Nothing feels better than having a fresh and clean home, especially when you know you’re not breaking the bank to keep up with your household cleaning supplies! Our helpful and informative blogs show off our wide range of bargain cleaning supplies! We also have tips and hacks to keep every room in your home spotless and squeaky clean.

  • New Fabulosa Disinfectant Spray now Available

    We are delighted to announce that if you love the usual disinfectant from Fabulosa, then you'll LOVE these all-in-one disinfectant sprays that are now in stores across the nation!

    We have two fabulous 400ml spray fragrances for you: lemon sherbet and wild rhubarb!

    These sweet-smelling scent-sations kill cold & flu viruses, and also destroys 99.9% of bacteria on hard & soft surfaces.

    Whether it's for use on your sofa, your toilet, bin, countertops, you can be sure this disinfectant will do its job at keeping your home clean, sanitised, and fresh!

    You can check out these latest cleaning supplies in your local store; unsure where your nearest store is? Visit our Store Finder for locations, directions, and opening hours!

    Also, be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for competitions and news of more fantastic products!

  • Get Your Cleaning Done Quickly & Easily

    Any busy household is inevitably going to need a good old fashioned clean from time to time.

    Whether you live in a family home with lots of comings and goings, or are just moving into a new student home for the new academic year, having a few sneaky cleaning tricks up your sleeve can help you stay on top of things.

    Poundstretcher has a great range of cleaning supplies to pick from. And what’s more, this blog includes some handy cleaning hacks, so you can really take your cleaning efforts to the next level.


    Think Pink!

    The Pink Stuff, which we have available here at Poundstretcher, is superb at getting surfaces such as hobs and ovens clean.

    We also offer affordable bottles of Mr Muscle drain unclogger, and also limescale remover and shower shine from Glow, while our range includes leading items from the likes of Dettol, Harpic and Stardrops.


    Our Fabulosa Products

    Poundstretcher is also proud to present our range of cleaning products from Fabulosa

    We have a vast selection of disinfectants coming in different scents, helping you to get your home looking wonderful for less.

    There are also kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners and glass cleaners available from Fabulosa, so be sure to browse through the full range.


    Cheeky Cleaning Hacks

    With such a variety of different surfaces and commodities in the modern home, cleaning everything thoroughly is a very challenging prospect.

    So you might be able to get you work surfaces absolutely spotless, but some other household items might be less than perfect.

    For example, is your iron looking a bit grimy and worse for wear? One tip to get it back to its best is by taking a sheet of aluminium foil, sprinkling some salt over the top, and then ironing it. Provided you don’t bring any steam into the equation, this combination will help remove the grime that can build up on your iron plate.

    There’s a host of other similar hacks you can try with ease. For example, did you know that coffee filters can be an effective way of cleaning computer and television screens? Or that toothbrushes are a great way of getting keyboards spotless?

    There are lots of other great tricks out there. A mix of water and vinegar, applied with a sock over your hand, can help get blinds sparkling.

    A pastry brush is also a great way to get rid of crumbs in a toaster, while stainless steel can be easily cleaned using a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol.


    Find Your Next Great Cleaning Buy

    Our cleaning supplies range is truly impressive, so whether you need washing up materials, floor care or mops and brooms, Poundstretcher can help.

    To take advantage of all these great items and lots more, simply take a trip to your local Poundstretcher store. You can find yours using our Store Finder tool today.

  • Our Monthly Top Instagram Pics: August

    Summer is winding down as we move further away from August. However, it's that exciting time to announce the next monthly Instagram giveaway!

    We absolutely love seeing all your fabulous pictures and we appreciate you tagging us in all your posts.

    Below we have a small selection of the lovely Instagram pictures you have tagged us in and that we've shared on our page!

    For our top post of the month, we'll send the lucky individual a £10 Poundstretcher voucher to use in-store, not to mention both they and the runner-ups will have their image featured on our home page for the next month!

    So, without further ado, let's begin in no particular order with...

    1. @halfarsedhousewife

    Here we have a post from @halfarsedhousewife showing our super popular and versatile 3 pack of microfibre scrubs!


    2.  @blush_dream_clean

    Are you a big Jelly Belly fan? Follow @blush_dream_clean's lead in this post and start your own cute collection! Our air fresheners, room fragrance spray and microfibre cloth are all available in stores!


    3. @emelieslittlehome

    Here we have a great example of how to get creative with your home decor! @emelieslittlehome has made her wardrobe her own using our fabulous mirrors!


    4. @littlemissgleamy

    @littlemissgleamy has done a delightful display of sweetness in this post starring our watermelon Fabulosa cleaner!

    There you have it, folks! We have our top picks of Instagram posts for the month. Now to announce the winner of our wonderful prize of £10 worth of vouchers to use however you wish!

    August's fabulous prize-winner is...



    You will be receiving a message shortly highlighting that you've won and to ask where you would like your vouchers to be sent to!

    And that's it for this month, ladies and gents! We do love seeing the pictures you take of our products, and also of all the top tips you have (be it beauty-related, cooking, cleaning, anything)!

    If you fancy winning some vouchers, then tag #poundstretcher to your Instagram posts of our fabulous products to be in for a chance to win!

    So, what are you waiting for? Get on down to your nearest store using our Store Finder, grab a bargain today, and get tagging on our Instagram!

  • New Fabulosa Fragrance Alert!

    It's Fabulosa again! We all love it here and we know you adore them too, so let's have a quick run-down of what exactly we have (we'll also give you a sneak peek at a couple of BRAND NEW fragrances that are coming into stores very shortly)!

    So, without further ado, here's a recap of everything Fabulosa!


    500ml Cleaning Sprays

    As with everything Fabulosa, these cleaning sprays are versatile and effective. We have watermelon for all your windows, pink grapefruit for general anti-bacterial needs, orange & apricot for your kitchen, teakwood for your shower,  and tropical coconut for your bathroom!

    These are all vegan and cruelty-free, plus, they destroy bacteria and leave your home smelling fresh and fantastic.


    Fabulosa Disinfectant 500ml

    We all know the classic Fabulosa we've had for a while now, the big 500ml bottles, with their 3in1 action, long-lasting freshness and massive size enough to make 20 litres!

    Coming in Pink Grapefruit, Lavender, and Bouquet, these are great when you have a lot of cleaning to do.


    Fabulosa Disinfectant 220ml

    Fabulosa collection

    Our latest line of Fabulosa; these 220ml disinfectants come with 4 in 1 action and in even more fragrances than ever: watermelon, sky, passion fruit, honeysuckle & jasmine, and so many more. They're quickly becoming a fast favourite among all you guys!

    BUT, we have two new fragrances that you should really try! So new, that we haven't even got them up on the shelves yet, but we wanted to give you the inside scoop so you can be prepared.

    We have Wild Rhubarb, a delicious smelling scent that is surely going to turn some heads. And then we have Tropical Fruits, the perfect fragrance to have wafting throughout your home this warm summer!

    So, excited to see these on the shelves? Happy to add an extra 2 to your ever-growing collection of Fabulosa?! Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram your thoughts and opinions! Also, don't forget to check out our YouTube channel.

    And if you wish to grab some of these amazing products, just head on over to our Store Finder. There you 'll have everything you need to find your local store!

  • We Have Even More Fabulous Fabulosa In Stores Now!

    Fabulosa collectionIt's that time again, folks! We have even MORE Fabulosa products that are appearing in our stores across the nation, now in many more fantastic fragrances, such as Watermelon and Passion Fruit!

    This concentrated disinfectant works wonders with its 4 in 1 action and long-lasting freshness. Alongside eliminating odours and killing 99.9% bacteria, when combined with water, this 220ml bottle can make up to 10 litres of freshness for your home cleaning. And on top of all that, it's suitable for vegans!

    So, without further ado, here's a quick look at all 9 of the new fragrances from Fabulosa; after all, your home deserves to be absolutely fab-u-losa!

    Watermelon Watermelon

    It's summertime and what better way to get in the spirit than having your home smell of delightful watermelon! It's just so good!



    A tropical fragrance next, this coconut scent is bound to give your home that exotic feel! You can sit back after a good spot of cleaning, close your eyes, and just picture yourself on a lovely beach

    Passion Fruit

    Passion Fruit

    Why not add some passion to you cleaning with a bit of this passion fruit fragrance? It will leave your home smelling amazing!

    Tranquil Haze

    Tranquil Haze

    This scent is perfect for a home that likes a rustic fragrance across their home. Tranquil haze offers a long-lasting relaxed freshness that's a must for any home.



    What does the scent of sky actually smell like? Well, you'll have to try it for yourself and let your home be enveloped in this fresh, calming scent-sation!

    Honeysuckle & Jasmine 

    Honeysuckle & jasmine

    Something a little floral now; honeysuckle & jasmine is a delightful fragrance that will have your whole home smelling like a field of wildflowers!

    Gold Touch

    Gold touch

    Want to give your home that Midas touch? Well, our rich gold touch fragrance will certainly give any room in your house just that! Why not try it out and see just how lovely it smell.

    Midnight Garden

    Midnight Garden

    This mystical fragrance is a dream! Midnight Garden is what your home needs if a calming floral scent is what you're after!



    Finally, we have Lavender! This classic fragrance is utterly fabulous and gives your home that lovely fresh fragrance we've all come to know and love. Who doesn't love a bit of lavender in their home?

    And there we have it! That's all our fragrances in our new Fabulosa range! What are your thoughts? Any scents that stood out to you that you simply MUST have? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

    Also, be sure to check out our Instagram and YouTube channel for more offers and amazing products!

    Be sure to check out our Store Finder for where your nearest store is, directions, opening hours, and store contact details!

  • Product Highlight: Check Out Our Fabulous Fabulosa Sprays!

    It's time again for another product highlight! This time we have something we're sure you've seen around on our social media pages: our fabulous Fabulosa sprays!

    With these five different cleaners, we have five different absolutely stunning fragrances to fill your home with. What could be better than that? The fact that they are suitable for vegans, cruelty-free, and of course, that they are all 90p each!

     Orange & Apricot Kitchen Cleaner

    Perfect for use around the kitchen, this zesty orange & apricot cleaner is just what you need when you've got to tackle an after-dinner wipedown.

    Like all these Fabulosa cleaners, they kill 99.9% of bacteria to leave your kitchen surfaces sparkling and clean.


    Tropical Coconut Bathroom Cleaner

    If the bathroom is your concern, then we have a wonderful tropical coconut cleaner that is perfect for you! It makes short work of your sinks and bathroom countertops, and as always destroys 99.9% of bacteria. What could be better in your bathroom than the scent of delightful coconut?


    Watermelon Glass Cleaner

    Maybe the windows around your home need a little extra shine to them? Get rid of nasty streaks and dirt with our Fabulosa watermelon glass cleaner. Just spray, wipe in circular motions around your mirrors or windows, and leave to dry before giving it a bit of a drying afterwards. The fruity scent you'll be left with is so divine!


    Teakwood Shower Cleaner

    We also have a special cleaner specifically for the shower. This teakwood cleaner is just the thing to use freshen up every inch of your shower and leaves behind a wonderfully rich and mysterious fragrance.


    Pink Grapefruit Antibac Cleaner

    Finally, we have the scent-sational fragrance of pink grapefruit to wrap things up. This antibac cleaner is very versatile and makes cleaning any room in your home a breeze. And who doesn't love the fabulous smell of pink grapefruit wafting in the air whilst you're cleaning?

    You can find all of these fab products at your nearest Poundstretcher store. Unsure where your local one is? Then use our handy Store Finder to find out addresses, opening hours, and more!

    We're also around on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with more bargains and competitions! Also, our YouTube channel is getting more videos added all the time, so check them out when you can!

  • Product Highlight: Poundstretcher's Fabulous Spray Mop

    Hello, all you fine bargain-lovers out there! Even with spring cleaning now behind us, there's no reason things should start to get back into a mess! Keeping on top of the cleaning is something that not many of us like to do, but we have to if we want to live in calm, relaxing harmony.

    If you're looking for an easy way to get the cleaning done, then check this out!

    Product highlight alert!

    Cleaning would be an absolute breeze with our fabulous, wonderous spray mop at only £6.29 (as of 07/06/19)!

    The colours are just absolutely striking, and the quick spray action is amazing! You'll have clean floors in no time and with minimal effort! Just take off the bottle attached to the mop, add in 2 spoonfuls of disinfectant, some water, and you're good to go!

    But what disinfectant products can you use with this marvelous contraption? We have a few suggestions!


    Our powerful Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, not to mention it contains a powerful odour elimination ingredient! With a wonderful array of long-lasting fragrances, your home will be left spotlessly clean and smelling fresh.


    Maybe instead you feel your home deserve to be absolutely fab-u-losa?! This concentrated disinfectant works wonders with its 3-in-1 action and long lasting freshness. Alongside eliminating odours and killing 99.9% bacteria, Fabulosa comes in three delightful scents; pink grapefruit, bouquet, and lavender!

    So, which team are you on? Team Zoflora, or Team Fabulosa? Grab your favourite at your local store using our Store Finder! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and we're back on YouTube now too!

  • Keep Your Bedroom Clean With Our 6 Tips!

    It's that time once more! Another set of hot tips from our cleaning wizards here at Poundstretcher. This time we're telling you how to tackle your bedroom.

    So, whilst it's a good idea to get into a habit of cleaning your bedroom out at least once a week, it's also good to keep on top of things on a daily basis too.


    1. De-clutter, De-clutter, De-clutter

    Sound familiar? It ought to, it's something we make sure to mention every week! It's always best to get rid of all the old junk (receipts, tissues, etc.) from your bedroom space, be they on display or tucked away in your bedside drawers.

    Also, be sure to check under your bed and through your wardrobe for anything you no longer want or need. If it's in good shape, it might be a good time to gather them up and think about donating or selling them?


    2. Laundry Round-up

    This applies to both your clean and dirty clothes that may be scattered around your room. Add your dirty ones to your hamper (we know how quickly dirty clothes can pile up on the floor), and fold/hang up any of your clean ones so they're out the way.


    3. Dust Across All Your Surfaces

    Everything from the bed headboards, your side table, and the top of your wardrobe should all be dusted and polished with some help from Mr. Sheen!

    Don't get your light fixtures and curtains too! Dust up high and down low.


    4. Vacuum And Clean Your Floor

    Get into every possible nook and cranny, making sure to not forget underneath and behind your bed and wardrobe (if possible). Remember to focus on this after you've already dusted so you're not creating more work for yourself.


    5. Sort Out The Bed

    If your bed has just been changed recently, then simply make your bed and get it all nice and straightened out. Otherwise, strip everything off your bed and throw all the mattress protectors and sheets right into your laundry hamper. There's nothing better than a nice fresh bed!


    6. Keep Organised

    Whether it's shoes, belts, jewellery, bags, ties, what-have-you, then it's a good idea to give them a designated place. Plastic storage is a good way of doing this, or just giving them their own drawer or shelf.

    There you have it; short and sweet. It really is no different than cleaning other rooms in your room, you just have to remember to keep that bed fresh and clean!

    Why not come and check out your nearest Poundstretcher store and grab some bargains up? Don't know where your local one is? That's no problem, just head over to our Store Finder and you'll find out in no time.

    Also, be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page for more bargains and competitions!

  • 8 Top Tips for a Refreshingly Clean Kitchen!

    It's that time again! We have more fantastic quick cleaning tips for you this week; this time we're focusing on the kitchen, somewhere that ought to be spic and span!

    Whether you use Stardrops, Mr. Muscle, Cif, or just plain ol' vinegar and elbow grease, check out our top tips below and see if they can improve how you think about cleaning your kitchen.

    Or if you have some better solutions, let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


    1. Change Cloths on a Regular Basis

    First things first, the cloths used to wipe your surfaces every night (not to mention the spills you might accidentally make) should be changed at least once or twice a week.


    2. Keep Your Microwave Fresh

    You might neglect the inside of your microwave, but it certainly is something that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure to give the surfaces (up, down, left, and right) a good scrubbing and use some of our amazing Ozmo Antibacterial Fridge & Microwave Cleaning Spray for only £1.79!


    3. Clear Out Your Fridge

    This isn't something you might be doing every day, but it certainly is something that should be kept on top of. Just go through every weekend and make sure you take notice of anything that's nearly out of date, whilst tossing anything out that's no longer any good. (the same can be said of your freezer too).

    After that, take everything out, give the surfaces a good wipe with good old reliable Ozmo, and put everything back in after wiping dry.


    4. Mop the Floor

    It's a wet job, and sometimes it can mean your kitchen is off limits for a period of time (unless you want wet feet), but mopping the floor is a job that needs to be done often. Just take a solution of disinfectant in a bucket, get a mop, slap it down on the floor, and get to work!


    5. Take Pride in Your Clean Oven

    It's a big job, but Oven Pride is the best product to turn to when you need to get the grime and dirt from your oven when a deep clean is required.

    Just put on the included protective gloves, follow the instructions, and soon you'll have an awe-inspiring oven!


    6. Wipe Down the Surfaces

    Your work surfaces need to be done daily (after/before dinner would be a good time). Also, it's worth noting your cabinet doors and interiors should be done every so often too, as grease and dirt can latch onto them without you even knowing.

    Just use some antibacterial kitchen spray for only 90p, spritz it across your surfaces, wipe with a clean damp cloth and presto, the job is done!


    7. Descale Your Kettle

    Sometimes limescale wouldn't pose much of an issue, sometimes it will. It all depends on the quality of your water. However, if your kettle (or any products that need a good descaling) is in need of some help, you can be sure that Oust is the best way to go!


    8. Sink That Dirt

    Your sink basin has all sorts of food, oil, grime, and bits going through it as you go about washing up and preparing food. It's good to do your sink the same way you clean your surfaces, with a good kitchen spray!

    So, any helpful tips? Maybe you already knew all these or maybe you think you know some better ways to clean the kitchen? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    And if you want to check out some of our great cleaning range, you can find your nearest store using our Store Finder!

  • Quick Tips On Cleaning Your Living Room

    You spend such a large amount of time in the living room, so naturally, you'll want to keep it nice and clean! Spring cleaning is coming to an end, though the work needed to put in for a fresh home never stops!

    A quick run-around a day (packing things away, a quick vacuum, and polishing the surfaces) is all it takes to keep on top of things. This way, it means you'll have more time for fun on the weekends!

    This week, we have some fantastic tips and amazing products to share with you all about keeping your living room nice and tidy! Break out the music, start that 20-minute timer, and let's get to work!


    1. Declutter On A Daily Basis!

    It's always best to start with clearing things away and putting them where they should go. Whether it's just pairing all the coasters together in a pile on the coffee table, putting books/DVDs in their rightful place on the bookshelf, or tidying away toys in plastic storage boxes.


    2. Plump Your Pillows Up!

    Fluff, beat, and straighten up your sofa cushions on a regular basis. This helps keep your sofa lasting longer, straightens it up nicely, and makes it more comfortable in the long run!


    3. Clean Up High and Down Low!

    It isn't just everything you can reach with ease that needs cleaning. With a duster, you'll be able to clear the dust from those hard-to-reach places up above (ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc.).

    Just remember to start with that early on; there's no point in dusting and polishing the coffee table, only to have dust from the beaded lamp above wiped off and scatter over it.


    4. Dust and Polish!

    This doesn't have to take too long. Just grab a microfibre cloth and wipe off all the dust across your surfaces; follow this up with some Mr Sheen spring fresh polish to keep your furniture healthy and smell utterly fresh.


    5. Vacuum Your Curtains!

    Gently clean your curtains using your vacuum to suck up any potential dust. Deep cleaning these will only come around every so often, but it's the quick weekly (or daily!) maintaining that takes no time at all!


    6. Disinfect Your Remotes!

    This goes for light switches and everything you touch on a daily basis! You may forget about these, but if you think about how often you touch and use remotes and controllers you'll realise you are just transporting dirt and grime around!

    All it takes is a little cleaning solution in warm diluted disinfectant solution. Make sure it's not dripping wet and just carefully and gently wipe around your light switches/controller buttons.


    7. Tackle the Carpet Last!

    The last part of your short burst of daily (or bi-daily) cleaning will be to vacuum your carpet. This way any dust or dirt that's come from your surfaces and have settled onto your carpet can be cleaned up for a nice clean finish!


    8. Don't Forget the Windows!

    Whilst not really part of a normal 20-30 minute clean, it's worth mentioning here that your windows are important too! There's nothing worse than streaky and/or dirty windows.

    There are two ways you can go about this: mix hot water and white vinegar together in a bucket or use some specific glass cleaner to speed things up a little.

    Rinse a clean cloth in the solution and wipe down your windows. From there just use newspaper to dry and you're done!

    So there we have it; some of our top tips (alongside the cleaning products found in your local store that make cleaning a breeze) for how to have a pleasantly clean living room. Keeping on top of things is the most important part.

    Fancy sharing some personal top tips or showing off some pictures of your sparkling clean living room? Maybe you want to give a shout-out about a product we sell that's provided fantastic results? Just give us a shout on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

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