Best Biscuits to Enjoy this National Biscuit Day

Shortbread biscuits for National Biscuit Day

It’s National Biscuit Day, and we’re going nutty for all things crumby! The best biscuits come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to narrow down our choices. Well, we don’t do things half-baked here at Poundstretcher, so here’s a list of some of our top biscuit tin favourites that we know you’ll go absolutely cream cracker for. 

So, kick back and relax with a brew and a biccie –the only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether to dunk or not!  

Shortbread Biscuits  

Paterson's ShortbreadWe don’t need to sugar-coat this biscuit to make it tasty. Paterson’s Shortbread Selection contains an assortment of light, buttery, and delicious shortbread biscuits which go down as a treat at afternoon tea or a quick biscuit break.  

Chocolate Chip Cookies   

Fox's chocolate chip cookiesA favourite amongst kids and adults alike, Fox’s chocolate chip cookies fulfil every sweet craving you may have. With an irresistibly crunchy texture and delicious flavour, they also pair perfectly with a cup of tea or dunked in a hot beverage of your choice for a soft, gooey bite.   

Choco Coconut Biscuits

Choco coconut ringsThis one takes the biscuit, and we expect you’ll go loco for these Choco Coconut Rings. Perfect for sharing (or not), these coconut flavoured biscuits are baked into thin crisp swirls and coated in lashings of chocolate. Perfect for snacking with a cuppa or on their own.  

Biscuit Storage Jar  

Clip top jar

You’ll need a place to store your assortment of biscuits, so what better place to keep them air-tight and fresh than our Clip Top Storage Jar. Contains up to 1.5 litres of cookie deliciousness and also looks charming on your kitchen shelf... No promises it will stay full for long, though!  

 Cookie Baking Tray  

Cookie baking trays

Don’t like the biscuits from this list? Have a crack at baking them instead with these Aluminium Cookie Tray Twin packs. Handy for baking all kinds of bakes and cakes, you can perfect your cookie recipes at home and become a biscuit boss. Combine these with Baking & Greaseproof Paper, and you’ve got a batch made in heaven.  

Cookie Scented Candles   

Cookie scented candlesPerhaps you’re more a fan of the smell of biscuits rather than the taste? With these Cookie-scented Tealight Candles, you can have your cake and eat it too by filling your home with the aroma of fresh, homemade cookies. We’re warning you though –these candles smell good enough to eat! 

Have a craving for cookies or a burning yearning for biscuits? Check out plenty more of our biscuit offerings online, or follow the crumb trail to your local Poundstretcher. Find your nearest store here 

Happy dunking!