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As the UK’s number 1 discount retailer, Poundstretcher understands that we are a nation of tea lovers! There’s nothing more quintessentially British than a good cup of tea - especially when it’s Yorkshire Tea, the drink the county is most famous for. Everyone knows how they like their tea brewed, how much milk and sugar, and of course their preferred brand of tea bags.

It’s always a good idea to keep your cupboard stocked up with teabags in case guests stop by for a brew and a catch up. And don’t forget the biscuits too, some people love to dunk their favourite biscuit in the perfect brew.

Tetley tea makes each sip feel like a hug in a mug so it’s perfect for a rainy indoors watching a film. Their special blend of tealeaves creates the perfect one cup of tea just for you.

Some tea brands design each bag to create a unique brew so you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea. Famous for their innovative pyramid shaped teabags, PG Tips are the only high street brand of tea to use this shape to transform the humble cup of tea forever. By creating space for each tealeaf to bring out its natural flavours while brewing, PG Tips have managed to refine the perfect brew. Even more exciting is that we have a fabulous 50% extra free in our PG Tips 240 pack so you can stock up on one of Britain’s beloved tea brands.

Looking for your favourite tea to brew at home? Visit the Poundstretcher website to find your nearest store now and start your bargain hunt for the perfect cuppa.