Bird is the Word: 50% off Spring Watch Essentials

Birds feeding on fat balls

Spring is finally upon us, and it’s time to stock up on your spring watch essentials. See all your favourite birds come to life in the garden this season with 50% off all Pet Hut bird supplies and food. You’ll have all the birds flocking to your yard with these egg-ceptional deals!  

The early bird catches the worm, so check our exclusive offers while stocks last! 

Insects, Bugs and Grub  Mixed Insects

Slimy... yet satisfying? It doesn’t matter to our feathered friends as they go absolutely flappy for these Dried Mixed Insects. This tasty bag of dried black soldier flies, silkworms, pupae, and mealworms will make your garden the most popular tourist attraction for wild birds, such as woodpeckers, goldfinches, and robins.   

Fat Balls   

Fat BallsAll that flapping and pecking is hungry work, and nothing will satisfy their appetites like these Fat Balls 50 Pcs. Enriched with sunflower seeds and 100% natural ingredients, these fat balls are suitable for all year round feeding and make your birds as happy as a lark. Place them in one of our Metal Fat Ball Feeders to keep them safe from other wildlife in your garden.   

Filled Peanut Bird Feeder 

Filled Peanut FeederDo your birds go nutty for nuts? This Filled Bird Feeder will attract various wild birds to your garden, giving you a great bird’s eye view of all the beaked beauties in your area. With an easily refillable function, you can stock up on plenty of supplies so that your feathered friends can feed all year round.   

Pet Food Container 

Pet Food Storage BoxA little bird told me you could store all your dry pet food inside this convenient Bird Food Storage. Keep your suets, seeds, insects, and fat balls fresh with this solid plastic box, complete with a top lid and handle.  

Feeding Station with Feeders

Feeding Station with FeedersBe the envy of all your neighbours with this three-pole system Feeding Station with Feeders. You’ll pick up chicks easily as this set includes multiple functions, including a convenient water tray, nut feeder, and seed feeder. It also makes a beautiful addition to any garden décor.  

See anything that catches your eagle eye? We’ve got plenty of bird supplies for you to take a peck at online or have a gander down to your nearest Poundstretcher.  Use our handy store finder tool to locate one close to you.