Whatever the time of year, there are cheap garden toys for boys and girls that will help them have fun outdoors, getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. During the summer months paddling pools add an element of holiday fun to the garden, and depending on the number of kids and their ages, these days are plenty of pool sizes, shapes and styles to choose from. If you have just a small patch of level ground, you can set up a mini water haven that will kids entertained for hours.

Activity games that can be played outdoors are always great fun, whether for everyday use or for special party gatherings such as birthdays, Halloween or bonfire night. Racket sets, golf sets, bowles or tennis can be played at any time out in the garden when the weather is fine. Getting action type toys such as the Galaxy Warrior Mask and Gun or the Soldier Force army Toy Blaster open up doors to imagination and role play, encouraging kids to run around in a world of their own making. For gentler activities, how about the Light Up Ankle Skipper which is a challenge in coordination as well as filled with potential for laughter and fun.

Kids of all ages like ball games, so sets of tennis balls can be used in a multitude of ways, and giant bubbles delight youngsters. Outdoor toys for kids are a great way of prizing them off the indoor games console and getting them to interact with friends in fun, safe ways.

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