Garden Bird Watching 101: all you need to know

Garden Bird Watching 101: all you need to know

There aren’t many activities that are more relaxing than garden bird watching. Watching birds makes the perfect all year-round hobby, and for the nature lovers amongst us, there is nothing better than sitting out in the crisp spring or hot summer with a flask, hiding from plain view, and peeking out into the wilderness with hopes of catching a glimpse of your favourite feathered friends.

If you’re a bird watching newbie or you’re simply curious about the topic, this is the perfect piece for you to read. We’ll be discussing bird watching, and how you can use a diverse range of The Pet Hut products to attract more birds to your garden so that you can comfortably bird watch from home.

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How to bird watch from your garden

In Great Britain, we are lucky to have 628 species of birds[i] flying around, which is great news for bird watchers who are keen to spot a diverse range of them! If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you have the perfect space to attract birds, meaning that you can watch them without travelling further than your own doorstep. Here is how you can start your bird watching hobby in the confines of your garden.


1.    Provide a range of feeders

Different birds have different behaviours and needs, which is why providing a range of feeders is important if you want to attract more than a couple of species. Smaller birds may feel more secure feeding from a sheltered feeder with shorter perches, whereas large birds need a long, sturdy perch to sit on whilst they eat.


large metal seed feeder

Large Metal Seed Feeder

This is a standard feeder that is large enough to sustain a lot of garden birds for several days. It's also perfect for holding small seeds, making it great for attracting fledglings and birds with smaller beaks.

Caged bird seed feeder

Caged Seed Feeder

Caged seed feeders keep smaller birds protected whilst they enjoy their food, and keep unwanted, larger animals away.

fat ball feeder

Mini Caged Fat Ball Feeder

Stop other animals getting their paws and claws on the suet you put out for your birds by using a fat ball feeder.

2.    Create a safe environment

Most British garden birds are natural prey, so creating a safe environment for them to eat, mate, and sleep away from predators like cats and foxes is the best way to start attracting them to your garden. Once a few realise that they can flutter about in relative peace, others tend to follow quite quickly. Our top tips on creating a bird-safe environment include…

Place feeders carefully – try to avoid hanging or placing feeders too close to houses, trees, or anywhere that prey animals could leap to them from. Feeding stations are perfect for hanging feeders up high and out of the way.

bird feeding station

Feeding Station with Feeders


Provide hiding places - there should be a few places for birds to dart to when they need to hide. Try and set up a few bird houses and nesting boxes – the higher up, the better.

Deter other animals – aside from prey, other animals like squirrels will be attracted to food that you leave out for birds. Try to deter them by making feeders difficult to climb or jump to.



3.    Make food and water easy to access

Of course, the key reason birds will visit your garden is to find food – so make this a priority if you want to attract them. There are hundreds of food options on the market, but generally, you will want to provide a selection of…

Suet/fat balls

suet fat balls

50 Wild Bird Fat Balls 4.5KG

These fat balls are packed with vitamins and provide excellent value for money. They are suitable for year-round feeding, but special care should be taken in warmer months as the heat can cause the suet to turn rancid. You can also purchase suet in different forms.

These pellets are are available as part of the Poundstretcher bird watching range, and are great for providing high energy to your garden birds without the mess that seeds and suet can cause.

1kg high energy pellets

Value Energy Pellets 1KG

1kg berry flavoured pellets

Energy Pellets Berry 1KG

We also sell coconut halves that are pre-filled with suet for fuss-free feeding.

pre-filled suet fat coconut halves

Coconut Feeder Twin Pack


bird seed mix

Dawn Chorus Bird Seed 1.7KG

Seeds are packed with the energy that garden birds need to keep moving. A mixture of sunflower seeds, black Nyjer seeds, and others provides the perfect amount of nutrition for any garden bird. Picking a good quality seed mix is an easy way to offer a variety – especially if you are new to feeding birds.



dried mixed insects

Dried Mixed Insects 1KG

Insects are birds most readily available natural food source, but they tend to be harder to come across in colder months. Providing live or dried insects like mealworms and calci worms can be a valuable supplement to their diets.


Water should be left out in warmer and colder months. If you don’t have a bird bath, use a shallow dish and raise it off the ground. You can also put out water on the floor for ground-feeding birds. Make sure you clean water dishes every few days with a disinfectant and fresh water to prevent any diseases or illnesses being passed between birds.


4.    Stay out of sight!

As garden birds are prey animals, their natural instinct upon seeing a human will be to fly away (unless they get very comfortable in your garden). Once they’ve visited your garden a few times, they generally will establish a routine of when they visit, sticking to ‘safe times’. Try to take note of the times they visit and stay hidden and quiet during these times.

Watch the birds in your garden through the window, or in a quiet corner well away from where you have set up feeders.

Get your space garden bird ready

Now you know the basics of garden bird watching, it’s time to go out and gather the supplies you need to attract them to your space. We stock a massive range of bird foods, feeders, and much more in the Pet Hut section of Poundstretcher stores. Find your closest location here and visit us soon!