Trick or Treat Image

Trick or treat!

Not only does Halloween bring thrills, fun and scares, but it also means the arrival of tasty, Halloween themed treats. Whether you’re looking to stock up ready for the arrival of little witches and vampires at your door, or you just can’t get enough of Halloween confectionery, Poundstretcher is the place to look!

Don’t be fooled by their ghastly appearance, it’s just a trick. Our range of Halloween sweets contains some of the yummiest sweets, including:

  • Drumstick squashies – a new arrival on the sweets scene
  • Marshmallows
  • Chewits - featuring a limited-edition Halloween design
  • Skull lollipops
  • Swizzels lollies – a trick-or-treating classic
  • Trick sweets – pick one if you dare

These are the perfect sweets to reward those with the best Halloween costumes.

If you live in a busy area then your supply of trick-or-treat sweets can quickly disappear, and it can be costly to replace them all night long. But thanks to our affordable range of Halloween sweets available at just £1, you can become the most popular house on the street!

(Not to mention there might be some left for you to tuck into afterwards….)

Visit your nearest Poundstretcher store to stock up on all your favourite Halloween sweets, before the ghouls get them all!