Halloween Image

What do you get when you cross scary costumes, devilishly delightful treats, black cats and pumpkins? It’s Halloween, of course! This yearly tradition is one of the biggest events on the calendar and one of the most thrilling holidays of all. In fact, Halloween has been celebrated for hundreds of years all around the world.

On this frightful night, ghosts and ghouls will take to the streets and perform terrifying tricks and petrifying performances with one aim in mind…. Sweets! The tradition of trick or treating goes back centuries, with some of the earliest Halloween costumes being hand crafted from straw.

Did you know that the classic jack-o-lanterns were once made from turnips, not pumpkins? These creepy carvings were made to scare away Stingy Jack, who originates from Irish folklore and soon became a symbol of the spooky season.

Legend has it that if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backwards, you’ll see a witch at midnight… However, if you smother yourself in white face paint and fake blood you’ll be rewarded with loads of treats. (We certainly know which option we’d like to take).

For some, Halloween is just as important as Christmas which means it MUST be celebrated with parties and festivities. Celebrating Halloween on a budget? No need to fear… Poundstretcher’s the place for Halloween cheer!