Fall in love with the Valtene range

Fall in love with the Valtene range

Valtene is a British brand built on quality, style & value. Exclusive to Poundstretcher, Valtene strives to save our customers money and to offer the best value and inspirational home decors. The range has been curated with both comfort and aesthetics in mind, so you can relax in luxury for a great price.

Add a splash of something luxe and exciting to your home sweet home, and find out the difference that unique designs can make to your space. Whatever your personality is, you’re guaranteed to find a way to express it through the lush textures, colours, and patterns included in the premium Valtene range. Our range is made to mix and match, so no matter which cushions, curtains and throws you choose from the collection, they'll work well together.

Make a fabric-focused interior design statement

The Valtene brand takes ordinary everyday cushions, curtains, and throws, and mixes them up with a welcome dash of imagination. Whether you’re feeling a 70s vibe, or you want to weave a thread of nature into your house, Valtene can help you achieve the look of your dreams.

Let us introduce you to the exclusive products in the Valtene range.

Let nature inspire you

Bustling natural scenes meet cool, classy design in this Valtene cushion. If forest print isn’t your thing, but you want to introduce an element of freshness to your living space, this could be the accessory that you’re looking for.

Take a walk on the wild side

Help your home come alive with daring prints and colour schemes inspired by the jungle. Whether you pick a statement animal print cushion, or curtains that mimic a canopy of leaves, you’ll be on the right track to transforming your home into a tropical paradise.

Valtene Leopard Print Cushion

Valtene Velvet Leaf Cushion

Delicate, bejewelled bugs

Stunning, velvet colours meet shining gold insect-inspired embellishments. The clash of jewel toned greens and plush greys mixed with gold moths and bees gives off a unique, impactful visual statement.

Velvet Dragonfly Cushion

Velvet Bee Cushion

Muted minimalism

When it comes to Valtene, minimalism and ‘plain’ don’t belong in the same sentence. Muted colour schemes meet tufted textures, allowing a crisp, clean look without being overwhelming. These cushions are the perfect choice for anyone trying to achieve an organic, neutral aesthetic.

Cream Tassle Cushion

Grey Tassle Cushion

Amazing art deco

Throw your interiors back in time to the 1920s with a subtle nod to art deco design. A soft, blush pink cushion works remarkably well with a classic segmented fan pattern that is so reminiscent of the bold interior design movements of times past.

Rich, regal colour tones

Sometimes, nothing beats the classics. The last Valtene products we need to introduce you to echo that sentiment. Snuggle down on the sofa with a royal blue or rich red sherpa throw, the best companions to any movie night. 

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