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  • Thoughtful housewarming gifts and moving in presents

    It can be hard to find the perfect housewarming gifts and moving in presents for the special people in our lives. But whether it’s your friend moving to a new flat or your family member buying their first house, it’s customary to bring new homeowners a gift that will help them turn four walls and a roof into a home. Here at Poundstretcher, we have everything you need to commemorate the momentous occasions in your loved ones’ lives at bargain prices that seem almost too good to be true!  

    You can’t go wrong with a plant  

    Plants make great housewarming gifts as they symbolise the growth and change in our lives. So, what better way to start a new chapter than with a marble pot and fake succulent, the perfect gift for people that like low-maintenance plants that also look trendy! The best part of this gift is that you can replace this artificial plant with a real one from our propagation & greenhouses range!  

    Candles to light up their home!  

     Candles symbolise warmth and love, which is why this Yankee Candle will make the ideal addition to anyone’s new home. With a sweet and fruity fragrance, their new home will smell like flowers and fruits of a tropical paradise and fit perfectly with any room décor.   

    A new pan to cook up some home recipes 

    The perfect gift for friends who love to host dinner parties or kids heading off to university in Autumn, this ceramic frying pan is a thoughtful and practical present idea for any new home. New pottery is great for practising your culinary skills and creating delicious concoctions for you and your family! Available in other sizes and colours.   

    Photo frames for starting new memories 

    Photo frames are great for capturing the memories of all the momentous events in our lives, so what better way to celebrate a new home than by filling it with moments with the people we love most? Our pack of 3 wood photo frames allow you to decorate your new house or apartment with all your favourite memories, making the perfect housewarming gift.   

    A fleece throw for the ultimate warm hug!  

    A hug that will last a lifetime, these 2 fleece throws make the perfect gift for a new home. Your loved ones will think of you when they wrap their woolly blanket around them, especially on those cold winter nights! With two different styles and colours, these blankets will fit in with any homely décor.  

    Got a housewarming party coming up? Check out the rest of our homewares for inspiration online, or head down to your nearest Poundstretcher! Use our handy store locator to find the closest store to you.    

  • Must-have cheap camping equipment and outdoor essentials    

    With the summer holidays edging nearer, what better way to enjoy the hottest season than a camping trip! You’ll find all the cheap camping equipment you need to have the holiday of a lifetime, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a camping newbie!  

    Light the way with a headlamp  

    Whether spelunking in caves or simply nipping out for a midnight loo run, this zoom headlamp is perfect for any camping trip. Never walk around at night without a light again with this camping essential, ideal for keeping you safe and guiding the way through the darkness of a campsite.   

    Need some camping rope? Knot an issue!  


    A rope always comes in handy for camping trips. From fastening down tents to tying up rafts at the shore, our braided rope is strong and durable enough for various camping tasks and is an essential item for every camping trip.   

    Get the fire started with some fire logs  


    No camping trip is complete without a campfire, as there’s nothing like toasting a few marshmallows while huddling for warmth over a roaring fire in the woods at night. These firepower kiln-dried hardwood logs are perfect for lighting a fire quickly and getting the BBQ going – all you need is the grill and flame lighter!   

    Open up a can of deliciousness!  

    When going on an extended camping trip, it’s important to pack plenty of food that will last a while and not expire quickly. An absolute camping essential is a can opener for opening tinned foods like beans for a quick and hearty evening meal! Lightweight and portable, this product is durable and perfect for a survival kit.   

    Lunch packed for freshness  

    Speaking of food, you’ll need something to eat your grub out of! Our lunch box with a cutlery set is perfect for dishing up dinner and transporting food on the go! So, enjoy that sandwich at the top of the mountain or keep your snacks fresher for longer as you hike along the trail with a click and lock function to ensure freshness. 

    Ready to go on an adventure of a lifetime? Check out the rest of our camping essentials online, or head down to your nearest Poundstretcher! Use our handy store locator to find the closest store to you.     

  • Top Sizzling Summer Holiday Essentials

    With the summer season comes the hot, sunny weather. At Poundstretcher, we have a huge range of summer holiday essentials that are perfect for taking on your travels – or even just in your back garden! From sun lotion to allergy relief medicine, we're stocked with all your favourite summer essentials so that you're not left last-minute buying at the airport!  

    Suitcase travel essentials for your holiday getaway  

    Get 10 essential items for the price of 1 in our must-have Travel Essentials Kit. With everything you need, from body wash to shampoo to a toothbrush and toothpaste, you'll be feeling clean and refreshed after a long-haul flight. Plus, everything is under 100ml and in a clear bag, making it that much easier to get through airport security!  

    Feeling congested? Allergy Relief to the rescue!   

    The temperature might have risen, but so has the pollen count! Nothing ruins mascara more than itchy, watery eyes from hay fever and allergy symptoms, and with it being summer, we could do with looking our best in holiday photos or at those long-awaited garden parties. So let's put a stop to sneezing and wheezing with these Allergy Relief Tablets, perfect for when the pollen is high or combating the symptoms of everyday allergies.  

    Have a fan on hand to keep you cool  

    Feeling hot under the collar this July? Have no fear, as we have mini fans on hand to keep you cool this summer! An ideal and practical accessory to carry on the go, you can pop it in your handbag, suitcase or backpack to feel prepared for those hot climates on holiday or even just reclining in your deck chair at home.   

    Be swimsuit ready with these razorblades    


    Nothing beats the feeling of cool bedsheets on freshly shaved legs, especially on a hot summer evening! So add these Queen Triple Blade razors to your holiday shopping list and avoid getting into a prickly situation with unwanted hair.  

    Keep your summer waves in check with hairspray  

    The heat and humidity can sometimes get too much for our hair, so keep it in place with this natural hold hairspray. With conditioning ingredients and natural hold for up to 24 hours, your hair will keep its shape and style for longer.   

    Survive the sun with SPF sun lotion     

    Sunburns can ruin a holiday, so ensure you protect yourself from harmful UV rays with EAD's SPF 15 protection sun lotion. Get that sunkissed look without having to reapply your sunscreen, as our lotion uses a water-resistant formula that won't come off in the sea or the pool!  

    Protect your feet with these flip flop sandals  

    Whether it's a lazy day on the beach or lounging by the poolside, these pineapple flip-flops are perfect for slipping on and off at your leisure. With various designs and colours to choose from, you'll never burn your feet on the hot sand again!  

    Are you buzzing about your next holiday? If you fancy these items, you can shop more online or simply head down to Poundstretcher and bag a bargain today. Try our find a store tool to locate your nearest shop.   

  • The tastiest ice cream toppings for National Ice Cream Day 2022

    Summer is officially here! And what better way to celebrate the hotter weather and National Ice Cream Day 2022 than with delicious ice cream toppings. At Poundstretcher, we love ice cream, so we’ve pulled together an inside scoop of our favourite toppings. So whether you love a traditional treat or sugary sweets, there’s something for everyone to top their ice cream with.

    Create a classic ‘99’ 

    For those who like to keep it simple, there’s nothing better than a classic ‘99’. Simply stick a Cadbury’s Flake into your vanilla ice cream cone, and there you have it – the perfect traditional treat. For all you chocoholics, there’s enough in each pack to add an extra flake to your cone to make a Double ‘99’.  

    Squeeze the day 

    If chocolate doesn’t make you melt, here’s a simple alternative to liven up your ice cream. Drizzle our Lyle’s Strawberry Sauce over your favourite flavour of ice cream to add a fruity kick. This berry sauce is guaranteed to complement your dessert and tantalize your tastebuds! 

    Not just for hot chocolate 

    We all know marshmallows are the perfect hot chocolate topping, but why not add a handful of our twisted ‘n’ fruity marshmallows to your ice cream? They’re the perfect sweet treat to add a fruity flavour to your dessert! 

    Bear-y sweet 

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Gummy Bears. Sprinkle over your favourite ice cream for mouth-watering flavours guaranteed to please young taste buds. There’s enough in each pack to top the whole family’s ice cream! 

    What’s brown and sticky? 

    Toffifee, of course! Toffifee is the ultimate chewy, crunchy treat for chocoholics. These scrumptious caramel, hazelnut, nougat, and chocolate bites are the perfect dessert addition. Use to top chocolate or caramel ice cream for toffee-flavoured heaven! 

    One in a melon 

    Fancy something fruity? Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with the perfect summer flavour. Our tangy watermelon slices add a sweet and sour punch to any ice cream dessert. They’re 0% fat and 100% yummy! 

    Got a hankering for ice cream? National ice cream day takes place on the 17th of July 2022, just in time for the warmer summer weather. Check out all our ice cream toppings online, or find your nearest store here 

  • 5 chocolate gifts to make you melt this summer

    When it comes to gifts, there's something everyone loves to receive: chocolate! So whether you're saying, 'Happy Birthday', 'Congratulations', or 'Sorry', there's a chocolate for every occasion. At Poundstretcher, we're self-confessed chocoholics, so we've compiled our top 5 chocolate gifts for summer.

    Golden caramel chocolate?

    Yes, that's right! Cadbury's Caramilk is the perfect gift for any sweet tooth. Caramilk combines the salty sweetness of caramel with the richness of chocolate. What's not to love?

    Lovely bubbly

    The only thing better than a bottle of bubbly is a melt-in-the-mouth Aero Dark and Milk Bar. Made with intense and smooth milk and dark chocolate, this bar is ideal for anyone who loves dark chocolate with a twist.

    Nuts about chocolate

    Buying for someone who loves fragrant fruity flavours? Our berry tangy Raspberry and Coconut bars are the ultimate summer treat, guaranteed to put a zing in their step.

    Traditional treats

    Who doesn't love an After Eight? These minty chocolates are known and loved by all. You can't go wrong!

    A classic with a twist

    Ever tried strawberry and mint After Eights? They're the perfect combination of fruity and fresh, wrapped in silky chocolate. Berry-flavoured chocolate fans will love this summery twist on the classic After Eights!

    To find the best chocolate gift for your recipient, browse our store online or click here to find your closest Poundstretcher.

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