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Stuffed animals and plush toys for children of all ages are always a popular choice. Perfect for Christmas and birthday presents, these cuddly character toys will go down a storm with your children, and will be treasured for years to come. Offering a large variety of different plush toys and stuffed animals, there's something to suit everyone.

One very popular choice is the cushions from the coolKids collection. They come in a range of different, loveable and cuddly characters; monkey, koala, white/pink cat, owl and tiger, a great addition to a kids bedroom. Another option from this collection is the Huggle Buddy and Cuddle Cushion plush toys, with several characters and personalities to choose from, you can pick your child's favourite animal.

For the ideal gift for animal lovers we offer the Chi Chi love barking dog toy and the animal hand puppets. The Chi Chi love barking dog is a soft, pink, battery operated dog toy that barks and moves for real! Suitable for children aged five and above, it will provide hours of fun and entertainment. The animal hand puppets are a great interactive toy for children and parents that fit big and small hands for plenty of fun, quality play time for parents and children. With many other plush toys and stuffed animals for children to choose between, from cute rag doll toys to a classic teddy bear, you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift for your child. Any toy from these collections will make for a very happy child and a very popular parent!