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Camping is a popular way of enjoying the great outdoors and some respite from the complex struggles of day-to-day life. Campers enjoy the change of pace they get when they strip everything back and learn to appreciate things they normally take for granted.

We’re big fans of the camping experience here at Poundstretcher. Our range of camping equipment and accessories is full of ideas to help you make the most of your camping trip. We sell tents, air beds and camp beds, camping furniture, camping utensils, tableware, mats and an array of barbecue equipment

Just as important as the breadth of our range is the allure of our prices. As the UK’s leading discount retailer for homeware and garden products, Poundstretcher does exactly what it says on the tin: we make your pounds STRETCH. Our fabulous range of camping equipment and accessories is friendly to all budgets, and at the same time, we haven’t scrimped on quality. It’s simple, really. Where other retailers charge an arm and a leg for a low-cost product, we give good deals every time.

Our collection of camping equipment is not the only evidence of our love for the outdoors! We are also keen to help you bring your garden to life with lawn ornaments, wall art and decorative planters from our lively garden decor department. We also offer affordable garden furniture and essentials, as well as atmospheric solar lights and lanterns to help make your garden a relaxing and calming space.

Camping fans looking for cheap camping equipment, furniture and accessories should look no further. Find your nearest store today and pay us a visit! 

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