One of the most essential parts of parenting is to help to encourage the imagination of the child to blossom, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to offer them ample opportunities to indulge in the natural desire to stretch their imagination through dressing up to help enhance the world their imagination has produced. Each child will doubtless have a different style of imagination, and so will create their own world from the toys you offer.

Finding the best dress up and pretend play toys for children can be a considerable challenge, but Poundstretcher can certainly help with your search. Regardless of whether your child seeks to be a princess or a fireman, the outfits to indulge this desire can be found in store. Along with these outfits go the accessories. From tea-sets for the perfect teddy bear picnic to a complete supermarket or kitchen set-up, all are available at a very reasonable price.

Moving away from the modern roles, if your child desires to be a knight, the equipment to make them really feel the part can also be found at Poundstretcher. For those more interested in sci-fi settings, light sabers are also available. Or, if they would prefer to be a wizard, you can get them a magic set to teach them the basics of slight-of-hand magic. Whatever world your child wants to live in for a little while, and in whatever depth you are looking to offer, the equipment to help their make-believe worlds spring into vivid life around them can easily be found at Poundstretcher.

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