Spring garden tips and checklist: when should I prepare my garden?

Spring garden tips and checklist: when should I prepare my garden?

It’s time to get your spring garden ready! Experienced home gardener Luke (@man_about_gardening) has joined us to give you his best tips on preparing your garden for spring, including his favourite Poundstretcher products. Read on for his seasonal gardening tips and give @man_about_gardening a follow on Instagram for more gardening content!

When should I prepare my garden for spring?

I find March the perfect time to start preparing for spring in the garden. The weather is starting to warm up and there are signs of new life beginning with the Daffodils and Crocuses starting to put on their colourful displays.

Spring Garden Priorities

Here are my top tips on what to focus on in the spring garden, alongside the Poundstretcher products I use.


1. Get the right tools for the job

Prepare for the garden with Poundstretcher’s great range of garden tools, seeds, compost, seed trays and garden pots. Some products that I have found useful are listed below.



1. Easy Grip Gloves

gardening gloves two pack

2 Pack Easy Gripped Gloves

2. Green Ribbed Sprayer

green ribbed sprayer

Green Ribbed Sprayer

3. Richmore 70L Premium Compost

All Purpose Compost

Richmore 70L Premium Compost


2. Purchase your favourite seeds and bulbs

March is the perfect time to start sowing seeds, so pop into your local Poundstretcher to check out their huge range of seeds and summer bulbs. I would personally recommend starting with one of my favourites, Cosmos, as they are so easy to grow and bloom all summer long.

This time of year is also a great time to start cleaning any outdoor furniture ready for lounging in the garden and enjoying those long summer evenings. I recommend the wooden furniture cleaner from Poundstretcher.

Wood Furniture Cleaner

Wooden Garden Furniture Cleaner


3. Start vital garden maintenance tasks

Now is also the best time for garden maintenance, with fence painting being a priority. Poundstretcher have a great selection of fence paintbrushes and fence paint available at great value. I personally recommend Ronseal Medium Oak fence paint that gives the perfect background colour for your garden borders. Be sure to check the weather forecast as you will need a few dry days allowing the paint to seal!


Ronseal One Coat Timbercare

4. Tidy up your lawn

Lawn care in the Springtime is essential with the soil temperatures rising and allowing lawn seed to germinate. Pound Stretcher have a huge range of everything you will need for lawn care such as grass seed and lawn feed.

Lush Lawn

Lush Lawn

Here are my top tips for a luscious lawn!

  1. Start with removing any moss, dead lawn areas and thatch by giving the lawn a good rake over
  2. Mow the lawn on a low setting.
  3. Purchase a flexi tub or bucket and mix together on a ratio of 25% multi purpose compost and 75% lawn seed.
  4. Scatter the mixture evenly over the lawn and water well. Ensure that you continue to top up with light watering over any dry periods.
  5. Within 1-2 weeks you should begin to see fresh growth.


5. Prepare your soil for planting

Don’t forget that March is also a great time for soil preparation, and there is a huge range of plant feeds available. My personal favourites are chicken manure pellets, blood fish and bone, and liquid seaweed. Simply add to pots and borders ready to give existing and new plants the best start this spring.

We hope you found Luke’s advice on spring gardening helpful! You can find all his recommended products and more at your local Poundstretcher. Visit our Find a Store page to find your nearest location.

You can find all the gardening supplies you might need for spring at Poundstretcher.