Nothing feels better than having a fresh and clean home, especially when you know you’re not breaking the bank to keep up with your household cleaning supplies! Our helpful and informative blogs show off our wide range of bargain cleaning supplies! We also have tips and hacks to keep every room in your home spotless and squeaky clean.

  • 6 Tips When Buying Sanitation Products for Your Workplace

    A clean workplace is essential for boosting staff morale and the overall reputation of your business. However, knowing which cleaning supplies you need can be confusing, especially when there is a wide range of cleaning and janitorial supplies on the market. In this article, we’ll share our top tips for purchasing workplace cleaning products, as well as revealing how to choose the best types of cleaning products for your workplace.


    1. Create a list of your requirements

    First, assess each area that needs to be cleaned regularly. This is likely to include windows, flooring, door handles, computer equipment, hard surfaces, carpets and upholstery. Each type of surface has varying care needs. For example, you can’t use a window cleaning product to clean carpets. Once you’re aware of each surface that requires regular cleaning, you can make a list of products to purchase. If you’re undertaking a thorough spring clean, then you will need to make sure you have enough cleaning supplies to hand.


    2. Assess your general janitorial needs

    Your workplace needs a general range of janitorial supplies constantly, including toilet roll, bin liners and bags, mops, cleaning cloths, paper towels and soap. Make a list of these and note down how many you require per month.


    3. Opt to help the environment

    Eco-friendly cleaning supplies are better for the environment, and your employees. Many cleaning chemicals are harmful, even when used in small amounts. Greener products, on the other hand, are often free from dangerous chemicals, using recyclable packing to benefit the planet.


    4. Invest in cleaning equipment

    If you want a professional clean finish, it may be time to invest in cleaning machines. Equipment, such as steam cleaners, are ideal for effective cleaning of carpet and upholstery. They’ll remove dirt, stains and bacteria efficiently, providing a deeper clean than simply using a cleaning product and cloth. Some cleaning equipment can be expensive to purchase so ask for a demo before you buy.


    5. Hire the professionals

    Commercial cleaning companies are cost-effective as they save you time and money in the long run. You can concentrate on what you do best – running your business, while the professionals can take care of those difficult cleaning tasks. Professional cleaners understand what type of cleaning chemicals work best on different surfaces and they often have their own equipment, so you don’t need to splash out too much.


    6. Purchase in bulk

    If you’re looking for ways to save money on your cleaning supplies, consider buying in bulk. Not only does this reduce costs, but it also means your workplace has enough cleaning products to last a few months.


    Maintain your cleaning supplies to keep your workplace pristine

    Use our handy tips when purchasing workplace cleaning products. Keeping a regular check on your office cleaning supplies ensures you maintain a spotless workplace, something which is important for the good health and safety of your employees and clients. Remember, if you want to maximise workplace efficiency, hiring a commercial cleaning company will take the stress out of understanding the best cleaning products for your workplace.

    About the author:

    Perfect Clean is a professional cleaning company based in Edinburgh. With highly experienced professionals, they have the capacity to offer affordable and high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning services. They are passionate and committed to keeping everyone safe with their exemplary health and safety practices.

  • Our Top 5 DIY Cleaning Hacks

     A father and son doing the spring cleaning in their homeCarrying out your spring cleaning can be something many people do not exactly look forward to. But this time of year is prime for turning your home into a clean, happy and healthy space.

    We understand however that you want to get the job done, and done effectively. You don’t want to put lots of effort in and ultimately feel like the place doesn’t really look much better.

    At Poundstretcher, we know of a few cleaning hacks that can help you get things spotless and leave you feeling great after your spring cleaning. Take a look at our five DIY cleaning tricks.


    White vinegar on stainless steel

    Stainless steel pots in a kitchen settingStainless steel surfaces are commonplace across the modern home, particularly in kitchens. Though an important part of any contemporary abode, these surfaces can be tough to get looking their very best.

    We have found that by filling a spray bottle with one-part white vinegar, one part water, you can cover stainless steel with the mix and easily wash off grime and dirt. This helps get stainless steel surfaces pristine in no time.


    Showerhead cleaning with bicarbonate soda & vinegar

    A shower head in a bathroom settingSomething we’ve found when putting together this blog is that vinegar is a really helpful thing when it comes to cleaning hacks around the home.

    A mix of bicarbonate soda and vinegar can help clean your shower head. This is easily forgotten about, but in truth there can be build ups here. As this is something you want to get your body clean with, you don’t want it to be mucky!

    We’ve found leaving your shower head in a mix of 250ml of vinegar and 3 table spoons of bicarbonate soda overnight can work wonders.


    Remove water stains

    Busy homes with lots of people naturally lead to the occasional spillage and stain. Water stains can seem harmless at first, but they can be a nightmare to remove if forgotten about.

    Once again, vinegar can come to the rescue here. A spray with half a cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water can be used to lightly mist the stain, before blotting with a microfibre cloth can help remove the unwanted stain. For added speed, you can dry it out with a hairdryer.


    Lemons to sanitise your rubbish disposal

    A collection of yellow lemons

    Anybody with a rubbish disposal unit in their kitchen or home will know that these can quickly develop a rather pungent and unpleasant aroma.

    To help overcome this and stop it making your kitchen really grim, you can stick some slices of lemon into the unit. This will take the edge off the stench and change it to something fresh instead.


    Sanitise your chopping boards

    Food preparation areas are an important part of any kitchen, but they need to be looked after.

    Chopping boards pick up lots of bits and juices, and potentially become unsanitary. But thankfully you can sanitise them with warm water and lemon halves. This also helps get rid of any unwanted smells your chopping boards may have.


    Find what you need at Poundstretcher

    We hope you find these little hacks useful as you take on this year’s spring cleaning!

    At Poundstretcher, you can find a host of excellent cleaning supplies that will help speed up your cleaning jobs and help you do things with a smile on your face.

    To stock up on cleaning supplies yourself, simply plan a visit to your nearest Poundstretcher store. Find yours today and take advantage of the excellent products we have available at Poundstretcher.

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  • How to Make Spring Cleaning Fun

    Person cleaning surface near a sink

    The sky is a little lighter for longer in the evenings, which means the spring season is upon us. As well as the longer days and gradual rises in the temperature, spring brings with it an opportunity to crack on with some household cleaning.

    Whether that’s dusting off the cobwebs on your appliances, getting rid of anything growing under the kitchen sink, giving the bathroom a fresh look or cleaning up the garden, spring is the season to tick all these boxes.

    You may look at the title of this blog and think ‘how can cleaning and fun be used in the same sentence without a ‘not’ somewhere in between?’ The reason is, believe it or not, because cleaning can be fun!

    We know this is something many tend to put off. But we have put together a few ideas on how to help make this dreaded chore a fun experience.


    Turn it into a workout

    What better way to get some exercise at home than getting it while cleaning up? Cleaning gives you a fantastic opportunity to add more physical activity to your daily routine.

    Consider doing 10 lunges for every room you vacuum, or why not do some squats when picking up and putting down your cleaning equipment? You can even practice your stretches when reaching high whilst cleaning the windows.

    The combinations are endless and only limited by your creativity. Turning spring cleaning into a workout will give you an extra sense of accomplishment when you are all done, and some added motivation to clean more regularly. A lot of us are currently limited to exercising at home anyway so this is a win-win in our book!


    Finding old treasures

    Remember that keyring from your last trip abroad you swear you left on the bedside table? Or that childhood toy that’s been missing for years? Spring cleaning is a great chance to find some old treasures that you have given up on looking for. It gives you a chance to move things around and ensure each corner of the home is spotless. If you are lucky, you may also find a fair bit of change that might have slipped of pockets and gone under the sofa.

    It’s also a great opportunity to give away or sell old items you no longer need. Doing so can help bring in a welcome amount of cash for items you have not needed for years, and help clean up the place at the same time. Or if you have found you or the children have a lot of old clothes or toys that are no longer needed, consider donating them to charity.


    Competition time with the whole family

    A father and son doing the spring cleaning in their home

    Getting the whole family involved will make cleaning much quicker and is a productive way to bond with everyone. We know the idea of cleaning is not the most enticing, particularly for some children, so why not turn it into a competition.

    There is no shortage of amazing and affordable toys and games available from Poundstretcher to select as your rewards. Maybe write down some chores and set out a date by which they should be completed and then enjoy a family reward. Having that light at the end of the tunnel will make spring cleaning a more enjoyable experience for all.

    You can even challenge yourself. See how much you can get done in an hour and then try to beat that record!


    Having the right supplies

    Array of cleaning products sold by Poundstretcher

    The most important element of your spring cleaning is having the right cleaning supplies. This will make cleaning much easier and effective. Luckily for you, at your local Poundstretcher, you will find a vast collection of affordable cleaning supplies from leading and trusted brands.

    Our offering includes just the right equipment and supplies you need to tackle all areas of the home. Whether that’s cleaning the bathroom, or wiping down the kitchen surfaces, or giving the living room carpet a once over, you can top up your cleaning cabinet and meet all your cleaning supply needs at Poundstretcher.


    Plan your next Poundstretcher trip today

    To take advantage of all the great cleaning products we have available at Poundstretcher, simply start planning a trip to your nearest store today.

    Be sure to browse our cleaning range online so you know just what you are after when you arrive at our store. We also strongly recommend you check out our latest blog on our Top 10 Cleaning Products for some inspiration, which also features a handy cleaning checklist.

    You can find your local store using our find a store tool today.

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  • Clean up with our Squeaky Clean Leaflet!

    We have so many wonderful cleaning products in our stores that are perfect for your spring cleaning this year!

    There's Dr Dazzle, Fab Fresh, Aggie's Cleaning range, Zoflora, Flash, Cif and so many more lovely and amazing brands on offer!

    Our Squeaky Clean Leaflet

    Check out our leaflet below to see just a sample of our dazzling products in one squeaky clean PDF.

    Click here to see our amazing Squeaky Clean leaflet

    So, get stocked up on all the cleaning supplies you'll need to have your home sparkling!  Don't know where your local Poundstretcher is? Then check out our Store Finder for addresses, contact details and more!

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  • Our Top 10 Cleaning Products & Free Checklist Download

    It's February, and you know what that means, right? Spring cleaning! We all want to have our houses squeaky clean and looking fabulous, and with our help, you can have just that!

    Have your home looking squeaky clean and smelling fresh with our brilliant range of great branded cleaning supplies! Below we have a small selection of 10 great cleaning supplies from our massive range!

    Also, stay organised with the help of our free squeaky clean checklist, downloadable at the bottom of our blog! Be sure to check it out!

    Easy Fragrances Disinfectant

    Our lovely Easy Fragrances concentrated disinfectant in a 500ml bottle allows for a spotlessly hygienic finish! It can disinfect most household surfaces fast and provides a long-lasting freshness! Did we mention it kills 99.9% of bacteria and kills viruses too?! Comes in Sicilian lemon, summer berry and Egyptian cotton.


    Lobby Dustpan & Brush

    Next, we have a handy cleaning tool to make your life a lot easier. Our Lobby Dustpan & Brush is the perfect combo in keeping your home clean and your floors spotless! They attach together for easy storage and come in a lovely colour that will add a splash of vibrancy to your home!


    Fab Fresh Carpet Freshener

    Our Fab Fresh Carpet Fresheners comes in many magnificent fragrances, Japanese blossommagnolia & cherry blossomwatermelon, passionfruit, to name a few. Each scent is perfect to freshen up your carpets around your home and the quick-drying foam means there is no need for the additional hassle of vacuuming, just spray and smell the magic happen. Whether it's your carpet or upholstery, you can be assured your room will be left smelling fresh and clean!


    Dr Dazzle Limescale Spray

    A new line, our range of Dr Dazzle sees several new products. One being our Limescale Remover, which is the perfect solution for removing limescale and soap scum from your bathroom with ease. It rapidly targets limescale and eliminates it.


    Dr Dazzle Mould Spray Cleaner

    Another Dr Dazzle cleaner, this one will also make your home become sparkly clean! It's a Mould Remover that helps gets rid of and prevents mould growth, not to mention it leaves a wonderful streak-free finish!


    Dr Dazzle BBQ & Oven Cleaner

    Our final Dr Dazzle product we wish to show would be our Oven & BBQ Cleaner, which removes dirt and grime with ease with a streak-free finish! All our Dr Dazzle products are just what you need this spring clean!


    Mr Sheen Multi-Surface Polish

    We all know how important it is to polish your surfaces, so, with Mr Sheen's dust trap technology (that's suitable for wood, glass, metal, and plastic) Mr Sheen Multi-surface Polish eliminates dust from your home while leaving a lasting Spring Fresh fragrance.


    Aggie's Lemon Fresh Antibacterial Cleaner

    Produced in the UK and with a 100% recyclable bottle, why not get your home clean with our exclusive Aggie's Lemon Fresh Antibacterial Cleaner? All it takes is a quick spray across your surfaces to cut through grease and grime whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria! With the lovely lemon scent too, you'll see, feel and smell the sparkle you'll bring back to your home!


    Zoflora Disinfectant Fresh Home

    Have pets? We have you covered too with our Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. They contain a powerful odour elimination ingredient with a wonderful long-lasting fragrance. Your home will be left spotlessly clean and smelling fresh, just dilute 1 in 40 with water and away you go (makes 20L overall).


    Dri-Pak Bicarb Cream

    This fantastic non-toxic multi-surface Bicarb Cream draws on the powerful but gentle abrasive properties of Bicarbonate of Soda to clean surfaces around your home! Its versatility means it can be used to clean sinks, baths, and cooker hobs, and is suitable for use on aluminium, chrome, plastic, porcelain, stainless steel, tin, jewellery and silver!


    Free Cleaning Checklist Download

    So, why not pair our fantastic above products with our amazingly helpful Squeaky Clean checklists we have made especially for you!

    Just click on the links below to get to the PDFs for these free downloadable checklists; whether you wish to print them out or just save and use them straight from your phone as you clean!

    To-Do List

    To-Do List Suggestions

    Monthly To-Do List

    So, with your lists at the ready, get on down to your local Poundstretcher for all your cleaning essential needs!

    Don't know where our stores are? We have our handy Store Finder to help you with everything from directions to contact details. Happy cleaning!

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  • New Fabulosa Disinfectant Spray now Available

    We are delighted to announce that if you love the usual disinfectant from Fabulosa, then you'll LOVE these all-in-one disinfectant sprays that are now in stores across the nation!

    We have two fabulous 400ml spray fragrances for you: lemon sherbet and wild rhubarb!

    These sweet-smelling scent-sations kill cold & flu viruses, and also destroys 99.9% of bacteria on hard & soft surfaces.

    Whether it's for use on your sofa, your toilet, bin, countertops, you can be sure this disinfectant will do its job at keeping your home clean, sanitised, and fresh!

    You can check out these latest cleaning supplies in your local store; unsure where your nearest store is? Visit our Store Finder for locations, directions, and opening hours!

    Also, be sure to check out our Twitter and Facebook pages for competitions and news of more fantastic products!

    *All prices and photography are correct at the time of publication but can be subject to variation/change. Most items are available
    in most stores, please check availability before travelling.

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