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A garden needs plants, and plants need a helping hand in order to grow in the purpose-built space you’ve made for them. In the propagation section of our vast Garden & Outdoor range, we’ve got you covered. Not only will you find bulbs and seedlings for a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables; you’ll also find products that will give your plants the greatest chance of living a long, successful life!

These products include watering cans, sprayers and garden hoses, as well as plant food and Miracle-Gro. You’ll also find an array of weedkillers, animal repellents, bug sprays, slug pellets and other products to keep your flora safe from the fauna! That’s not all. We also sell a vast selection of planters and baskets, from conventional plant pots to gothic and rustic wall baskets to beautiful decorative planters. For avid gardeners keen to get the most out of nature, we sell affordable, easy-to-assemble, walk-in greenhouses, miniature greenhouses and propagator kits.

Our propagation products are budget-friendly. You can bedeck your garden with a variety of flowers and fruits, nurture them with the help of our propagation range, and watch them bloom and grow and instantly brighten your garden – all with cash left over. That’s because Poundstretcher is the leading discount retailer in the UK. The home and garden solutions we offer – from furniture to health and beauty products – represent incredible value for money in all cases.

With more than 400 UK stores and over 5,000 products, you’re never that far from a Poundstretcher and a bargain. Look up your nearest store in our Store Finder and pay us a visit today. You won’t regret it!

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