Our Top 5 DIY Cleaning Hacks

 A father and son doing the spring cleaning in their homeCarrying out your spring cleaning can be something many people do not exactly look forward to. But this time of year is prime for turning your home into a clean, happy and healthy space.

We understand however that you want to get the job done, and done effectively. You don’t want to put lots of effort in and ultimately feel like the place doesn’t really look much better.

At Poundstretcher, we know of a few cleaning hacks that can help you get things spotless and leave you feeling great after your spring cleaning. Take a look at our five DIY cleaning tricks.


White vinegar on stainless steel

Stainless steel pots in a kitchen settingStainless steel surfaces are commonplace across the modern home, particularly in kitchens. Though an important part of any contemporary abode, these surfaces can be tough to get looking their very best.

We have found that by filling a spray bottle with one-part white vinegar, one part water, you can cover stainless steel with the mix and easily wash off grime and dirt. This helps get stainless steel surfaces pristine in no time.


Showerhead cleaning with bicarbonate soda & vinegar

A shower head in a bathroom settingSomething we’ve found when putting together this blog is that vinegar is a really helpful thing when it comes to cleaning hacks around the home.

A mix of bicarbonate soda and vinegar can help clean your shower head. This is easily forgotten about, but in truth there can be build ups here. As this is something you want to get your body clean with, you don’t want it to be mucky!

We’ve found leaving your shower head in a mix of 250ml of vinegar and 3 table spoons of bicarbonate soda overnight can work wonders.


Remove water stains

Busy homes with lots of people naturally lead to the occasional spillage and stain. Water stains can seem harmless at first, but they can be a nightmare to remove if forgotten about.

Once again, vinegar can come to the rescue here. A spray with half a cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water can be used to lightly mist the stain, before blotting with a microfibre cloth can help remove the unwanted stain. For added speed, you can dry it out with a hairdryer.


Lemons to sanitise your rubbish disposal

A collection of yellow lemons

Anybody with a rubbish disposal unit in their kitchen or home will know that these can quickly develop a rather pungent and unpleasant aroma.

To help overcome this and stop it making your kitchen really grim, you can stick some slices of lemon into the unit. This will take the edge off the stench and change it to something fresh instead.


Sanitise your chopping boards

Food preparation areas are an important part of any kitchen, but they need to be looked after.

Chopping boards pick up lots of bits and juices, and potentially become unsanitary. But thankfully you can sanitise them with warm water and lemon halves. This also helps get rid of any unwanted smells your chopping boards may have.


Find what you need at Poundstretcher

We hope you find these little hacks useful as you take on this year’s spring cleaning!

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