages! Our SpiralArt kit is perfect for young children learning about shapes at school and drawing enthusiasts who like to experiment with different colours and patterns.  

      Throw a BBQ & Pool Party   

    Flamingo pool

    If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you can use the long weekend to invite your family and friends around for a sizzling BBQ and pool party! Cook all of your BBQ favourites with our easy-to-light charcoal briquettes. Then relax in this easy-to-inflate Flamingo Pool, perfect for dipping your toes on a hot, sunny day.   

    Browse our garden & outdoor section to find everything you need and more!  

    Feeling excited for the bank holiday? You can check out more Poundstretcher products online or go to your nearest Poundstretcher store to bag yourself a bargain! Find a store near to you. 










  • National Tea Day 2022: Our Tea Cupboard Essentials  

    Tea for National Tea Day 2022

    With over 165 million cups of tea consumed every day in the UK, it's definitely the nation’s hot drink of choice! Here at Poundstretcher, we want to celebrate all things British this National Tea Day 2022, so we’ve brewed together a hot list of our top tea cupboard essentials to get you ‘infused’ about our tea-riffic range of tea time classics!  

    Keep Calm and Drink Tea

    Although it’s often a hot topic of debate amongst us Brits, tea comes in all shades and strengths, whether you have it with milk, sugar, or simply as it comes. So, have your cuppa just the way you like it with Tetley tea bags, with more than enough tea in each pack to invite the whole family round for a brew too! Stick a teabag in your favourite mug, pour in some boiling water, and have yourself a lovely full-flavoured and refreshing cup of tea!  

    Not got anywhere to store your tea? We’ve got your teabag storage sorted with our glass storage jar set, perfect for organising a wide variety of tea, coffee, sugar or use as a general kitchen storage container.  

    Tetley Tea Bags One Cup

    Not your cup of tea? Try our Coffee!

    Not everyone is a tea lover, so we have the perfect blend of caffeinated beverages to suit all tastes! Our Nescafe Gold Instant Coffee is worth its weight in coffee gold, as its deliciously rich and smooth taste can satisfy any coffee cravings.  Have it black or with milk at any time of the day!  

    Nescafe Gold Coffee from Poundstretcher

    Need a little sweetness in your cup? Try our Canderel Sweetener Tablets to add a subtle touch of sweetness to your hot drink, absolutely calorie-free!  

    This one takes the biscuit

    To dunk or not to dunk? That is the question. Whatever your preference, no afternoon tea is complete without a bickie, and these Shortbread Fingers are a batch made in heaven! Deliciously light and buttery biscuits are a tea cupboard essential, as they taste scrumptious on their own or dipped in a cuppa!  

     Paterson's Shortbread Finger Biscuits from Poundstretcher


    A mug-nificent addition to your tea set

    You can’t enjoy a tasty hot beverage without your favourite ceramic mug to hand! We have a wide selection of mugs in all shapes, sizes, and designs to suit your tea drinking needs. This Hugga Dog Mug has a huge handle so you don’t burn your fingers while you sip, as well as a cute doggy design that will make a great novelty gift for dog lovers.  

    Gotta run to work? Take your brew on the go with one of our handy Bamboo Fibre Travel Mugs 

    This drink is on me (I’m a coaster!)

    Don’t let pesky tea and coffee stains ruin your National Tea Day; be the host that boasts the most with these Grey Tile Coasters. These patterned coasters will not only protect your beloved coffee table but also look stylishly modern against any surface. Perfect for cups of tea, glasses, and hot dinner plates!  

     4 Pack of Grey Tile Coasters from Poundstretcher


    Serve up some tea-licious treats

    What better way to serve tea to your thirsty guests than with this Coffee & Cake Tray?

    Coffee and cake tray from Poundstretcher

    Perfect for a range of uses, including a tea run or eating supper on the couch, there’ll be no excuse for forgetting the biscuits as you can fit plenty of treats on this large, durable tray.  

     National Tea Day takes place on 21st April 2022, the same day as Queen Elizabeth’s birthday! Talk about royal-tea!  

    If you’re ready to chai any of our products, don’t be Oolong deciding! You can take a look online or go the extra chamomile and visit one of our stores! Check out Poundstretcher’s Store Finder to find your closest shop.  



  • Thrifty & Eco-Friendly Activities for National Earth Day 2022

    National Earth Day 2022 helps to raise awareness of environmental issues by encouraging people to participate in eco-friendly activities. Whether you're upcycling old clothes, recycling plastic, or reducing food waste, every little bit helps!

    To inspire you in your efforts to save the Earth, Poundstretcher has compiled a list of our favourite environmentally friendly and thrifty activities!

    Fight food waste

    Nobody likes food waste, especially when it comes to fruit and veggies. If you’ve got some berries or other fruits that are about to expire, consider freezing them for future use in a smoothie or some homemade ice cream!

    Turn your wasted goods into tasty puds using our range of baking kitchen appliances. Got some ripe, browning bananas that need binning? Whip them up into freshly baked banana bread with our non-stick roast tin.

    Poundstretcher non-stick roasting pan for baking

    Grow your fruits & vegetables

    The best way to give back to the planet is by replenishing the Earth with its natural resources. Consider planting some seeds in the ground with the kids and grow some delicious fruits, vegetables, and herbs in your back garden. From succulent strawberries to hot chillies to fragrant basil – we have a wide range of edible, eco-friendly propagation for you to get your green fingers on!

    Grow your own strawberries from Poundstretcher

    Eco-Friendly BBQ

    With the weather getting warmer and the sun peeking through the clouds, the barbeque season is almost upon us! So, spark up your BBQ flames with these environmentally friendly firelighters, made from 100% natural wood and oils. Non-smoking, non-polluting, and odourless, these firelighters allow you to light up your grill without worrying about harmful chemicals being released into the air. Suitable for use on all fires, stoves, and BBQs.

    Eco friendly firelighters from Poundstretcher

    Bird Watching DIY Project

    Want to teach the little ones about wildlife from your back garden while also being creative and thrifty? First, reduce your plastic waste by reusing an empty plastic bottle or container (you can use one of our 1 litre Montgomery water bottles once you’ve quenched your thirst) and poking some small holes in the sides. Next, place some wooden lolly sticks in some of the holes for the birds to perch on. Finally, fill up the bottle with our black sunflower seeds and hang your makeshift bird feeder from a tree, bird feeding station, or table. You’ll attract all kinds of wildlife to your garden!

    Water bottle for DIY bird watching project

    Upcycling Old Clothes

    Got some old clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Don’t buy new ones! Instead, turn your rags into riches with our Rainbow Unicorn Tie-dye kit, a fun and thrifty activity for you and the kids to do together! Upcycle that old t-shirt and give it a multicolour makeover, complete with unicorn stencils!

    Tie dye tshirt kit from Poundstretcher

    National Earth Day takes place on 22nd April 2022. You can get involved in the earth-saving action by taking part in any of the activities you've seen today! Visit our online store to find all these products and more, or stop by a Poundstretcher near you.

  • Space Saving Storage Hacks: 5 Ingenious Storage Ideas

    Jar storage to illustrate space saving storage ideas and hacks


    We could do with some creative storage ideas when organising our household clutter. Here at Poundstretcher, we have a few clever storage hacks and solutions to help you save space in your home while also looking stylish!  It’s time to think outside the storage box and bring our belongings out of cupboard exile. Whether cleverly hidden amongst the furniture or the focal point of your room, our top space-saving storage ideas will make your home look tidy and organised.    

    The key to discreet storage

    Never lose your keys again with this convenient Keys and Letter Box, a charming space-saving organiser which can be mounted on the wall right by your front door! Not only will you quickly find your keys, but you can also keep all your important documents and letters in one place without cluttering up your countertops. In addition, with small hooks to hang your keys from, you can even keep small items such as jewellery, sunglasses, and lanyards conveniently hanging there as a reminder before you walk out the front door.  

    Keys and letter box from Poundstretcher

     Flatpack it away 

     Is it a storage box, or is it a piece of furniture? Who knows! With this silver glitter flat pack with lid, your hidden storage can blend seamlessly into your living room décor as it comes in various colours. Ideal for any room in your home, you’ll save tons of space by storing away your daily essentials in this attractive looking box. It can also act as a handy footrest!  

    Silver glitter storage box from Poundstretcher

     Mount it to the wall    

      If you’re a fan of contemporary décor, you’ll love these ultra-modern, wall mounted wood wire cube shelves. Never shun your belongings and valuables to the cupboards again with these floating shelves, designed to save you room as they provide more storage space in places where it would otherwise not be possible to store items. Instead, display your plants, books, picture frames, and ornaments proudly as they become the focal point of your blank walls. 

    Poundstretcher wooden wire cube storage boxes

     Put it in a jar 

    This clip top storage jar is an excellent alternative to kitchen cabinets or small kitchens with limited counter space. Mason jars are diverse and reusable, perfect for preserving jams, storing condiments, and stowing away dry foods for future use. Decorate your pantry or open shelving storage units with jars upon jars of fragrant herbs and spices, and never mix up the cinnamon powder and chilli flakes again as these glass jars are completely see through! 

    Large storage jar with clip top

     Store it under the bed 

     With summer just around the corner, the weather is getting warmer, and there’s becoming less need for our oversized coats and winter thermals. So instead of taking up valuable closet space, consider using an under-bed storage container to pack away winter clothes or store spare bedding. With a convenient shape for storing under beds, and a hard, clear plastic body, you can easily see what you've stored away, and the black plastic lid keeps dust and critters out. Ideal if you're looking to declutter your room or have a small bedroom with limited storage space. 

    Poundstretcher under bed storage box

     Got some ideas stored away? If you’ve been inspired by any of the products featured, you can check out plenty more online or head down to your local Poundstretcher to see for yourself! Use our store finder to locate your nearest store.  

  • 50% off Poundstretcher when you Spend £5 or More


    50% off Poundstretcher

    We’re launching a massive 50% off saving when you spend £5 or more at Poundstretcher from Friday 8th April. Head to your local Poundstretcher store to get this deal while it lasts.

    This deal applies to products across all of our categories as long as you spend five pounds, so whether you’re looking for spring cleaning supplies, gardening products to get your garden summer-ready, or DIY bargains for upcycling, we’ve got a deal for you at our Poundstretcher stores.

    In case you need some shopping inspiration before you go, here are some of our top seasonal suggestions to fill your baskets with. Happy discount shopping!

    Great Deals on Garden Furniture and Landscaping

    Grab a basket at Poundstretcher and get a selection of solar lights, garden furniture, and décor to spruce up your garden or yard before the forecast April British heatwave. You'll be ready to enjoy the weather the second the sunshine hits.

    Our Harlseden garden egg chair is the latest must have garden chair. It’s an aesthetic and comfy addition to any garden or decked area, ready for when the weather is warm enough to eat or entertain guests outside.

    Harlesden egg chair

    Fancy a bit of gardening and landscaping on a budget? We also have grow your own fruit and vegetables to give your outdoor space a green boost and keep your cooking supplies well stocked. Planting some fruit and veg to enjoy later is a perfect way to spend the Easter bank holiday weekend.

    Our 6-in-1 mixed vegetable seed collection means you can easily grow chillis, coriander, basil, and Japanese greens at a bargain price.

    Poundstretcher mixed vegetable seeds

    Spring Cleaning Basket Ideas

    If spring cleaning is on your April to do list, grab a basket full of everything you need to get the job done cheaply and effectively. We sell everything from washing up supplies to cleaning sprays, mops and brooms.

    Our spray mop is an absolute must have for tackling your spring cleaning – just add water and one of our floor cleaners to the mop, and your floors will be sparkling clean with a lot less effort.

    Poundstretcher spray mop for spring cleaning

    Head to Poundstretcher for 50% off

    Whatever project is on your to do list, you can get cracking with it this Easter and you won’t have paid a penny too much! As well as spring cleaning and gardening supplies, we’ve got homeware, food and drink, clothing and seasonal Easter goodies so come and see what bargains you can find at your local Poundstretcher.

  • Budget Pet Toys: Get 10% off our Pet Hut

    Pet cat and dog to illustrate budget pet supplies

      When it comes to our pets, the last thing we want is for them to feel bored and restless. Poundstretcher’s Pet Hut has a wide range of budget pet toys to keep your furry friends entertained for hours, giving you peace of mind and saving your furniture from the fate of teeth and claws! With an additional 10% off our pet supplies and fun toys, you’ll be barking mad not to try them!  

      Fetch-ing toys for dogs  

    If your canine companion is a fan of playing fetch, they will love this! Our Fetch Glow Ball is not like your average tennis ball, as its bright fluorescent colour makes it easy to spot in grassy fields and muddy puddles! With this glow-in-the-dark rubber ball, you and your pup can play fetch day or night. As a bonus, it can float in water as well!  

    Poundstretcher glow ball for playing fetch

    Get their claws on this!  

      Your kitty cat will feel like the King of the animal kingdom with this Cat Scratcher Lion. It is a premium cat scratching post designed to file down your feline friend’s claws, keeping them trimmed and healthy. Never fear for your furniture again, as this toy will provide hours of scratching relief for your furry friend and a wild cat companion to keep them company.   

    Lion cat scratching post from Poundstretcher

     Toys built for bird brains  

      Your feathered friends may not get as much enjoyment from a chew toy or scratch post, but you can certainly put their little beaks to the test with our Filled Peanut Bird Feeder. Stimulate their brains by filling the feeder with all kinds of grub – from seeds and nuts to critters and bugs – and block out some of the holes with cardboard. Then, watch as they work out how to forage their way around the feeder, finding all kinds of treats! Refillable and easy to clean, it will keep their beaks busy for hours.   

    Bird feeder filled with peanuts

     So many pet chew toys to chewse from!

     Have you got a pup that loves to chomp and gnaw on toys? We have a wide range of chew toys for dogs to sink their teeth into! Your mutt will love munching on our Puppy Toy Pack, the ultimate set of toys for tykes that are teething or dogs that simply love to chew! Your pack includes 4 dog toys, including a rope toy that is ideal for tug of war games!  

    Pack of blue puppy toys

    A game of cat and mouse  

    Channel their inner hunting instincts with this Kitty Swat Cat Toy, the purrfect gift for your feline friend! Your kitten will be absolutely smitten with this super fun kitty swat toy, featuring a handy base and springy mouse for your cat to swat, swipe, and slap to their heart’s content! So never worry about your belongings getting pushed off the sides again, as this fun toy will keep those claws occupied for hours!  

     After seeing this ameow-zing collection, are you ready to see more? Check out the rest of our pet supplies and toys online, or head over to your local Poundstretcher store to bag yourself a bargain with 10% off our Pet Hut! Find your nearest store here 

    Poundstretcher kitty swat toy for cats

  • How to do Gardening and Landscaping on a Tight Budget

    Landscaping and gardening ideas from Poundstretcher   

    With the sun shining brighter and the weather getting warmer, many of us are desperate to get outdoors to do some gardening and landscaping in our gardens. Poundstretcher offers a wide range of gardening supplies to transform your outdoor space into a professional landscape. So, whether you’re an amateur garden designer or into DIY landscaping projects, here are our top tips to make your garden look expensive on a tight budget.  

    Lay the grass work

    Transform your backyard from a barren patch of land into a plentiful, lush green pasture with this Family Lawn seed. With a blend of fine-leaved dwarf perennial ryegrass and fescue with ryegrass, you can sow a lush, hardwearing lawn for the summer that’s far cheaper than using rolls of turf. You’ll be having picnics on the grass with your family in no time!   

     Poundstretcher family lawn seed for gardening

    Inject some life into your flowerbeds

    Propagating your garden is a fun and affordable way to enhance your outdoor space. With Poundstretcher’s massive selection of bulbs and seedlings for various flowers, fruits, and vegetables, you’ll be able to breathe new life into your garden. We recommend using an All Purpose Compost to increase soil quality, ideal for use during the sowing season. 

    To ensure your plants survive in the long run, one of our top gardening tips is to use a concentrated weedkiller so that the weeds do not soak up the soil's nutrients. 

    Give your garden the edge

    Divide your garden into zones or neat sections to give your outdoor space more structure. Using Burnt log border roll, you can line the edges of your garden, including the paths and flowerbeds, to define your landscape. Landscape edging is also a great way to keep soil or mulch from spilling into your lawn, especially when it rains or when you are watering your garden. In addition, these logs are durable and weather-resistant, making them perfect for all year-round use!  

    Burnt log garden border roll from Poundstretcher

    Beyond the garden fence

     If you have a small garden, a great landscaping idea to make your garden look bigger is to use fences topped with trellis or Climbing mesh to grow climbing plants, vines, and flowers. Featuring plants such as wisteria, lavender, honeysuckle, and jasmine will exaggerate your garden's size, creating the illusion of space by overflowing and trailing floral canopies. Plus, you'll have a beautiful garden teeming with wildlife!  

     Shed some light on your garden  

      To add visual interest to your garden at night, an inexpensive and eco-friendly way to light up your landscape is through Solar cage lights. Your garden will glow all year round, and they won't cost you a fortune on your electric bill! It's the perfect way to set the mood around an outdoor seating or dining area, especially during the party and BBQ season!  

     Pondering life by the pond  

      If you have a pond or water feature in your garden, ornaments and accessories are the perfect way to add subtle character and charm to your garden design. Try adding some Glowing stones to decorate a water edge or illuminate the murky depths of your pond. Also, they're perfect for filling planters, edging flower beds, and lining walkways to add interest to your landscape design! 

     If you were impressed with any of these gardening and landscaping ideas, then don’t beat around the bush! Check out more of our gardening supplies online or visit us in-store! Try our store finder to locate your nearest Poundstretcher.   

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