Poundstretcher stocks a huge range of arts and crafts for kids, along with plenty of storage solutions to keep their craft kits tidy. Arts and crafts can keep children entertained for hours, allowing them to learn whilst having fun, and there are so many options available that it’s almost impossible not to find something that the youngsters in your life will enjoy.

Choose from clay, dough and pottery or jewellery and bead kits. For little artists, there are plenty of drawing and colouring supplies, along with easels and art tables. To keep everything safe and in its place, Poundstretcher offers a wide range of storage boxes, including those featuring Disney favourites such as Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, the characters from the Cars and Planes films and the ever-popular Disney Princess design.

Poundstretcher always keeps abreast of current trends and so it is no surprise that the arts and crafts range includes Super Loomz bands, charms and beads, as well as the increasingly popular CK Crafts Knit Kit. Girls will love the Fashion Girls Accessory Book, the Funky Headband Feather Set and the Amazing Stretchees Bracelets, whilst boys will be impressed with the 3D Movable T-Rex Model and the Avengers 52-piece Marvel Art Set.

There are also many timeless classics on offer, ranging from Make Your Own Sock Monkey kits to playing dough and craft clay. They provide plenty of opportunity for having fun right now and for creating things that can be looked back on and enjoyed in decades to come.