Top 5 Ideas to get you Buzzing for World Bee Day

Celebrating World Bee Day It’s World Bee Day, and the Earth is abuzz with all things small, black and yellow! So, let’s help raise awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators by celebrating what they do for us and our ecosystem.   

To give our bees the recognition they deserve, here are the top 5 ideas to get you buzzing for World Bee Day that won’t sting your wallet!  

 Bee Cosy  

Ladies Bee Slippers


After a long day of being a busy bee at work, it’s nice to return to the hive and slip into something more comfortable. So give yourself the royal Queen Bee treatment with these Ladies Bumble Bee Cosy Toes, perfect for warming your toes on those chilly nights and keeping your feet comfy.   

 Bee Indulgent  

Crunchie Chocolate BarYou’ll be making a beeline for these in your cupboard, as these Cadbury Crunchie 4 Pack will have all the kids swarming the kitchen! These Crunchie bars contain melt-in-your-mouth honeycomb toffee, coated in a layer of delicious milk chocolate, perfect for an afternoon treat.     

Bee Dazzled   

Bee Solar LightsYour garden will be a hive of activity with this warm set of Bee Solar String Lights. The perfect illuminating backdrop for any garden party or evening meal, you’ll feel as though you’re gazing up at a sky of twinkling bee-shaped stars! Watch as these lights draw all of your friends in –like bees to honey!  

Bee Clean  

Leave your hands smelling sweet like honey and soft like silk with Beauties Beeswax Anti-bacterial Hand Cream. This anti-bacterial hand cream will replenish the moisture in dry, cracked hands and protect them from germs and bacteria. With hands this clean and soft, you’ll be feeling like the bee's knees all day!  

Bee Kind   

Mixed Flower SeedsThe most important thing we can do for our little striped friends is plant Butterfly & Bee Mixed Flower Seeds. Flowers supply the crucial nectar and pollen that worker bees need to feed their entire colonies. Without bees, plants would be unable to reproduce seeds and create all the delicious food crops we need to survive. So, bee kind and give your garden a flower makeover! 


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