Our New Fab Fresh Range is Here!

Fab Fresh Full CollectionIt's finally here! The entire Fab Fresh range is here at last! We have so many fantastic cleaning supplies here at Poundstretcher ready for you, whether it's kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, furniture polish or carpet freshener; we have it all!

Here we will give you a quick rundown of what cleaning essentials and lovely fragrances you can expect to find in our fab range!


Bathroom Cleaner


Coming in the lovely fragrances of lemon, grapefruit and pink lily, this bathroom cleaner has a unique power that thoroughly cleans soap scum, hard water stains and dirt, leaving a brilliant shine and a fresh scent. There's no need for scrubbing, just spray it across your surfaces and let it work before simply wiping it away.


Furniture Polish

We even have a great range of Fab Fresh Furniture Polish in sweet orange, lemon and vanilla fragrances! They protect your wooden surfaces against ordinary wear, water spills and stains, as well as providing a lovely shine! It gently cleans away dirt, dust, fingerprints and smudges and protects the natural look of the wood while enhancing its beauty with a glowing long-lasting shine.


Glass Cleaner

Our Fab Fresh Glass Cleaner is perfect for quick and easy cleaning of your windows, glass and mirrors. The specially formulated foam cleans effectively and safely, leaving a streak-free sparkling shine in vanilla, orange and lemon!


Kitchen Cleaner

And who could forget the kitchen? It's so important that this room, like the bathroom, stays as hygienic as possible! Our Fab Fresh Kitchen Cleaner removes tough dirt, dust, oil stains and other grime without leaving any residue, also available in orange, vanilla and lemon fragrances.


Oven Cleaner

Fab Fresh foam oven cleaner has a unique cleaning power that leaves your oven with a fresh fragrance and a brilliant shine. Ideal for cleaning ovens, broilers, BBQ grills and stainless steel surfaces. It is formulated to tackle one of the toughest jobs in the kitchen and allow you to simply wipe away stuck-on grease and food residue with a damp sponge or cloth, no scraping required.



Keep your Carpets FreshFab Fresh Carpet range

These 300ml Carpet Fresheners are great at eliminating odours and are made from quick-drying foam that requires no vacuuming! Just spray and let the foam do all the work! They're perfect for freshening up carpets and rugs, filling any room with the below ten fresh and clean smelling fragrances:

  1. Jasmine & linen
  2. Cool citrus & lily
  3. Watermelon
  4. Coconut
  5. Japanese blossom
  6. Cotton
  7. Vanilla
  8. Magnolia & cherry blossom
  9. Spring blossom & mandarin
  10. Amber & Passionfruit


Find Your Nearest Store!

And there we have it, folks. That's almost the entire Fab Fresh range in a nutshell. To see the full range for yourself and be dazzled by how absolutely fantastic they are, why not just simply head on down to your local Poundstretcher for a gander?

Don't know where your local is? Then why not head on over to our Store Finder and see! There are directions, contact details and more!

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Stay Fab Fresh everyone!