Our brightly coloured riding toys provide hours of enjoyable play for toddlers. The special design features enable your child to confidently develop their skills. Importantly, these toys help develop a sense of balance and coordination. Look for ride-on toys that have age appropriate features for your child. From around 12 months you will be looking for a toy that allows your child to stand and push along. Toys with a handle will provide balance and steadiness for those first steps. Between 12 and 18 months, look for vehicles with four or more wheels as these tend to be more stable. Recessed wheels ensure your child will not be knocking their feet and ankles. This is the age where children become capable of balancing on a seat and propelling themselves using their feet.

From 18 to 23 months, your child will be interested in sounds and colours and imitating the adults around them. Look for riding toys with bright colours, sound effects and practical features like a lidded compartment for storing special treasures. At two years, your child will still be enjoying the features of their toy. With increased coordination and balance they will easily be able to manoeuvre their ride-on toy.

Our riding toys promote independence. As they grow, your child will benefit from the different features. These toys help muscle development and give your little person an outlet for their imagination. Watch them experience hours of fun as they enjoy a sense of movement and learn to propel themselves along.

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