Children learn as they play without even realising it, and the earlier your child starts to learn the better. There are numerous toys on the market that not only offer children many hours of fun, but also help them learn essential skills and get their minds working. One type of toy that is excellent for both keeping children young and old entertained for hours along with teaching; is building blocks toy sets.

There are numerous types of building blocks, ranging from toys for children from very young ages to older ones. The Dumper Truck Bricks set is perfect for younger children and helps them start from an early age to solve problems and construction. There are 120 wooden blocks in bright colours contained within a dumper truck.

The Dede range of products features building blocks toy sets for both younger boys and girls. Sets include Train Station, Hospital, Zoo and Police, all of which are great value for money. The 5 in 1 Wooden Cube is perfect for active little minds and hands. It contains wooden cubes, a clock, counting beads and more, all of which help to encourage and develop skills related to numeracy, numbers and shapes.

If looking for building blocks toy sets for the older child, the range of Best Lock Construction Toys will give hours of fun, and the sets work with the popular Lego brand, while being a cheaper alternative. Products include Rescue Vehicles, Space, Town and Military and all come with detailed instructions on how to build the vehicles shown.

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