Craft and Design

Looking to let your creative side shine though with a good old arts and crafts session? If so, you’ll need some of the most essential, and fun, craft and design products! Like with any art, mistakes happen, which is why you shouldn’t go spending a fortune on the things you need. Instead, spend less and create more with Poundstretcher’s wide range of craft and design products.

Our craft and design range consist of a fun, exciting and colourful selection of all things arty, so you can find everything you need for your project. Choose from a wide choice of crafty items including:

  • Crafting card – a perfect base for your art piece
  • Drawing pads – a place to plan out the piece
  • Glue  – it isn’t crafting without cutting and sticking
  • Felt tips – perfect for adding some finer details
  • Paint – get creative and mix your own colours for a unique piece
  • Glitter – because why not ad some magic?
  • Clay, Dough and Pottery Sets

Did you know that glitter was invented in 1934 after a machinist ground up scrap metals and plastics? What a fabulous mistake-creation!

By stocking up on all these craft and design products, yourself and your family can enjoy some quality crafting time together. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy getting crafty, which is why we’ve made our craft and design range affordable and accessible to everyone!

You can use craft and design products for so many uses. For example, craft card can be used as a base to make your very own birthday card, and the glitter can be used as a decorative final touch. Perfect for if you’re on a budget.

Visit your local Poundstretcher store today to pick up your chosen craft and design products for great low prices.