Going out in the sun whether you’re at home or abroad can be dangerous to your skin’s health. So it’s important to have a good suncare regiment to keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays.

Contrary to popular belief, getting a tan from the sun’s rays is not healthy and it your skin’s way of saying it is feeling a little overcooked! If your skin is sensitive then you need maximum protection suncare cream when you’re hitting the beach for a spot of sun bathing. Luckily you can get Malibu Sun Lotion SPF 20 from Poundstretcher at a bargain value price! It’s very water resistant so you don’t have to be too self-conscious about it sliding off too much when you hit the pool or go for a paddle in the sea. Of course it’s always important to top your tan after a swim to stop your skin from burning too much!

When you’re out in the sun, it’s common to think that just your arms and legs need protecting from the sun’s harmful rays. However your scalp is also in danger of being burned and should not be ignored in your suncare routine.  You’re still in danger of getting sun burn and sun stroke even with your hair out long and especially if you’re balding or sporting a shaved head. With Malibu Sun Spray Oil SPF 10 your scalp will stay protected. It’s dermatologically tested and water resistant so you can go in the pool without your sun hat!

At 100ml each, our Malibu suncare range is the perfect size for airport travel regulations regarding liquids on board and they fit neatly in your case without weighing it down too much.

Even after you’ve been out in the sun all day, you still need to continue with your suncare routine to prevent your skin from becoming even more irritated or red. Even when you’re in the shade your skin is still burning from UV exposure. To ease the burn and prevent your skin from becoming too dry or flakey, our EAD Aftersun Lotion is perfect. It contains nourishing aloe vera to cool and soothe your sun burnt skin while the argan oil and shea butter helps to hydrate and moisturise your skin. It’s an incredible value price and will reinvigorate your skin when you’ve had an afternoon of fun in the sun.

Why not stock up on all your Summer holiday suncare essentials from your local Poundstretcher? Find your nearest store and browse through our affordable suncare range that will keep your skin feeling soft and cool when out in the sun. 

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